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100 Exclusive Presets For DIVA Synthesizer!

The collection Electronica includes fat, colorful sounds, both retro and unique new. We carefully worked with each preset so that they could sound great! We are sure that this set of sounds will become an indispensable assistant for creating music in any genre.

Content Presets:

  • 02-Arpeggio
  • 21-Basses
  • 16-Leads
  • 16-Pads
  • 32-Plucks
  • 13-Synths

100% Royalty-Free

Audio Demo: 

Premium File Contents
./Audio Demo:
Bellatrix Audio - Electronica For Diva_Demo_1.mp3
Bellatrix Audio - Electronica For Diva_Demo_2.mp3
./Diva Presets:
Bellatrix Audio - Electronica
./Diva Presets/Bellatrix Audio - Electronica:
ARPEGGIO Jumping Drops.h2p
ARPEGGIO Radio Electronics.h2p
BASS Ancestor.h2p
BASS Apollonian.h2p
BASS Armstrong.h2p
BASS Big Body.h2p
BASS Catalyst.h2p
BASS Clutch.h2p
BASS Dark Knight.h2p
BASS Defiant.h2p
BASS Energetic.h2p
BASS Espinosa.h2p
BASS Jolt.h2p
BASS Korg Monopoly 1.h2p
BASS Korg Monopoly 2.h2p
BASS Lizard.h2p
BASS Low Flow.h2p
BASS Mini Moog.h2p
BASS Octopus.h2p
BASS Scorpius.h2p
BASS Soft Attaˆk.h2p
BASS Tesla.h2p
BASS Zeus.h2p
LEAD Artemis.h2p
LEAD Cinematic.h2p
LEAD Essence.h2p
LEAD Europa.h2p
LEAD Future Land.h2p
LEAD Jerseys.h2p
LEAD Metamorphose.h2p
LEAD Nevada.h2p
LEAD Nylon.h2p
LEAD Oberheim.h2p
LEAD Paracelsus.h2p
LEAD Speaker.h2p
LEAD Specular.h2p
LEAD Suspension .h2p
LEAD Synth Clarinet.h2p
LEAD Velvet.h2p
PAD Altitude.h2p
PAD Cradle.h2p
PAD Eldorado.h2p
PAD Expanse.h2p
PAD Fantasy.h2p
PAD Flower Garden.h2p
PAD Fractal.h2p
PAD Hibernation.h2p
PAD Mesmeric.h2p
PAD Night Sky.h2p
PAD Oblivion.h2p
PAD Opiate.h2p
PAD Saturn.h2p
PAD Seraphic.h2p
PAD Solitude.h2p
PAD Timepiece.h2p
PLUCK Antarctic.h2p
PLUCK Asia.h2p
PLUCK Auxiliary.h2p
PLUCK Canopus.h2p
PLUCK Caramel.h2p
PLUCK Catcher.h2p
PLUCK Express.h2p
PLUCK Fury.h2p
PLUCK Hanger.h2p
PLUCK Ice Rain.h2p
PLUCK Impulse.h2p
PLUCK Magnetic.h2p
PLUCK Mary.h2p
PLUCK Morpheus.h2p
PLUCK Pixel.h2p
PLUCK Predator.h2p
PLUCK Progressive.h2p
PLUCK Quartz.h2p
PLUCK Radioactive.h2p
PLUCK Red Clouds.h2p
PLUCK Spark.h2p
PLUCK Supernova.h2p
PLUCK Temptress.h2p
PLUCK Trance Machine.h2p
PLUCK Transpolar.h2p
PLUCK Tropical 1.h2p
PLUCK Tropical 2.h2p
PLUCK Tropical 3.h2p
PLUCK Turbulence.h2p
PLUCK Uranium.h2p
PLUCK Venus.h2p
PLUCK Voyage.h2p
SYNTH Alchemy.h2p
SYNTH Church Bell.h2p
SYNTH Consent.h2p
SYNTH Elastic Keys.h2p
SYNTH Electrical.h2p
SYNTH Eve Keys.h2p
SYNTH Marshmallow.h2p
SYNTH Mercury Flute.h2p
SYNTH Moonstone.h2p
SYNTH Nebula Piano.h2p
SYNTH Niagara.h2p
SYNTH Semantic.h2p
SYNTH Space Harmonica.h2p
./NKS Presets:
Bellatrix Audio - Electronica
./NKS Presets/Bellatrix Audio - Electronica:
ARPEGGIO Jumping Drops.nksf
ARPEGGIO Radio Electronics.nksf
BASS Ancestor.nksf
BASS Apollonian.nksf
BASS Armstrong.nksf
BASS Big Body.nksf
BASS Catalyst.nksf
BASS Clutch.nksf
BASS Dark Knight.nksf
BASS Defiant.nksf
BASS Energetic.nksf
BASS Espinosa.nksf
BASS Jolt.nksf
BASS Korg Monopoly 1.nksf
BASS Korg Monopoly 2.nksf
BASS Lizard.nksf
BASS Low Flow.nksf
BASS Mini Moog.nksf
BASS Octopus.nksf
BASS Scorpius.nksf
BASS Soft Atta'_k.nksf
BASS Tesla.nksf
BASS Zeus.nksf
LEAD Artemis.nksf
LEAD Cinematic.nksf
LEAD Essence.nksf
LEAD Europa.nksf
LEAD Future Land.nksf
LEAD Jerseys.nksf
LEAD Metamorphose.nksf
LEAD Nevada.nksf
LEAD Nylon.nksf
LEAD Oberheim.nksf
LEAD Paracelsus.nksf
LEAD Speaker.nksf
LEAD Specular.nksf
LEAD Suspension .nksf
LEAD Synth Clarinet.nksf
LEAD Velvet.nksf
PAD Altitude.nksf
PAD Cradle.nksf
PAD Eldorado.nksf
PAD Expanse.nksf
PAD Fantasy.nksf
PAD Flower Garden.nksf
PAD Fractal.nksf
PAD Hibernation.nksf
PAD Mesmeric.nksf
PAD Night Sky.nksf
PAD Oblivion.nksf
PAD Opiate.nksf
PAD Saturn.nksf
PAD Seraphic.nksf
PAD Solitude.nksf
PAD Timepiece.nksf
PLUCK Antarctic.nksf
PLUCK Asia.nksf
PLUCK Auxiliary.nksf
PLUCK Canopus.nksf
PLUCK Caramel.nksf
PLUCK Catcher.nksf
PLUCK Express.nksf
PLUCK Fury.nksf
PLUCK Hanger.nksf
PLUCK Ice Rain.nksf
PLUCK Impulse.nksf
PLUCK Magnetic.nksf
PLUCK Mary.nksf
PLUCK Morpheus.nksf
PLUCK Pixel.nksf
PLUCK Predator.nksf
PLUCK Progressive.nksf
PLUCK Quartz.nksf
PLUCK Radioactive.nksf
PLUCK Red Clouds.nksf
PLUCK Spark.nksf
PLUCK Supernova.nksf
PLUCK Temptress.nksf
PLUCK Trance Machine.nksf
PLUCK Transpolar.nksf
PLUCK Tropical 1.nksf
PLUCK Tropical 2.nksf
PLUCK Tropical 3.nksf
PLUCK Turbulence.nksf
PLUCK Uranium.nksf
PLUCK Venus.nksf
PLUCK Voyage.nksf
SYNTH Alchemy.nksf
SYNTH Church Bell.nksf
SYNTH Consent.nksf
SYNTH Elastic Keys.nksf
SYNTH Electrical.nksf
SYNTH Eve Keys.nksf
SYNTH Marshmallow.nksf
SYNTH Mercury Flute.nksf
SYNTH Moonstone.nksf
SYNTH Nebula Piano.nksf
SYNTH Niagara.nksf
SYNTH Semantic.nksf
SYNTH Space Harmonica.nksf

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version 1.4.3
Number of sounds 100