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Luftrum 9

Luftrum 9 contains 74 presets carefully crafted, ranging from smooth ambients pads to gentle arpeggios, berlin school sequences and synth emulations inspired by Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Royksopp and Jean Michel Jarre. Also included are AU presets for Logic Pro

Premium File Contents
Luftrum 9 - Instructions.pdf.pdf
ARP Absently Bemused II.h2p.h2p
ARP Absently Bemused.h2p.h2p
ARP Cepheus Sea II.h2p.h2p
ARP Cepheus Sea.h2p.h2p
ARP Cosmic Skyrocket.h2p.h2p
ARP Default Number II.h2p.h2p
ARP Default Number III.h2p.h2p
ARP Earth Karma II.h2p.h2p
ARP Earth Karma.h2p.h2p
ARP Embrace II.h2p.h2p
ARP Embrace.h2p.h2p
ARP Everything is Cyclic.h2p.h2p
ARP Fragile Glasslings.h2p.h2p
ARP Higgs Bosonic.h2p.h2p
ARP I Think... II.h2p.h2p
ARP I Think....h2p.h2p
ARP Makro Kosmos.h2p.h2p
ARP Netherworld Ambience.h2p.h2p
ARP Poseidon.h2p.h2p
ARP Science or Religion II.h2p.h2p
ARP Science or Religion.h2p.h2p
ARP Tableau of Light II.h2p.h2p
ARP Tableau of Light.h2p.h2p
ARP The Big Clue.h2p.h2p
ARP Transcendent Partials.h2p.h2p
ARP Universally Adopted II.h2p.h2p
ARP Universally Adopted.h2p.h2p
ARP Whispers of Tahoe II.h2p.h2p
ARP Whispers of Tahoe.h2p.h2p
PAD 440Hz and Beyond.h2p.h2p
PAD Andromeda.h2p.h2p
PAD Another Dimension.h2p.h2p
PAD Bits of an Image.h2p.h2p
PAD Colored Elements.h2p.h2p
PAD Fine Nebari.h2p.h2p
PAD Great White Pine.h2p.h2p
PAD Half The Story.h2p.h2p
PAD Harmonic Rainbow.h2p.h2p
PAD Kreuzritter.h2p.h2p
PAD Land Of Goodness.h2p.h2p
PAD Mathematical Ratios.h2p.h2p
PAD Motionless Timeless.h2p.h2p
PAD Myriad of Colors.h2p.h2p
PAD Night Raven.h2p.h2p
PAD Phenomenon.h2p.h2p
PAD Polaris.h2p.h2p
PAD Search the Stars.h2p.h2p
PAD Synergy Hypothesis.h2p.h2p
PAD This is Sirius.h2p.h2p
PAD Transitional State.h2p.h2p
SCP Eclipse Solar Moon.h2p.h2p
SCP Howling Paranormal.h2p.h2p
SCP Silver Storm.h2p.h2p
SCP Terra Void.h2p.h2p
SFX Element of Noise.h2p.h2p
SFX Hydra D2 R3.h2p.h2p
SFX Sound Formerly Known As.h2p.h2p
STR Antimatter String.h2p.h2p
STR Saturn.h2p.h2p
SYN Acrux Tonic.h2p.h2p
SYN Arbitrary.h2p.h2p
SYN Circuitbent Laserharp.h2p.h2p
SYN Frequencies of Birth.h2p.h2p
SYN Gemini.h2p.h2p
SYN Mirror in the Man.h2p.h2p
SYN Neat Little Synth Emu.h2p.h2p
SYN Nihao.h2p.h2p
SYN Phaeton.h2p.h2p
SYN Rubycon.h2p.h2p
SYN Save the Forest.h2p.h2p
SYN Sea of Stars.h2p.h2p
SYN Syncliners.h2p.h2p
SYN The Model Resurrection.h2p.h2p
SYN The Procyon Beach.h2p.h2p
._Luftrum 9._Luftrum 9
._ARP Absently Bemused II.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Absently Bemused.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Cepheus Sea II.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Cepheus Sea.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Cosmic Skyrocket.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Default Number II.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Default Number III.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Earth Karma II.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Earth Karma.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Embrace II.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Embrace.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Everything is Cyclic.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Fragile Glasslings.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Higgs Bosonic.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP I Think...aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Makro Kosmos.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Netherworld Ambience.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Poseidon.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Science or Religion II.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Science or Religion.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Tableau of Light II.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Tableau of Light.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP The Big Clue.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Transcendent Partials.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Universally Adopted II.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Universally Adopted.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Whispers of Tahoe II.aupreset.aupreset
._ARP Whispers of Tahoe.aupreset.aupreset
._SFX Element of Noise.aupreset.aupreset
._SFX Hydra D2 R3.aupreset.aupreset
._SFX Sound Formerly Known As.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Acrux Tonic.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Arbitrary.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Circuitbent Laserharp.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Frequencies of Birth.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Mirror in the Man.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Neat Little Synth Emu.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Nihao.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Sea of Stars.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN The Model Resurrection.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN The Procyon Beach.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Gemini.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Phaeton.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Rubycon.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Save the Forest.aupreset.aupreset
._SYN Syncliners.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD 440Hz and Beyond.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Andromeda.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Another Dimension.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Bits of an Image.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Colored Elements.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Fine Nebari.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Great White Pine.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Half The Story.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Harmonic Rainbow.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Kreuzritter.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Land Of Goodness.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Mathematical Ratios.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Motionless Timeless.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Myriad of Colors.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Night Raven.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Phenomenon.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Polaris.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Search the Stars.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Synergy Hypothesis.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD This is Sirius.aupreset.aupreset
._PAD Transitional State.aupreset.aupreset
._SCP Eclipse Solar Moon.aupreset.aupreset
._SCP Howling Paranormal.aupreset.aupreset
._SCP Silver Storm.aupreset.aupreset
._SCP Terra Void.aupreset.aupreset
._STR Antimatter String.aupreset.aupreset
._STR Saturn.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Absently Bemused II.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Absently Bemused.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Cepheus Sea II.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Cepheus Sea.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Cosmic Skyrocket.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Default Number II.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Default Number III.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Earth Karma II.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Earth Karma.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Embrace II.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Embrace.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Everything is Cyclic.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Fragile Glasslings.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Higgs Bosonic.aupreset.aupreset
ARP I Think...aupreset.aupreset
ARP Makro Kosmos.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Netherworld Ambience.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Poseidon.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Science or Religion II.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Science or Religion.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Tableau of Light II.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Tableau of Light.aupreset.aupreset
ARP The Big Clue.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Transcendent Partials.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Universally Adopted II.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Universally Adopted.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Whispers of Tahoe II.aupreset.aupreset
ARP Whispers of Tahoe.aupreset.aupreset
SFX Element of Noise.aupreset.aupreset
SFX Hydra D2 R3.aupreset.aupreset
SFX Sound Formerly Known As.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Acrux Tonic.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Arbitrary.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Circuitbent Laserharp.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Frequencies of Birth.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Mirror in the Man.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Neat Little Synth Emu.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Nihao.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Sea of Stars.aupreset.aupreset
SYN The Model Resurrection.aupreset.aupreset
SYN The Procyon Beach.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Gemini.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Phaeton.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Rubycon.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Save the Forest.aupreset.aupreset
SYN Syncliners.aupreset.aupreset
PAD 440Hz and Beyond.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Andromeda.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Another Dimension.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Bits of an Image.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Colored Elements.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Fine Nebari.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Great White Pine.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Half The Story.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Harmonic Rainbow.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Kreuzritter.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Land Of Goodness.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Mathematical Ratios.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Motionless Timeless.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Myriad of Colors.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Night Raven.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Phenomenon.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Polaris.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Search the Stars.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Synergy Hypothesis.aupreset.aupreset
PAD This is Sirius.aupreset.aupreset
PAD Transitional State.aupreset.aupreset
SCP Eclipse Solar Moon.aupreset.aupreset
SCP Howling Paranormal.aupreset.aupreset
SCP Silver Storm.aupreset.aupreset
SCP Terra Void.aupreset.aupreset
STR Antimatter String.aupreset.aupreset
STR Saturn.aupreset.aupreset

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version U-He Diva Required
Number of sounds 74