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Cellspace vol.1

Continuing my journey into Synplant territory, this sound expansion is clearly was meant for ambient, downtempo and electronica music from the start. Slow pads, gentle synths and plucks, this bank will add the special sonic touch that you might need and will easily fit into your productions. Synplant is one of the best for those evocative sounds and here is another fine example. 

All presets are royalty-free and have:

  • consistent volumes
  • category tags
  • extensive modulation

64 sounds | requires Sonic Charge Synplant 1.1+

Premium File Contents
AR Exim.synp.synp
FX Apto.synp.synp
FX Suspendo.synp.synp
KY Sibimet.synp.synp
LD Aiunt.synp.synp
LD Armo.synp.synp
MA Beatus.synp.synp
MA Carbo Labo.synp.synp
MA Maeror.synp.synp
MA Uinn.synp.synp
PD Acq.synp.synp
PD Alio.synp.synp
PD Cribr.synp.synp
PD Defleo.synp.synp
PD Drupl.synp.synp
PD Ganda.synp.synp
PD Geza.synp.synp
PD Gyrt.synp.synp
PD Heren.synp.synp
PD Hostes.synp.synp
PD Infin.synp.synp
PD Kutyn.synp.synp
PD Letalis.synp.synp
PD Merids.synp.synp
PD Nusq.synp.synp
PD Plang.synp.synp
PD Prescl.synp.synp
PD Prum.synp.synp
PD Querr.synp.synp
PD Rosca I.synp.synp
PD Rosca II.synp.synp
PD Sigilo.synp.synp
PD Spyl.synp.synp
PD Talis.synp.synp
PD Treve.synp.synp
PD Yoom.synp.synp
PL Brein.synp.synp
PL Furi.synp.synp
PL Molior.synp.synp
PL Odiae.synp.synp
PL Perse.synp.synp
PL Supplex.synp.synp
PL Venio.synp.synp
SQ Aeneus.synp.synp
SY Admo.synp.synp
SY Aebi.synp.synp
SY Appello.synp.synp
SY Atre.synp.synp
SY Cassio.synp.synp
SY Dili.synp.synp
SY Ksell.synp.synp
SY Locus.synp.synp
SY Mille.synp.synp
SY Nimium.synp.synp
SY Phito.synp.synp
SY Recit.synp.synp
SY Retineo.synp.synp
SY Retrah.synp.synp
SY Trons.synp.synp
SY Tum.synp.synp
SY Utic.synp.synp
SY Vis.synp.synp
SY Volens.synp.synp
SY Volun.synp.synp

Works with

Number of sounds 64
Demo Download

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