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Transmitting Spheres for Hive by Joseph Hollo

Since creating the factory patches in 2015 for the new HIVE synth from U-he, Joseph Hollo had some time to look deep inside the synth's engine and explore new possibilities, new ideas.

After months of intimate and lovely work, let us to introduce our first commercial soundset for HIVE: Transmitting Spheres

It became a huge all-rounder soundset, containing 165 patches from heavy hitting Drums, Plucks, Leads, Fx to soft, warm analogue, airy, bright digital and ethereal, emotional, evolving pads, textures. Exploring Hive's great arpeggiator there are many BPM synced animated pads, punchy Basslines, lyrical arpeggios and sequencers. You can find Bread and Butter E-Pianos, Organs, Synth Brasses and Synth keys as well. 

Tons of inspirational and useful tools for creative Pop-Rock, Chillout, Ambient and Filmscore arrangements.

Premium File Contents
AMB Awakening Gaia .h2p.h2p
AMB Broken Lilly.h2p.h2p
AMB Fairy.h2p.h2p
AMB Granular Biology.h2p.h2p
AMB Ill-Omened Winds.h2p.h2p
AMB Soft Breeze.h2p.h2p
AMB Undercurrent.h2p.h2p
AMB Windbells.h2p.h2p
BRS Classic Synth Horns.h2p.h2p
BRS Heroic Space Horns.h2p.h2p
PD Argentinas and Uplifting.h2p.h2p
PD Beauty & the Beast.h2p.h2p
PD BIg Thick.h2p.h2p
PD Bright Sun.h2p.h2p
PD Cream.h2p.h2p
PD Crystalion.h2p.h2p
PD Curtain of Diamonds.h2p.h2p
PD Curtain of Harps.h2p.h2p
PD Cyborg City Dawn.h2p.h2p
PD Emotional Tremolos.h2p.h2p
PD Ensemble try.h2p.h2p
PD Flow.h2p.h2p
PD Flying Away.h2p.h2p
PD Glass Universe.h2p.h2p
PD Lena.h2p.h2p
PD Light Billowing Fog.h2p.h2p
PD Magical Fairy Harps.h2p.h2p
PD Magnificent .h2p.h2p
PD Milky Way.h2p.h2p
PD Mistery of Sirens.h2p.h2p
PD Morphing May.h2p.h2p
PD NoisePad Alone.h2p.h2p
PD NoisePad Glass.h2p.h2p
PD NoisePad Orch.h2p.h2p
PD OB Serious.h2p.h2p
PD Orange Breeze.h2p.h2p
PD Orchestra Chilled.h2p.h2p
PD Pastorale.h2p.h2p
PD Piercing Arctic PPG.h2p.h2p
PD PoLyed Squares 1.h2p.h2p
PD PoLyed Squares Oktave.h2p.h2p
PD PoLyed Squares Oktave2.h2p.h2p
PD Pure Softness.h2p.h2p
PD Salagtite Pad.h2p.h2p
PD Soft & Warm.h2p.h2p
PD Starlight on Sea Waves.h2p.h2p
PD Stealt Riser.h2p.h2p
PD Sunshine on Glade.h2p.h2p
PD Super May.h2p.h2p
PD Transmitting Spheres.h2p.h2p
PD Vox Angelic.h2p.h2p
PD Vox HhMm Choir.h2p.h2p
PD Vox Sopranos.h2p.h2p
PD VoxClouds.h2p.h2p
STR Analog Pulses.h2p.h2p
STR Hall Strings.h2p.h2p
STR Phaser Strings.h2p.h2p
STR Spring Strings.h2p.h2p
STR Steve Porcaro_s Matrix.h2p.h2p
SW & Suddenly warm.h2p.h2p
SW AiryFairy.h2p.h2p
SW Arriving.h2p.h2p
SW Big Wheel Drone.h2p.h2p
SW Clouds Coming Down.h2p.h2p
SW Pluckpad to Thin Air.h2p.h2p
SW Stab Overflow.h2p.h2p
SW The Matrix Sweep.h2p.h2p
SW Uplifting Controls.h2p.h2p
SW Uplifting Open.h2p.h2p
Key Dyno Rhodes.h2p.h2p
Key Elton Piano.h2p.h2p
Key Muted Funk Clav.h2p.h2p
Key Organ Click.h2p.h2p
Key Organ H Drive.h2p.h2p
Key Organ PWM Perc.h2p.h2p
Key Shine on.h2p.h2p
Key Smiley.h2p.h2p
Key SynKeys.h2p.h2p
Key Tine Piano 1.h2p.h2p
Key Tine Piano 2.h2p.h2p
LD Balls & Pads.h2p.h2p
LD Blips.h2p.h2p
LD Overblowed Fl.h2p.h2p
LD Sinusoid.h2p.h2p
LD Sivered Sines.h2p.h2p
LD Spit & Duck Flute.h2p.h2p
LD Spit & Duck Oboe.h2p.h2p
LD Thin Top.h2p.h2p
PL Agressive Synclavier .h2p.h2p
PL Button Hard.h2p.h2p
PL Button.h2p.h2p
PL Charmer.h2p.h2p
PL Delicate Picked Pad.h2p.h2p
PL Ducking Glassy.h2p.h2p
PL Ducking Power.h2p.h2p
PL Hit the Tube.h2p.h2p
PL JMJ Equinox5 Trem SynHarp SQ.h2p.h2p
PL JMJ Equinox5 Trem SynHarp.h2p.h2p
PL Kork.h2p.h2p
PL Pan Spike.h2p.h2p
PL Pike Saw.h2p.h2p
PL Pizza Hat.h2p.h2p
PL Rubber Popcorn.h2p.h2p
PL Trancey Pad.h2p.h2p
PL Trancey Thin.h2p.h2p
PL Ty Dolla Sign.h2p.h2p
ARP Aurora Hive.h2p.h2p
ARP Bassline Ana.h2p.h2p
ARP BassLine Glide Jump.h2p.h2p
ARP BassLine SciFi.h2p.h2p
ARP BassLine Tough.h2p.h2p
ARP Belldrops .h2p.h2p
ARP Belle.h2p.h2p
ARP Expanding.h2p.h2p
ARP ModWheel Cleaner.h2p.h2p
ARP Nice Playmate.h2p.h2p
ARP Picking on Nylon.h2p.h2p
ARP Psybient.h2p.h2p
ARP Rnd Banjo.h2p.h2p
ARP Trancey Bass .h2p.h2p
ARP Trancey Bouncy.h2p.h2p
ARP Who is Talking.h2p.h2p
BPM Bell Sample & Loop.h2p.h2p
BPM Belle.h2p.h2p
BPM Blinking Eyes.h2p.h2p
BPM Chilled Sidechain.h2p.h2p
BPM Chilly Backgrounds.h2p.h2p
BPM Lovely PPG Waves.h2p.h2p
BPM Mw Syncopated.h2p.h2p
BPM Nisse Chill.h2p.h2p
BPM Pulses.h2p.h2p
BPM Rhythm Tools .h2p.h2p
BPM Rhythmic Pad Ambiental.h2p.h2p
BPM Rhythmic Pad Busy.h2p.h2p
BPM Rhythmic Pad Slow.h2p.h2p
SQ Arp Harp Phrases 9.h2p.h2p
SQ Arp Harp Phrases Major.h2p.h2p
SQ Arp Harp Phrases Minor.h2p.h2p
SQ Bass & Perc Loop.h2p.h2p
SQ BS Underline.h2p.h2p
SQ Cracker.h2p.h2p
SQ Dr Random Stompers.h2p.h2p
SQ Dr The Great Travel Mw up+PB.h2p.h2p
SQ Fun Cither.h2p.h2p
SQ Guit Backing ARP.h2p.h2p
SQ Guit Backing Rhythm.h2p.h2p
SQ Little Minor.h2p.h2p
SQ Pan Percusion.h2p.h2p
SQ Picking on Me.h2p.h2p
SQ Saturated Arps.h2p.h2p
BS Creak.h2p.h2p
BS Electro Seq.h2p.h2p
BS Low Thump.h2p.h2p
BS Picked.h2p.h2p
DR Heavy Hitter Deep.h2p.h2p
DR Heavy Hitter High.h2p.h2p
DR Heavy Hitter Punch.h2p.h2p
DR HS Grooves .h2p.h2p
Fx A Can of Bees.h2p.h2p
FX A Can of Bolls.h2p.h2p
FX Clockworks - Crowd.h2p.h2p
FX Hit & Rise.h2p.h2p
FX Rev Rise.h2p.h2p
FX Ufo and the Fly.h2p.h2p
FX Upsweep White.h2p.h2p

Works with

by u-he
Minimum version U-he HIVE 1.0 or higher
Number of sounds 165
Demo Download