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Patchmaker returns with a fresh installment of EDM presets for modern music production. This set is inspired by artists like The Chainsmokers, Major Lazer, Diplo, Yellow Claw, Dillon Francis, DJ Snake, and more!

This incredible collection offers 128 Serum presets that capture a wide range of sonic goodies and has all you need to take your tracks to the next level! Producers searching for the sounds to make not only Future Pop but any other genre like Tropical Pop, Future Bass,Reggaeton, even Trap, would benefit from investigating the content of this pack as there are many interesting sounds that would fit different genres.In detail, “Chainlazerz - Future Pop” contains fat and thick synths, epic leads,growl basses and everything you may need to produce a great track and push up your producer skills. Every preset has all macros ,so you will be able to tweak them at your own preference and and get better results.

This is an absolute must-have pack for any serious Pop producer.



Serum Patch list:


31 LEAD presets

10 SYN presets

26 PLUCK presets

18 BASS presets

2 Percussion presets

10 PAD presets

7 SEQ presets


9 SFX presets

1 KEY preset

12 WOBBLE presets

3 ARP presets


(4 macros on every preset)






Also this pack has bonus presets that were used in the demo.

*NOTE: The preview contains drum sounds and sound effects for illustrative purposes only


Premium File Contents
ARP 2800.fxp
ARP Full Damage.fxp
ARP Hang Em High.fxp
BASS 2049.fxp
BASS 99th Floor.fxp
BASS Bad Boyz.fxp
BASS Bloodsport.fxp
BASS Critical Error.fxp
BASS Doppelganger.fxp
BASS Fuel Loss.fxp
BASS Hunter.fxp
BASS Love.fxp
BASS Massive Legacy.fxp
BASS Out Of Control.fxp
BASS Racer.fxp
BASS Rez.fxp
BASS Sound System.fxp
BASS Sword.fxp
BASS Through FX.fxp
BASS Time Square.fxp
BASS Wobble House.fxp
KEY Armstrong.fxp
LEAD Ancient Chords.fxp
LEAD Atomic Bomb.fxp
LEAD Casino I.fxp
LEAD Cat In Hat.fxp
LEAD Chordfest 2k15.fxp
LEAD Classic Trap.fxp
LEAD Cookie Monster.fxp
LEAD Corgi.fxp
LEAD Dance Floor.fxp
LEAD Echo Chords.fxp
LEAD Fireflies.fxp
LEAD First Contact.fxp
LEAD Hawaii.fxp
LEAD Heavy Brass.fxp
LEAD Hotline Miami.fxp
LEAD Inferno.fxp
LEAD Luna.fxp
LEAD Molly.fxp
LEAD Polysonic.fxp
LEAD Pop.fxp
LEAD Sad Chords.fxp
LEAD Sharp Chords.fxp
LEAD Solo.fxp
LEAD Supercar.fxp
LEAD Surface.fxp
LEAD Suspense Chords.fxp
LEAD The Wall.fxp
LEAD Toxic.fxp
LEAD Trapstep.fxp
LEAD Vas Legas.fxp
LEAD Veil Chords.fxp
PAD Crackle.fxp
PAD Frozen.fxp
PAD Furryous.fxp
PAD Ice & Fire.fxp
PAD Lego.fxp
PAD Paradise Falls.fxp
PAD Peaceful Waters.fxp
PAD Sphere.fxp
PAD Swirl.fxp
PAD Venice.fxp
PERCUSSIVE Elm Street.fxp
PLUCK Big Room King.fxp
PLUCK Bung II.fxp
PLUCK Bung.fxp
PLUCK China.fxp
PLUCK Cocktail.fxp
PLUCK Electric Tears.fxp
PLUCK Flowers.fxp
PLUCK Flush.fxp
PLUCK Forte.fxp
PLUCK Fresh Air.fxp
PLUCK Jinn.fxp
PLUCK Keys.fxp
PLUCK King Pong.fxp
PLUCK Mr.Smile.fxp
PLUCK Netherlands.fxp
PLUCK Neuron.fxp
PLUCK Peach.fxp
PLUCK Punto.fxp
PLUCK Remorse.fxp
PLUCK Resonator.fxp
PLUCK Scene.fxp
PLUCK Scratch.fxp
PLUCK Smokers.fxp
PLUCK Woody.fxp
PLUCK Yoshi.fxp
SEQ City.fxp
SEQ FM Drums II.fxp
SEQ FM Drums.fxp
SEQ Graffiti.fxp
SEQ Phaser Chords.fxp
SEQ Raptor.fxp
SEQ Vomitfest 2k11.fxp
SFX Blue Zone.fxp
SFX Elysium Atmospheres.fxp
SFX Elysium Has Fallen.fxp
SFX Horror 12+.fxp
SFX Neon Road II.fxp
SFX Neon Road.fxp
SFX Nerve.fxp
SFX Pulse Drop.fxp
SFX Testing Guitar.fxp
SYN Broken Glass.fxp
SYN Factory.fxp
SYN Freak.fxp
SYN Hatred.fxp
SYN Near Future.fxp
SYN Pathfinder.fxp
SYN Sharp.fxp
SYN Shine.fxp
SYN Titanic.fxp
SYN Underground.fxp
WOBBLE 1000 Cities.fxp
WOBBLE 2 The Top.fxp
WOBBLE Blood.fxp
WOBBLE Charge!.fxp
WOBBLE Dead Pixel.fxp
WOBBLE Du Cati.fxp
WOBBLE Fist.fxp
WOBBLE Lazer Cat.fxp
WOBBLE Pinball.fxp
WOBBLE Snowman.fxp
WOBBLE Wai Fu.fxp
WOBBLE War X.fxp
LEAD Abyss.fxp
LEAD Atomic Bomb Var II.fxp
LEAD Atomic Bomb Var.fxp
PLUCK Remorse Var.fxp
PLUCK Woody Var.fxp
SYN Pathfinder Var.fxp
WOBBLE Wai Fu Var.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 1.213+
Number of sounds 150


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