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If you’re looking for hand-crafted professional sounds for your next release this product is for you.

Patchmaker is happy to present volume 2 of “Chainsmokerz” sample collection!

This incredible collection offers 70 presets (35 Serum & 35 Massive) that capture a wide range of sonic goodies and has all you need to take your tracks to the next level!

In detail, “Chainsmokerz Vol.2” contains huge leads, fat synths, heavy basses and everything you may need to produce a great track. Every preset has all macros (4 macros for Serum and 8 macros for Massive),so you will be able to tweak them at your own preference and and get better results.

This set is inspired by artists like Major Lazer,The Chainsmokers, Dj Snake, Jack U, and many others! 

Suitable for genres like Future Pop, Hip-Hop, Trap, House, Dubstep and a lot more!


 Serum Patch list:


LEAD 14 presets

SYN 2 presets

PLUCK 6 presets

BASS 4 presets

PAD 4 presets

BELL 1 preset

SFX 1 preset

WOBBLE 3 presets


(4 macros on every preset)


Massive Patch list:


LEAD 10 presets

SYN 7 presets

PLUCK 7 presets

BASS 5 presets

PAD 4 presets


SFX 4 presets

WOBBLE 1 preset


(8 macros on every preset)


Check out the demo for a feel of the quality of these presets and get your copy today!

NOTE: You will need Massive version 1.5 or higher and Serum version 1.113 or higher to be able to use these presets

NOTE:The preview contains vocals & sound effects for illustrative purposes only

Premium File Contents
BASS Bad Kitty.nmsv
BASS Other Side.nmsv
BASS Rude.nmsv
BASS Say It.nmsv
BASS Under The Bed.nmsv
LEAD Dissonance.nmsv
LEAD Fallen Angel.nmsv
LEAD Knock Knock Chords.nmsv
LEAD Let It Go.nmsv
LEAD Mushroom Cloud.nmsv
LEAD One.nmsv
LEAD Prism.nmsv
LEAD Voyager.nmsv
LEAD Warmness.nmsv
LEAD You.nmsv
PAD Frost Fall.nmsv
PAD Lothlorien.nmsv
PAD Pieces.nmsv
PAD Stay Awake.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Copper.nmsv
PLUCK Champion II.nmsv
PLUCK Champion.nmsv
PLUCK Close.nmsv
PLUCK Neighbors.nmsv
PLUCK Nitro Gun.nmsv
PLUCK South.nmsv
PLUCK Tonight.nmsv
SYN Break Up.nmsv
SYN Bright Future.nmsv
SYN In Your Heart.nmsv
SYN Mole.nmsv
SYN Racoon Attack.nmsv
SYN Tide.nmsv
SYN Timeless.nmsv
WOBBLE Stream.nmsv
BASS Alone.fxp
BASS Machine Vox.fxp
BASS Poison.fxp
BASS So Warm.fxp
BELL Honey.fxp
LEAD 2k17.fxp
LEAD Balloon.fxp
LEAD Classic Amp.fxp
LEAD EDM Horn.fxp
LEAD FM Eight.fxp
LEAD Forever Young.fxp
LEAD Matrix.fxp
LEAD Megalodon Chords.fxp
LEAD Muffin Chords.fxp
LEAD Smoke Chords.fxp
LEAD Staying Alive.fxp
LEAD String Theory.fxp
LEAD Vapour.fxp
PAD Complex Strings.fxp
PAD December.fxp
PAD Far Star.fxp
PAD Mousse.fxp
PLUCK Joker.fxp
PLUCK Lotto.fxp
PLUCK Never Go Away.fxp
PLUCK Overture.fxp
PLUCK Summer.fxp
PLUCK Villian.fxp
SFX Red Dots.fxp
SYN Club Monster.fxp
SYN Mist.fxp
WOBBLE Cobra.fxp
WOBBLE Kill U.fxp
WOBBLE Railroad.fxp
LEAD Vapour Mod.fxp
Minimum version Massive version 1.5 or higher and Serum version 1.113 or higher
Number of sounds 70


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