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Ultimate Power - Presets for Hive

Ultimate Power - Hive Presets

New Loops presents Ultimate Power 1.5 update. 80 powerful Hive presets designed for modern electronic music styles including edm, techno, house, trance, pop, electronica, and beyond.

Included are 30 synth presets including plucks, mono leads, synth keys, and classic dance synths. 20 deep and thick bass presets. 10 huge, expansive pad presets. 10 sequences and arpeggios including acid sequences, plucky melodies, and full on trance arps. 10 creative sound effect presets including, impacts, noise sweeps, pitch risers, and sirens.

What’s new in this update?

We’ve updated this sound bank to use Hive’s new preset browser and all presets are now tagged. You’ll also find NKSF versions for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol software. The presets have also been tweaked slightly including the pitch, volumes, and some effects amounts so make sure you backup any old versions. 

  • 80 Hive presets
  • 30 synths, leads, and keys
  • 20 basses
  • 10 sequences and arps
  • 10 pads and strings
  • 10 sound effects
  • fully tagged and categorised
  • mod wheel and aftertouch assigned
  • Includes NKSF format

Ultimate Power requires U-he Hive 2 or later (not included). Please note: there are no wav or midi files in this update. The preset names have changed in this update. Please back up any older versions before updating. You update this version at you own risk. Pack Size: 2.55 MB

This product is compatible with Native Instruments KOMPLETE KONTROL.

Premium File Contents
New Loops Licence Agreements 2016.pdf
Ultimate Power for Hive - User Guide.pdf
Adder - F.MID
Anthem - F.MID
Bit Square - C.MID
Bitty Striaght - A.MID
Codex - D.MID
Deep Space - F.MID
EDM Brass - F#.MID
FM - D (Arp On).MID
In Trance We Trust - F.MID
Journey to the Hive - E.MID
Jupiter - A#.MID
Modulationz - A.MID
Momentum - E.MID
Night Time - D.MID
Omnipotent - D.MID
Orbit - F.MID
Orbital Resonance - A.MID
Pitch It - F#.MID
Polizei - F#.MID
Power - F.MID
Rotterdam - G.MID
Space Plop - C.MID
Star Storm - A.MID
The Hive - C#.MID
The Virus - G.MID
The father - A#.MID
Tis Analogue - F.MID
VA Saw - D.MID
./Ultimate Power:
BA - Adder.h2p
BA - Basement.h2p
BA - Double Belly.h2p
BA - Duophonic.h2p
BA - Ez.h2p
BA - Future Classic.h2p
BA - Garage Subz.h2p
BA - Imposter.h2p
BA - Jackin.h2p
BA - Modern VOX.h2p
BA - Niche.h2p
BA - Sidechained Saw.h2p
BA - Sidechained Square.h2p
BA - Sidechained Sub.h2p
BA - Snake.h2p
BA - Tis Analogue.h2p
BA - Unlimited Punch.h2p
BA - VA Saw.h2p
BA - Worth It.h2p
FX - Analogue Swell.h2p
FX - Impact.h2p
FX - Kick.h2p
FX - Modern Siren.h2p
FX - Noise Stab.h2p
FX - Noise Sweep.h2p
FX - Noise Tool Box.h2p
FX - Pitch It.h2p
FX - Pitch Riser.h2p
FX - Wait For It.h2p
PA - Deep Space.h2p
PA - Journey to the Hive.h2p
PA - Jupiter.h2p
PA - Modulationz.h2p
PA - Momentum.h2p
PA - Night Time.h2p
PA - Orbit.h2p
PA - Orbital Resonance.h2p
PA - Star Storm.h2p
PA - The Father.h2p
SE - Bitty Straight.h2p
SE - Bitty Swing.h2p
SE - Codex.h2p
SE - In Trance We Trust.h2p
SE - Polizei.h2p
SE - Pulsator.h2p
SE - Space Plop.h2p
SE - Space Trip.h2p
SE - Square Balloon Arp.h2p
SE - Two In One.h2p
SY - Acoustic.h2p
SY - Anthem.h2p
SY - Bit Square.h2p
SY - Clean Lovin.h2p
SY - Clicker.h2p
SY - EDM Brass.h2p
SY - EDM Flute.h2p
SY - EDM Lead.h2p
SY - Expression.h2p
SY - FM.h2p
SY - Hexagon.h2p
SY - Hindsight.h2p
SY - Internal Organ.h2p
SY - Mid Saw.h2p
SY - Omnipotent.h2p
SY - Power.h2p
SY - Pressure.h2p
SY - Rotterdam.h2p
SY - Silent Killer.h2p
SY - Singular.h2p
SY - Square Balloon.h2p
SY - The Hive.h2p
SY - The Virus.h2p
SY - Transcendent.h2p
SY - Trapezoid.h2p
SY - Tri Aliasing.h2p
SY - Ultimate Funk.h2p
SY - Ultimate Power.h2p
SY - Vespa.h2p
SY - Woody Pluck.h2p

Works with

by u-he
Minimum version 1.5
Number of sounds 80
Demo Download

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