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Tunecraft Deep House Elements Vol.2

Following up our best seller, we are proud to present our latest release “Tunecraft Deep House Elements Vol.2” featuring 50 genuinely designed presets for NI Massive, wav loops and midi files:


In the last year the cross genre sound of Deep Tech and House has taken the world by storm and has revived some amazing production and sounds in the name of Deep House.


Designed exclusively to deliver only the finest, deepest and smoothest presets, this pack provides a definitive collection with everything you need to create tracks that will bring everyone rushing on the dancefloor:


From warm electric pianos and chords, phasing textures, filter interplays, smooth modulations, square bass sounds, deep subby bass, lush keys or groovy tech loops, you’ve got everything in this pack.


Suitable for any style of House, Techno, Deep, Garage, 2step, Minimal and even more, this comprehensive collection of presets comes with macros assigned and are totally tweakable and morphable into your own creations.


What’s in the pack ? 


-50 NMSV presets for Massive:


8 Bass

10 Keys/Chords

8 Plucks

8 Synths

2 Leads

3 Pads

7 FX

2 Percussions

1 Seq

1 Sub



-81 WAV loops in 24 bits quality


-36 Midi files from the demo


-Ableton Live 8 demo project


Some great bonuses:


Bonus #1: We added 81 wav loops delivered in 24 bits WAV: They will perfectly match the presets and be a great addition to your new productions.


Bonus #2: Dig in the ableton live 8 demo project and check how we edited the midis and how we automated Massive’s parameters ! No external plugins needed, just Massive, some automation tweaking and a bunch of EQs and compressors to ensure the sounds blend well together, and that’s it!


Bonus #3: Not an ableton user? No problem! We also added all the midi clips from the demo to recreate any sound or melody, and create your own tracks from scratch!


So whether you want ready made presets to slot straight in to your work with no fuss, or want to get deeper into designing your own unique sounds, this outstanding pack is a must to bring back to your lab, fire up your equipment and create your next level tune!



Please note that the drum loops featured in the demo are NOT included in this pack, and that you need NI Massive 1.3 or higher

Premium File Contents
Tunecraft Deep House Vol.2 Project
./ABLETON 8 DEMO PROJECT/Tunecraft Deep House Vol.2 Project:
Ableton Project Info
Tunecraft Deep House Vol.2.als
./ABLETON 8 DEMO PROJECT/Tunecraft Deep House Vol.2 Project/Ableton Project Info:
./LOOPS 124 bpm:
FX : Other
./LOOPS 124 bpm/Bass:
Bass 1.wav
Bass 10.wav
Bass 11.wav
Bass 12.wav
Bass 13.wav
Bass 14.wav
Bass 15.wav
Bass 16.wav
Bass 17.wav
Bass 2.wav
Bass 3.wav
Bass 4.wav
Bass 5.wav
Bass 6.wav
Bass 7.wav
Bass 8.wav
Bass 9.wav
./LOOPS 124 bpm/FX : Other:
Drum 1.wav
FX 1.wav
FX 10.wav
FX 2.wav
FX 3.wav
FX 4.wav
FX 5.wav
FX 6.wav
FX 7.wav
FX 8.wav
FX 9.wav
./LOOPS 124 bpm/Keys:Chords:
Key 1.wav
Key 10.wav
Key 11.wav
Key 12.wav
Key 13.wav
Key 14.wav
Key 2.wav
Key 3.wav
Key 4.wav
Key 5.wav
Key 6.wav
Key 7.wav
Key 8.wav
Key 9.wav
./LOOPS 124 bpm/Noise:
Noise 1.wav
Noise 2.wav
Noise 3.wav
Noise 4.wav
Noise 5.wav
./LOOPS 124 bpm/Pads:
Pad 1.wav
Pad 2.wav
Pad 3.wav
./LOOPS 124 bpm/Pluck:Chords:
Pluck 1.wav
Pluck 2.wav
Pluck 3.wav
Pluck 4.wav
Pluck 5.wav
Pluck 6.wav
Pluck 7.wav
Pluck 8.wav
Pluck 9.wav
./LOOPS 124 bpm/Sub:
Sub line 1.wav
Sub line 2.wav
Sub line 3.wav
Sub line 4.wav
Sub line 5.wav
./LOOPS 124 bpm/Synths:
Syn 1.wav
Syn 10.wav
Syn 11.wav
Syn 12.wav
Syn 13.wav
Syn 14.wav
Syn 15.wav
Syn 16.wav
Syn 17.wav
Syn 2.wav
Syn 3.wav
Syn 4.wav
Syn 5.wav
Syn 6.wav
Syn 7.wav
Syn 8.wav
Syn 9.wav
Bass deep 2.mid
Bass deep 3.mid
Bass deep 5.mid
Bass deep 6.mid
Bass deep 7.mid
Bass deep 8.mid
FX - Downshift.mid
FX - Hat Groove.mid
FX - Noise Down.mid
FX - Pure Noise.mid
FX - Sub Drop.mid
FX Down & Up.mid
Key 1 .mid
Key 10.mid
Key 2.mid
Key 3.mid
Key 5.mid
Key 6.mid
Key 9.mid
PD - Nice Pulse.mid
PERC - Snare clap.mid
PL - Deep 1.mid
PL - Deep 2.mid
PL - Deep 3.mid
PL - Deep 4.mid
PL - Deep 6.mid
Plucky filter.mid
Rain Drop.mid
SEQ - deep .mid
SYN - Bip.mid
Shift Up.mid
Soft Sine.mid
Syn Bell.mid
Tales lead.mid
./Other Tunecraft products !:
Tunecraft Deep House Elements Vol.1 - Demo.mp3
Tunecraft Ethereal Chord Progressions Vol.2 M.mp3
Tunecraft Ethereal Chords Progressions Vol.1 demo.mp3
Tunecraft Techno Essentials Vol 1 - Demo.mp3
BS - Deep 1.nmsv
BS - Deep 2.nmsv
BS - Deep 3.nmsv
BS - Deep 4.nmsv
BS - Deep 5.nmsv
BS - Deep 6.nmsv
BS - Deep 7.nmsv
BS - Deep 8.nmsv
FX - Down & Up.nmsv
FX - Downlift.nmsv
FX - Hat Groove.nmsv
FX - Noise Down.nmsv
FX - Pure Noise.nmsv
FX - Sub Drop.nmsv
FX - Track Finish.nmsv
KEY - Deep 1.nmsv
KEY - Deep 10.nmsv
KEY - Deep 2.nmsv
KEY - Deep 3.nmsv
KEY - Deep 4.nmsv
KEY - Deep 5.nmsv
KEY - Deep 6.nmsv
KEY - Deep 7.nmsv
KEY - Deep 8.nmsv
KEY - Deep 9.nmsv
LD - Hope.nmsv
LD - Tales lead.nmsv
PD - Elves Call .nmsv
PD - Low Pad.nmsv
PD - Nice Pulse.nmsv
PERC - Snare Clap.nmsv
PERC - Syn Bell.nmsv
PL - Deep 1.nmsv
PL - Deep 2.nmsv
PL - Deep 3.nmsv
PL - Deep 4.nmsv
PL - Deep 5.nmsv
PL - Deep 6.nmsv
PL - Deep 7.nmsv
PL - Soft Sine.nmsv
SEQ - Deep Seq.nmsv
SUB - Sub Attack.nmsv
SYN - Bip.nmsv
SYN - Chord Finger.nmsv
SYN - Plucky filter.nmsv
SYN - Rain Drop.nmsv
SYN - Shift Up.nmsv
SYN - Stepper.nmsv
SYN - Strange.nmsv
SYN - Wander.nmsv

Works with

Minimum version Massive 1.3+, Ableton live 8
Number of sounds 50

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