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Ambient Chillscapes Vol 1

Ambient Chillscapes is the latest release from Papas St Germain.

'Ambient Chillscapes Vol 1' From Papas St Germain is a collection that masterfuly explores some of the spaces in between Ambient and Minimal Chillscapes. This fantastic library features 500MB of chilled pads, blissed out chords and melodic sequences from the Ambient Underground. All sounds are 100% royalty-free.


'Ambient Chillscapes Vol 1' is an inspirational library of evolving textures, Ambient sequences, guitars and textures aimed at Ambient/Cinematic music producers, soundtrack, TV, game composers and sound designers.  From serene Ambient chord changes to ethereal organic flute tones, 'Ambient Chillscapes Vol 1' contains all the tools needed to create beautiful Ambient Soundscapes. This pack is ideal for producers of any genre looking for blissful sounds to add to their musical productions. From Downtempo and Ambient to Atmospheric Drum n Bass, these versatile sounds will help bring any track to life.


Premium File Contents
./Chord Progressions:
2 chord count re cut.wav
Ab a cu d top valentine delay sat TAPE 80 bpm.wav
Am Ch sCPS 2 B MIN 7 TO d MAJOR 80 bpm.wav
Am Ch sCPS 2 C F B F melancholic celestial 80 bpm.wav
Am Ch sCPS 2 C F B F melancholic inner flight 80 bpm.wav
Am Ch sCPS 2 F to G atmospheres wi piano 80 bpm.wav
Am Ch sCPS 2 G to F atmospheres wi piano 80 bpm.wav
Am Ch sCPS 2 eno ascending part 2 piano 80 bpm.wav
Am Ch sCPS 2 cinematic chords piano echoes80 bpm.wav
Am Ch sCPS 2 cinematic chords 80 bpm.wav
Amb GIT D amj 7 1st light.wav
Amb GIT3 closer 80bpm.wav
Amb GIT3 dark space jazz 80bpm.wav
am tool kit twinkle 2 chord.wav
am toolkit 2 beaty valentine 2 chords uncut.wav
am toolkit 2 boc 4 chorder resonance tape.wav
am toolkit 2 soulful sad chords seq EQ AND TAPE 80 bpm.wav
bywan space chords 105bpm.wav
country scene .wav
kraut guitar beach house120 bpm kit 15.wav
new soundtrack space pads 95bpm .wav
pad change e g f e 70 bpm.wav
sound track guitars gentle moth chords.wav
space jazz 90.wav
am t kit a min.wav
am t kit a sus4.wav
am t kit c minor.wav
am t kit d sus4.wav
am t kit e min 7.wav
am t kit f maj7.wav
am t kit f min 7.wav
am t kit f min.wav
am t kit g maj 7.wav
am t kit g min 7.wav
e bow chrd c maj.wav
e bow chrd c maj7.wav
e bow chrd d minor 7.wav
e bow chrd e minor 7wav.wav
e bow chrd f maj 7.wav
./Guitar Scapes:
4 chord back and forwards.wav
4 chrd capo 4.wav
80 bpm lullaby melody.wav
Ab a cu d top nice warped acous 80 bpm.wav
Amb GIT3 dadgad picher 80bpm.wav
Amb GIT3 dagad capo 3rd 4 distant flight.wav
Amb GIT3 dagad capo 3rd shields n dreams.wav
Amb GIT3 line loop 1.wav
Amb GIT3 loop tranquility.wav
Amb GIT3 melancholy up n down.wav
Amb GIT3 mello 4 chords to tape80bpm.wav
Amb GIT3 minor space 80 bpm.wav
Amb GIT3 subdue n blue 80bpm.wav
beautiful country 2 track.wav
corsair bywan chords 105bpm.wav
guitar soft chords 100 bpm.wav
psych reverse reverb 80 bpm.wav
reverse beauty 8 bars 100 bpm.wav
Ab a cu d top spooky verb chords processed 80 bpm.wav
Am t kit 2 harvest korg 60 bpm.wav
Amb GIT3 2 chorder keys 80bpm.wav
Amb GIT3 in a faraway place 80bpm.wav
Amb GIT3 swell chords mystery ros.wav
am t kit am tool kit flute e min harmony chord fnl.wav
am t kit am tool kit orga prog 2 fnl.wav
am t kit am tool kit vox aahhhst fnl.wav
am t kit aphex pads fnl.wav
am t kit g maj.wav
am tool kit ahh vox e.wav
am tool kit ahh vox f to g.wav
am tool kit flute BOC chords.wav
am tool kit flute rave chords.wav
am tool kit soft high string f note.wav
am tool kit vox deep aahh.wav
am tool kit vox oo oo.wav
am toolkit 2 4 chord hymn pad 80 bpm.wav
am toolkit 2 boc 4 chorder cs 80 v tape.wav
am toolkit 2 syn pad h stain trem c to f.wav
pure phase.wav
space phase 8 bars 100 bpm.wav
./Sequences and notes:
Ab a cu d top in a beautiful place 80 bpm.wav
Ab a cu d top the reich stuff 10 bars .wav
Am t kit 2 j meek comp korg seq.wav
Amb GIT3 High balearic.wav
Amb GIT3 dadgad spy 80bpm.wav
Amb GIT3 loop falling.wav
Amb GIT3 melan loop 10.wav
Amb GIT3 sweet dreams loop 2.wav
C WARM FUZZ TONE am tool kit.wav
am t kit guitars intricate 1.wav
am tool kit Organ dark low notes.wav
am tool kit flute dark low notes.wav
am tool kit low glass note c.wav
am tool kit pulse wash guitar.wav
am tool kit warm synth f note octave.wav
am toolkit 2 boc cool tape riff melody 1 80 bpm.wav
am toolkit 2 d glass generative clean loop 80 bpm.wav
ambient toolkit 2 analogue synth bass line 60 bpm.wav
ambient toolkit 2 magic seq grained 90 bpm.wav
atmosphere loop.wav
burial vox aahs.wav
combo radiofon wk shp 100 bpm.wav
dark chords modulated re cut.wav
guitar pulsar melody.wav
jazz modulator.wav
kit 11 guitar pulsar melody.wav
korg pulse c note amb tool kit.wav