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Padsheaven soundset for Zebra 2 by Joseph Hollo 

An ultimate collection of useful, lyrical and dramatic pads, effects and soundscapes.

  •  96 expressive, evolving, moving synth pads, both uplifting, light and airy as well as warm, deep, dramatic mysterious and icy. 
  • 32 carefully selected Keys, Leads, Plucked instruments, Drums & Basses. 

PadsHeaven provide lots of emotional inspiration for film and ambient composers, keyboardists. 

The patches have descriptive titles and they are categorized for ease of use. Various parameters are assigned to velocity, aftertouch, pitchbend and modwheel, and each patch has detailed information on what is assigned and how a sound was designed or intended to be played.


Premium File Contents
All Alone In The Wind.h2p.h2p
Caribbean Blue Diving.h2p.h2p
City at Dawn.h2p.h2p
Desert Sirens.h2p.h2p
Drop & Aftertought.h2p.h2p
Dust In The Wind.h2p.h2p
Mobs in the Pantheon.h2p.h2p
Nostalgic Mermaids.h2p.h2p
Polar Windharp.h2p.h2p
Transparency Veil.h2p.h2p
Worms In Plastic Bag.h2p.h2p
Yellow River.h2p.h2p
Breath the Waves.h2p.h2p
Caressing deepness.h2p.h2p
Gentle Warm Strings.h2p.h2p
Light-hearted Prophet.h2p.h2p
Nice Backing D-50.h2p.h2p
OBX Warm Pad _Foreigner.h2p.h2p
Serious Padding.h2p.h2p
Shy Flutist.h2p.h2p
Thick & Deep .h2p.h2p
Vs Light-Blade.h2p.h2p
Warm Lover.h2p.h2p
A Glass Of Water.h2p.h2p
Arp Pearl Oyster.h2p.h2p
EMU Glasspad .h2p.h2p
Finger Cymbal.h2p.h2p
Glass - Chimes Ornaments.h2p.h2p
GlassBells - Analog.h2p.h2p
HeavenBells .h2p.h2p
HeavenBells ARP.h2p.h2p
Shimmering repetition.h2p.h2p
SinusDrops to Bells.h2p.h2p
Sunshine Ripple.h2p.h2p
Emotions Over.h2p.h2p
Epic Bright Strings.h2p.h2p
Misty Dawn.h2p.h2p
Orkestra Slow Str (XP).h2p.h2p
Pizzicato Orch.h2p.h2p
Str Detache.h2p.h2p
Str Marcato Bow.h2p.h2p
Strings Airy Sweep.h2p.h2p
Strings Opus.h2p.h2p
Sweeping GlassStrings.h2p.h2p
Tremolo Classic-Hall Str.h2p.h2p
Unstable Analog.h2p.h2p
Vs StringsPad.h2p.h2p
Eye Brasspad D-50.h2p.h2p
Heaven Fanfares.h2p.h2p
Heaven Gates.h2p.h2p
Hybrid Romance.h2p.h2p
Jump-Pure OBX.h2p.h2p
MemoryMoog Velo-Rip.h2p.h2p
Ob Brass.h2p.h2p
Quiet Strenght.h2p.h2p
The Lord & The Servants.h2p.h2p
Vangelis on Resonace .h2p.h2p
Velo Opening Horns.h2p.h2p
1st Light.h2p.h2p
Beautiful Diva.h2p.h2p
Fallen Angel.h2p.h2p
Flying Resonance Pad.h2p.h2p
Fx LFO_s Digital Birds.h2p.h2p
FX Noise Sweeps.h2p.h2p
FX White Sweeps.h2p.h2p
Impressive background.h2p.h2p
Orange Breeze.h2p.h2p
PPG Monster.h2p.h2p
Siver Rain.h2p.h2p
Space sliding.h2p.h2p
Angels Blessing.h2p.h2p
Creamy Voicepad.h2p.h2p
FIrE & IcE.h2p.h2p
Flying Skies .h2p.h2p
Galaxies anDRONEda.h2p.h2p
Midle OOHS.h2p.h2p
Misty Vox - Emu.h2p.h2p
Misty Vox - Zebra .h2p.h2p
Slow Altitude.h2p.h2p
Sopranos In Circle.h2p.h2p
Voices Of Heaven.h2p.h2p
Church Register Organ.h2p.h2p
Digital Serenade.h2p.h2p
Dx Strato.h2p.h2p
Grusin DX-Piano.h2p.h2p
Hammond Rocker.h2p.h2p
Harp .h2p.h2p
Harp Instant Virtuose.h2p.h2p
Hit Synth of 80_s.h2p.h2p
Indian Flute .h2p.h2p
Lead Levitation.h2p.h2p
O3oist Expression.h2p.h2p
Plastic Rocker.h2p.h2p
Seq Trance Train.h2p.h2p
Snappy Solina .h2p.h2p
Space Strato.h2p.h2p
Whistling Sailer.h2p.h2p
Bass Aggressive Pick.h2p.h2p
Bass Attack.h2p.h2p
Bass Deep Attack Sine.h2p.h2p
Bass Deep Cream.h2p.h2p
Bass Fm Sine.h2p.h2p
Bass MMoog Knocker.h2p.h2p
Bass Moog Juicy .h2p.h2p
Bass Pick Attacker.h2p.h2p
Bass Rumble Arp.h2p.h2p
BassLiner Dx.h2p.h2p
Clapping Flatley.h2p.h2p
Dr Stomping Flatley.h2p.h2p
Dr BD 808 .h2p.h2p
Dr Hi Perc - Rainstick.h2p.h2p
Dr Shakers.h2p.h2p
Dr Snare 808.h2p.h2p
Fx WhoOosh.h2p.h2p
War Drums Hollo Deep.h2p.h2p
War Drums Hollo.h2p.h2p

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version u-he Zebra 2.5.2 or higher
Number of sounds 128
Demo Download