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Techno Monkeys’ Invasion

This soundbank is suitable for electronic music genres like Techno, House, also Hip Hop and various sub-genres where synthesizer noise is welcomed. Dubstep or Hardcore aficionados can find a few gut wrenching effects like semi-real robot transformation sounds or some space monkey babbles, you can hear most of them in demos below, some bass patches can turn into effects as you start to move a mod-wheel.

This bank includes a bunch of refined bass sounds, also some drums to accompany it, there’s a few cleverly tweaked effects which compel you to try to push every key on your midi keyboard to hear what it does, also you get pads, leads, keys, kits. Some of them have semi-realistic qualities associated with orchestral strings or electric pianos, flutes, bass guitars, or something indescribable, some are timeless dance classics like supersaw leads or hard sync acid sequences, all sounds are highly mono compatible, most of them are 100% mono, what it means, is that you get what you hear, you will be able to easily fit a chosen sound into your mix without scrambling through the interface to tame the sound and your monstrous bass patches won’t suddenly disappear when it’s played back in mono.

All patches have thoughtful mod-wheel assignments, so that a user wouldn’t need to reach out for knobs on a plugin’s interface, some of assignments can completely transform a given sound. It’s highly advisable to abuse a mod-wheel while going through patches in this soundbank.
Sounds are cleverly programmed and considering lush’s appetite are not CPU intensive, no sacrifices were made concerning sound quality.
Soundbank includes a pdf with an installation guide and a few tips on how to get the most use of this soundbank. In total there are 162 presets, 124 of them are single layer presets in lush-101’s terminology known as“Timbres”.

Bass – 54
Drums – 20
Fx – 10
Keys – 35
Kits – 4
Leads – 15
Pads – 22
Seq – 2

All sounds in demos including drums are from Lush-101, except in demo called Africa, in that demo all sounds are from Lush-101 except drums.

Premium File Contents
Bass - Acid String.shprst.shprst
Bass - Clunky Layered.shprst.shprst
Bass - FunkUp.shprst.shprst
Bass - FunkUpMouse&co.shprst.shprst
Bass - Heart Lover.shprst.shprst
Bass - hitbass.shprst.shprst
Bass - ModWheel.shprst.shprst
Bass - Moog.shprst.shprst
Bass - Noisy Depth.shprst.shprst
Bass - Noisy Top Layer.shprst.shprst
Bass - One Love.shprst.shprst
Bass - Renoise.shprst.shprst
Bass - SPace Drone Reso Drop.shprst.shprst
Bass - Up&Down.shprst.shprst
Drums - iSnare 2.shprst.shprst
Drums - iSnare.shprst.shprst
Keys - Brass_01.shprst.shprst
Keys - Brass_02.shprst.shprst
Keys - Brass_03.shprst.shprst
Keys - Trance Pluck Brighter.shprst.shprst
Keys - Trance Pluck.shprst.shprst
Keys - Trance StrikeKeys.shprst.shprst
Kit - Africa.shprst.shprst
Kit - Stardome Drive 69.shprst.shprst
Kit - Stardome Drive 911.shprst.shprst
Kit - TECHY 2.shprst.shprst
Kit - TECHY.shprst.shprst
Lead - 80's Retarded Movie Plot.shprst.shprst
Pad - Avartar Emerge.shprst.shprst
Pad - Brassy.shprst.shprst
Pad - Castle.shprst.shprst
Pad - DayTravelers.shprst.shprst
Pad - Drive Me There.shprst.shprst
Pad - Electronic Baby.shprst.shprst
Pad - Gnarly Drunkard.shprst.shprst
Pad - Miami Menace.shprst.shprst
Pad - Monster Leak.shprst.shprst
Pad - Night Travelers.shprst.shprst
Pad - Oldy.shprst.shprst
Pad - Stardome Drive 69.shprst.shprst
Seq - Grainy Train 2.shprst.shprst
Seq - Grainy Train.shprst.shprst
Bass - 808 Loves it.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Arpintake.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Bass For Organ.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Come To Me Baby.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Deep As Ffunn.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Dubby 2.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Dubby.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Electric.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - ElectricDistress.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Fake ambient base.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Fine Vibrations.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Funky Bass.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Funky Reso Club.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Hearthrob.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Hit that perfect Beat.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - I Feel Love.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Mellow 70's Vibe.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Moog Monster.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Moog.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Morodo.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Nonconfident.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - oRBITAL pURE.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - PWM.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Real Thing.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Reso Invation.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - ResoMother.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Seq Throat.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Sharp.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - SlapTalk.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Slow Reso PWM Drop.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Snappy.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Snappy_Acid.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Space Drone 2.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Space Drone.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Stabby_90s.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Victor.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Voodoo Runner 2.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Voodoo Runner 3.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Voodoo Runner.shtmbr.shtmbr
Bass - Woodified.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Crapy Snare.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - HiHat.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - HiHat_02.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Kick_01.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Kick_02.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Kick_03.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Kick_04.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Kick_05.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Kick_06.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Kick_07.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Kick_08.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Kick_09.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Kick_10.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Kick_911.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - OHH.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - OHH_02.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Snare.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Snare_02.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Snare_03.shtmbr.shtmbr
Drums - Snare_04.shtmbr.shtmbr
Fx - Broken Plates 2.shtmbr.shtmbr
Fx - Broken Plates.shtmbr.shtmbr
Fx - Der Graf von Monte Christo.shtmbr.shtmbr
Fx - Digital Trasspassing.shtmbr.shtmbr
Fx - Frogs Rainy Saturday.shtmbr.shtmbr
Fx - Jacob.shtmbr.shtmbr
Fx - JailMonkey .shtmbr.shtmbr
Fx - Little Badass.shtmbr.shtmbr
Fx - Little Dweller.shtmbr.shtmbr
Fx - RayBBlaster.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Blipy Seq.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Brass&You.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Brass_Uno.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Disco and Rise of Gay Culture.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Drunk Slow Lead.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Electric Piano_01.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Electric Piano_02.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Flute_01.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Flute_02.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - FM out of touch brass.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Grunchy Rhodes.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - HouseLounge.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Insane.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Monk in a Jar .shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Piano_01.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Plucky 2 CPU Friendly.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Plucky 2.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Plucky.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Random arp.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Replicas.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Reverbnation.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Sane.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Shitty Brass.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - sO rEAL wHATEVER.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - sTRINGYISBACK.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Trancy 2.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Trancy.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Voice A.shtmbr.shtmbr
Keys - Wake Up Crowd.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Come To Me Baby.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - FlangerRazor.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Housy.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Invitation Served.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Lead Cry.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Mellow.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Pulstar.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Rise Up.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Sanctuary.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Space Radio.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Syncognito.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Synth Horns.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Thin Air.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - Trench.shtmbr.shtmbr
Lead - VHS Tape Intro.shtmbr.shtmbr
Pad - 70's strings.shtmbr.shtmbr
Pad - Avatar.shtmbr.shtmbr
Pad - Cpu Intensive Death.shtmbr.shtmbr
Pad - Dream Up.shtmbr.shtmbr
Pad - Embrace.shtmbr.shtmbr
Pad - Intro.shtmbr.shtmbr
Pad - Meantime.shtmbr.shtmbr
Pad - Only Love.shtmbr.shtmbr
Pad - Symphonic Winds.shtmbr.shtmbr
Pad - Tangerine Dream.shtmbr.shtmbr
Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 162
Demo Download