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Cellspace vol.2

Extend your sonic palette with this comprehensive expansion for Sonic Charge Synplant. Cellspace contains carefully-crafted presets designed for ambient, downtempo and other gentle electronic productions. Slow pads, gentle synths and plucks, you will find the best ingredients for your dreamy tracks.

All presets are royalty-free and have:

  • consistent volumes
  • category tags
  • extensive modulation

64 sounds | requires Sonic Charge Synplant 1.1+

Premium File Contents
BA Poena.synp.synp
FX Streem.synp.synp
KY Indig.synp.synp
KY Inflex.synp.synp
KY Laet.synp.synp
LD Fez.synp.synp
MA Huic.synp.synp
MA Omitt.synp.synp
MA Tantillus.synp.synp
MA Trope.synp.synp
MI Quopter.synp.synp
PC Paru.synp.synp
PD Antepono.synp.synp
PD Besco.synp.synp
PD Cito.synp.synp
PD Claust.synp.synp
PD Contineo.synp.synp
PD Crur.synp.synp
PD Decre.synp.synp
PD Emer.synp.synp
PD Fago.synp.synp
PD Fect.synp.synp
PD Fez Variation.synp.synp
PD Freen.synp.synp
PD Groo.synp.synp
PD Hact.synp.synp
PD Helcim.synp.synp
PD Incido.synp.synp
PD Infen.synp.synp
PD Lacer.synp.synp
PD Mea.synp.synp
PD Mihi.synp.synp
PD Moddi.synp.synp
PD Onz.synp.synp
PD Pebel.synp.synp
PD Pente.synp.synp
PD Praestan.synp.synp
PD Prius.synp.synp
PD Quam.synp.synp
PD Spes.synp.synp
PD Tubi.synp.synp
PL Calli.synp.synp
PL Deus.synp.synp
PL Ion.synp.synp
PL Legio.synp.synp
PL Mica.synp.synp
PL Renuo.synp.synp
PL Spar.synp.synp
PL Zern.synp.synp
SY Arod.synp.synp
SY Cael.synp.synp
SY Competo.synp.synp
SY Harum.synp.synp
SY Meus.synp.synp
SY Opport.synp.synp
SY Osco.synp.synp
SY Perd.synp.synp
SY Perieo.synp.synp
SY Sal.synp.synp
SY Sero.synp.synp
SY Uir.synp.synp
SY Vulgus.synp.synp
TX Comme.synp.synp
TX Itero.synp.synp
TX Labia.synp.synp

Works with

Minimum version 1.1
Number of sounds 64
Demo Download

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