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Dia de la Glitch - Waves Only

Do you create glitch, future beats, trip hop, experimental, noise, or related genres?  If yes, then this little bundle of over 300 loops has something for you.  There are 7 song sections, each containing drums, bass, lead, keys, and/or guitar in multiple subsections with 3-7 glitch variations each.  Basically a world of possibilities and a lot of fun.

Premium File Contents
Always Original.wav.wav
Always Touch Hearts Original.wav.wav
Always Touch Hearts var1.wav.wav
Always Touch Hearts var2.wav.wav
Always Touch Hearts var3.wav.wav
Always Touch Hearts2 Original.aif.aif
Always Touch Hearts2 var1.wav.wav
Always Touch Hearts2 var2.wav.wav
Always Touch Hearts2 var3.wav.wav
Always var1.wav.wav
Always var2.wav.wav
Always var3.wav.wav
Always2 Original.wav.wav
Always2 var1.wav.wav
Always2 var2.wav.wav
Always2 var3.wav.wav
Always3 Original.wav.wav
Always3 var1.wav.wav
Always3 var2.wav.wav
Always3 var3.wav.wav
Always3 var4.wav.wav
Always3 var5.wav.wav
Always3 var6.wav.wav
Always3 var7.wav.wav
I'll Go Original.wav.wav
I'll Go var1.wav.wav
I'll Go var2.wav.wav
I'll Go var3.wav.wav
I'll Go var4.wav.wav
I'll Go var5.wav.wav
I'll Go var6.wav.wav
I'll Go var7.wav.wav
I'll Go2 Original.wav.wav
I'll Go2 Var1.wav.wav
I'll Go2 Var2.wav.wav
I'll Go2 Var3.wav.wav
I'll Go2 Var4.wav.wav
I'll Go2 Var5.wav.wav
I'll Go2 Var6.wav.wav
I'll Go2 Var7.wav.wav
Keep Amused Original.wav.wav
Keep Amused var1.wav.wav
Keep Amused var2.wav.wav
Keep Amused var3.wav.wav
Keep Amused var4.wav.wav
Keep Amused var5.wav.wav
Keep Amused var6.wav.wav
Keep Amused var7.wav.wav
Keep Guessing1 Original.wav.wav
Keep Guessing1 var1 Bounced.wav.wav
Keep Guessing1 var2.wav.wav
Keep Guessing1 var3.wav.wav
Keep Guessing2 Original.wav.wav
Keep Guessing2 var1.wav.wav
Keep Guessing2 var2.wav.wav
Keep Guessing2 var3.wav.wav
Make us laugh Original.wav.wav
Make us laugh var1.wav.wav
Make us laugh var2.wav.wav
Make us laugh var3.wav.wav
Make us proud Original.wav.wav
Make us proud var1.wav.wav
Make us proud var2.wav.wav
Make us proud var3.wav.wav
Mellow Out Original.wav.wav
Mellow Out var1.wav.wav
Mellow Out var2.wav.wav
Mellow Out var3.wav.wav
Toughen Up Original.wav.wav
Toughen Up var1.wav.wav
Toughen Up var2.wav.wav
Toughen Up var3.wav.wav
Say Yes1 Original.wav.wav
Say Yes1 var1.wav.wav
Say Yes1 var2.wav.wav
Say Yes1 var3.wav.wav
Say Yes2 Original.wav.wav
Say Yes2 var1.wav.wav
Say Yes2 var2.wav.wav
Say Yes2 var3.wav.wav
Bassline Original.wav.wav
Bassline var1.wav.wav
Bassline var2.wav.wav
Bassline var3.wav.wav
Bassline var4.aif.aif
Bassline var5.aif.aif
Bassline var6.aif.aif
Bassline var7.aif.aif
Like a Girl Original.wav.wav
Like a Girl var1.wav.wav
Like a Girl var2.wav.wav
Like a Girl var3.wav.wav
Like a Girl2 Original.wav.wav
Like a Girl2 var1.wav.wav
Like a Girl2 var2.wav.wav
Like a Girl2 var3.wav.wav
Like a Girl3 Original.wav.wav
Like a Girl3 var1.wav.wav
Like a Girl3 var2.wav.wav
Like a Girl3 var3.wav.wav
Like a Girl3 var4.aif.aif
Like a Girl3 var5.aif.aif
Like a Girl3 var7.aif.aif
Vocalization1 Original.wav.wav
Vocalization1 var1.wav.wav
Vocalization1 var2.wav.wav
Vocalization1 var3.wav.wav
Vocalization2 Original.wav.wav
Vocalization2 var1.wav.wav
Vocalization2 var2.wav.wav
Vocalization2 var3.wav.wav
Future Slip Original.wav.wav
Future Slip Var1.wav.wav
Future Slip Var2.wav.wav
Future Slip Var3.wav.wav
Future Slip Var4.wav.wav
Future Slip Var5.wav.wav
Future Slip Var6.wav.wav
Future Slip Var7.wav.wav
Future Slip Var8.wav.wav
Gritty Bass A Original.wav.wav
Gritty Bass A Var1.wav.wav
Gritty Bass A Var2.wav.wav
Gritty Bass A Var3.wav.wav
Gritty Bass A Var4.wav.wav
Gritty Bass A Var5.wav.wav
Gritty Bass A Var6.wav.wav
Gritty Bass A Var7.wav.wav
Gritty Drums A Original.wav.wav
Gritty Drums A Var1.wav.wav
Gritty Drums A Var2.wav.wav
Gritty Drums A Var3.wav.wav
Gritty Drums A Var4.wav.wav
Gritty Drums A Var5.wav.wav
Gritty Drums A Var6.wav.wav
Gritty Drums A Var7.wav.wav
Gritty Lead A Original.wav.wav
Gritty Lead A Var1.wav.wav
Gritty Lead A Var2.wav.wav
Gritty Lead A Var3.wav.wav
Gritty Lead A Var4.wav.wav
Gritty Lead A Var5.wav.wav
Gritty Lead A Var6.wav.wav
Gritty Lead A Var7.wav.wav
Gritty Bass B Original.wav.wav
Gritty Bass B Var1.wav.wav
Gritty Bass B Var2.wav.wav
Gritty Bass B Var3.wav.wav
Gritty Bass B Var4.wav.wav
Gritty Bass B Var5.wav.wav
Gritty Bass B Var6.wav.wav
Gritty Bass B Var7.wav.wav
Gritty Drums B Original.wav.wav
Gritty Drums B Var1.wav.wav
Gritty Drums B Var2.wav.wav
Gritty Drums B Var3.wav.wav
Gritty Drums B Var4.wav.wav
Gritty Drums B Var5.wav.wav
Gritty Drums B Var6.wav.wav
Gritty Drums B Var7.wav.wav
Gritty Lead B Original.wav.wav
Gritty Lead B Var1.wav.wav
Gritty Lead B Var2.wav.wav
Gritty Lead B Var3.wav.wav
Gritty Lead B Var4.wav.wav
Gritty Lead B Var5.wav.wav
Gritty Lead B Var6.wav.wav
Gritty Lead B Var7.wav.wav
Gritty Bass C Original.wav.wav
Gritty Bass C Var1.wav.wav
Gritty Bass C Var2.wav.wav
Gritty Bass C Var3.wav.wav
Gritty Bass C Var4.wav.wav
Gritty Bass C Var5.wav.wav
Gritty Bass C Var6.wav.wav
Gritty Bass C Var7.wav.wav
Gritty Drums C Original.wav.wav
Gritty Drums C Var1.wav.wav
Gritty Drums C Var2.wav.wav
Gritty Drums C Var3.wav.wav
Gritty Drums C Var4.wav.wav
Gritty Drums C Var5 .wav.wav
Gritty Drums C Var6.wav.wav
Gritty Drums C Var7.wav.wav
Gritty Lead C Original.wav.wav
Gritty Lead C Var1.wav.wav
Gritty Lead C Var2.wav.wav
Gritty Lead C Var3.wav.wav
Gritty Lead C Var4.wav.wav
Gritty Lead C Var5.wav.wav
Gritty Lead C Var6.wav.wav
Gritty Lead C Var7.wav.wav
Bass A Original.wav.wav
Bass A Var1.wav.wav
Bass A Var2.wav.wav
Bass A Var3.wav.wav
Bass A Var4.wav.wav
Bass A Var5.wav.wav
Bass A Var6.wav.wav
Bass A Var7.wav.wav
Drums A Original.wav.wav
Drums A Var1.wav.wav
Drums A Var2.wav.wav
Drums A Var3.wav.wav
Drums A Var4.wav.wav
Drums A Var5.wav.wav
Drums A Var6.wav.wav
Drums A Var7.wav.wav
Guitar A Original.wav.wav
Guitar A Var1.wav.wav
Guitar A Var2.wav.wav
Guitar A Var3.wav.wav
Guitar A Var4.wav.wav
Guitar A Var5.wav.wav
Guitar A Var6.wav.wav
Guitar A Var7.wav.wav
Piano A Original.wav.wav
Piano A Var1.wav.wav
Piano A Var2.wav.wav
Piano A Var3.wav.wav
Piano A Var4.wav.wav
Piano A Var5.wav.wav
Piano A Var6.wav.wav
Piano A Var7.wav.wav
Bass B Original.wav.wav
Bass B Var1.wav.wav
Bass B Var2.wav.wav
Bass B Var3.wav.wav
Bass B Var4.wav.wav
Bass B Var5.wav.wav
Bass B Var6.wav.wav
Bass B Var7.wav.wav
Drums B Original.wav.wav
Drums B Var1.wav.wav
Drums B Var2.wav.wav
Drums B Var3.wav.wav
Drums B Var4.wav.wav
Drums B Var5.wav.wav
Drums B Var6.wav.wav
Drums B Var7.wav.wav
Guitar B Original.wav.wav
Guitar B Var1.wav.wav
Guitar B Var2.wav.wav
Guitar B Var3.wav.wav
Guitar B Var4.wav.wav
Guitar B Var5.wav.wav
Guitar B Var6.wav.wav
Guitar B Var7.wav.wav
Piano B Original.wav.wav
Piano B Var1.wav.wav
Piano B Var2.wav.wav
Piano B Var3.wav.wav
Piano B Var4.wav.wav
Piano B Var5.wav.wav
Piano B Var6.wav.wav
Piano B Var7.wav.wav
Bass C Original.wav.wav
Bass C Var1.wav.wav
Bass C Var2.wav.wav
Bass C Var3.wav.wav
Bass C Var4.wav.wav
Bass C Var5.wav.wav
Bass C Var6.wav.wav
Bass C Var7.wav.wav
Drums C Original.wav.wav
Drums C Var1.wav.wav
Drums C Var2.wav.wav
Drums C Var3.wav.wav
Drums C Var4.wav.wav
Drums C Var5.wav.wav
Drums C Var6.wav.wav
Drums C Var7.wav.wav
Guitar C Original.wav.wav
Guitar C Var1.wav.wav
Guitar C Var2.wav.wav
Guitar C Var3.wav.wav
Guitar C Var4.wav.wav
Guitar C Var5.wav.wav
Guitar C Var6.wav.wav
Guitar C Var7.wav.wav
Piano C Original.wav.wav
Piano C Var1.wav.wav
Piano C Var2.wav.wav
Piano C Var3.wav.wav
Piano C Var4.wav.wav
Piano C Var5.wav.wav
Piano C Var6.wav.wav
Piano C Var7.wav.wav
New Pong Glitch.wav.wav
New Pong Spit Glitch.wav.wav
New Pong Spit.wav.wav
New Pong.wav.wav
New Pong2 Glitch.wav.wav
New Pong2 Spit Glitch.wav.wav
New Pong2 Spit.wav.wav
New Pong2.wav.wav
New Pong3 Glitch.wav.wav
New Pong3 Spit Glitch.wav.wav
New Pong3 Spit.wav.wav
New Pong3.wav.wav
New Pong4 Glitch.wav.wav
New Pong4 Spit Glitch.wav.wav
New Pong4 Spit.wav.wav
New Pong4.wav.wav
E- A- D+ B7 F#- C#- B7 Original.wav.wav
E- A- D+ B7 F#- C#- B7 Var1.wav.wav
E- A- D+ B7 F#- C#- B7 Var2.wav.wav
E- A- D+ B7 F#- C#- B7 Var3.wav.wav
E- A- D+ B7 F#- C#- B7 Var4.wav.wav
E- A- D+ B7 F#- C#- B7 Var5.wav.wav
E- A- D+ B7 F#- C#- B7 Var6.wav.wav
E- A- D+ B7 F#- C#- B7 Var7.wav.wav
E- D+ C+ B-7 Original.wav.wav
E- D+ C+ B-7 var1.wav.wav
E- D+ C+ B-7 var2.wav.wav
E- D+ C+ B-7 var3.wav.wav
E- D+ C+ B-7 var4.wav.wav
E- D+ C+ B-7 var5.wav.wav
E- D+ C+ B-7 var6.wav.wav
E- D+ C+ B-7 var7.wav.wav
E- F#d G+ A- Original.wav.wav
E- F#d G+ A- var1.wav.wav
E- F#d G+ A- var2.wav.wav
E- F#d G+ A- var3.wav.wav
E- F#d G+ A- var4.wav.wav
E- F#d G+ A- var5.wav.wav
E- F#d G+ A- var6.wav.wav
E- F#d G+ A- var7.wav.wav
E- G- B- G+ Original.wav.wav
E- G- B- G+ var1.wav.wav
E- G- B- G+ var2.wav.wav
E- G- B- G+ var3.wav.wav
E- G- B- G+ var4.wav.wav
E- G- B- G+ var5.wav.wav
E- G- B- G+ var6.wav.wav
E- G- B- G+ var7.wav.wav
Factory Coming Alive.wav.wav
It Breathes.wav.wav
Underdark - Emin.wav.wav
Underdark(a) - Emin.wav.wav
Wash2 - C#min.wav.wav
Wings Aloft.wav.wav
Thog Drums Original.wav.wav
Thog Drums Var1.wav.wav
Thog Drums Var2.wav.wav
Thog Drums Var3.wav.wav
Thog Drums Var4.wav.wav
Thog Drums Var5.wav.wav
Thog Drums Var6.wav.wav
Thog Drums Var7.wav.wav
Thog Var1.wav.wav
Thog Var2.wav.wav
Thog Var3.wav.wav
Thog Var4.wav.wav
Thog Var5.wav.wav
Thog Var6.wav.wav
Thog Var7.wav.wav