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250 Presets:NI PRISM


If you’re looking for high quality,this product is for you. This set includes over 250 presets developed by proffessional sound designer. These are the same presets we use in our own productions for our clients all over the world.These patches can be used for DUBSTEP,ELECTRO HOUSE,TECH HOUSE,ELECTRONICA,TECHNO etc.Everything is included, from dark basses to beautiful pads.Check the Demo out. This is an absolute must-have pack for any serious Dubstep/Electro House producer

Patch list:
SYN 72 presets

PAD 29 presets

WOBBLE 24 presets

LEAD 21 presets

SFX 30 presets

BASS 15 presets

PLUCK 15 presets

PERCUSSIVE 28 presets

BELL 14 presets

ARP & SEQUENCES 2 presets

NOTE: You will need "NI Reaktor 5 or NI Reaktor 5 Player".

NOTE: WinRAR was used to compress the presets into one file for faster download. A FREE alternative is 7-Zip.


Premium File Contents
ARP Murder!!!.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Runaway.nrkt.nrkt
BASS 1930s.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Alone Wobble.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Colored Sub.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Deep Throat.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Dirty Cream.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Dist Off.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Duck Tune.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Electric Feel.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Madness.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Noised Prism Engine.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Old Times.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Pseudo Distortion.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Screamer.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Sub.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Zistortion.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Casket.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Christmas.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Church.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Crashing.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Distorted.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Django.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Lullaby.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Old Man.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Pitchsic.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Pussy Cat.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Random Number.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Sine.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Sleep.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Underwater.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD A Strange Story.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD An Old Story.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Au.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Boogeyman.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Depther.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Dog Bark.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Dutch House.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Dynamik Pipe.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Femareamer.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Flauead.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Full Cabinet.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Guitstortion.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Hopeless.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Iron Ghost.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Mallead.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Mario Morning.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Pure Vegas.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Race.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Short Femareamer.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Silent Screamer.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Spread's Tail.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Amot.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Ancient Sun.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Andromeda.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Crystal.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Death Is Coming.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Evil On The West.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Far Voice.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Flangeroid.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Forgotten Sanctuary.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Ghosts.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Haunted House.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Hidden Evil.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Lotus.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Mosque.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Mysterious Christmas Tales.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Nature.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Night Butterfly.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Oblivion.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Peace.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Sands Of Sahara.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Sawtooth Strings.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Shivering Bells.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Signals.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Sleepless.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Solstheim.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Subbed Dream.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Under The City.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Vibrato.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Wasteland.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Bongo.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Breathing Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Clapcat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Claphat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Deep Vox.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Dinamik Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Flash.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Kicked Glitch.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Lighthouse.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Master.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Mettalic Pock.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Pickaxe.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Pink Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Pock.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Porcelain.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Pseudo Shaker.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Pure Metal.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Random.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE RM Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE S&H Vox.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Semieast Drum.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Simple Clap.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Simple Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Snarhat II.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Snarhat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Solid Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Toys.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Wood.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Analog.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Basic Prism.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Chinese Dragon.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Flower Birds.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Guitbell.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Hopeless.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Lealuck.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Lullaby.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Midnight Sweep.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Open Space.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Piano.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Prism's Positive Feedback.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Psdtrance.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK The Long Journey.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Water Drop.nrkt.nrkt
SFX A Walk In The Forest.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Alien Conversation.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Angry Roosters.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Arctic Wind.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Bats.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken Arcade Machine.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken Motor.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken TV.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Crosstalk II.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Crosstalk.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Dead FM Frequence.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Dead Souls.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Deceleration.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Evil Winds.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Fireworks.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Gears.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Nirn Root.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Noised Sequence.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Noisedrums.nrkt.nrkt
SFX NoiZe 1 Fallout.nrkt.nrkt
SFX NoiZe 2 Phaser.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Positive Impulse.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Pseudo Helicopter.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Pseudo Water Flowing.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Random Steps.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Rise Of The Machines.nrkt.nrkt
SFX The Phone.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Twelve O'Clock.nrkt.nrkt
SFX UFO Message.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Wobbled Noise.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Antique Phone.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Arcade Jump.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Arcade Mushroom.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Arcade Shoot.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Baby Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Balalaika.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Basic.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Before The Sleepless.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Birds Ruler.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Bounce.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Broken Mechanism.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Bronze.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Cinematic Fear.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Cold Breath.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Compressed Iron.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Cursed House.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Dead Breath.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Deep Black.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Depression Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Disney World.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Distorted Stab.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Dubstep Vox II.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Dubstep Vox.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Electric Sunrise.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Enveloped Depth.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Female Vox.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Fly.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Forgotten Souls.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Game Over.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Gangster Games.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Happy Whistle.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Investigation.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Kicked Whistle.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Lazynth.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Lucky Duck.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Mario Jump.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Mario Tube.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Mario World Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Megablock.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Midnight Sweep.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Monomyst.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Multirate.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Noised Whisle.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Noised Wobbler.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Old Times Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Old World Blues.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Paperboy.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Planetarium.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Predator.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Prism Engine.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Prism Rise.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Pseudo Distorted Guitar.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Pursuit.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Rainoiser.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Reborn.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Repeater.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Roulette.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Semistab.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Shifter.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Short Distortion.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Souls.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Space Bubbles.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Supressor.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Tremolo Rise.nrkt.nrkt
SYN UFO.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Unxpected.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Very Fast Noised Lazer Tune.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Viorator.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Water Rising.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Windwaker.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Xylophone.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Yayassive.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Ai.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Angry Man II.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Angry Man.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Dirty Throat.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Distortion Talking.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Downer.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Dubstep.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Electric NoiZe.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Female Screamer.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Full Flanger.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Full Reverb.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Little Angry Cats.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Loud Patient.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Noise Sync.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Off.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Pseudo Pitch.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Runner Man II.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Runner Man.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Screamer.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Soft.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Torment.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE True Pitch.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE True S&H.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Witch.nrkt.nrkt
Minimum version 1.3
Number of sounds 250
Demo Download

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