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Tunecraft Future Bass Vocal Loops


We’re proud to unveil our new fresh sounding and playable vocal production kit:

Tunecraft Future Bass Vocal Loops first features 50 vocal melodic phrases to give you instant inspiration and help you build your next tracks.

All loops have been exported dry and wet to give you maximum flexibility to chop, slice, mix and mash them in your productions: They are delivered in pristine 24 bits audio quality and have been processed and edited for seamless looping with tails included.

Also included are 29 corresponding vocal melodic midi files for ease of use with your synths, as well as 35 vocal shots ready to manipulate and create your own top lines.

Additionally, you get 50 music loops sorted in construction kits to help you get creative, including chords progressions, synths, strings, arps, bass and lead loops, as well as 35 music midi files to use with your own sounds and favorite synths.

We made sure pack contents are perfectly organized and clearly labelled with tempo and key to make them extremely easy and intuitive to use.

This pack works great with genres such as Future Bass but also Chillstep, Trap, Tropical House, Future House and a lot more.

What’s in the pack ?

• 50 dry vocal loops
• 50 wet vocal loops
• 50 audio loops from the demo (chords, synths, arps, drums…)
• 35 vocal shots
• 35 music midi files
• 29 vocal midi files

Product details:

• 515+Mo unzipped
• 249 files in total
• 24 bits audio quality
• Tempo and key labelled files
• Compatible with any DAW
• Multigenre (Future Bass, Trap, Chill, Future House…)
• Royalty-Free

Premium File Contents
./Bonus Loops:
Drums & other loops
Music loops
Music midi files
./Bonus Loops/Drums & other loops:
War drums 1_160bpm.wav
drumloop 1_150bpm.wav
drumloop 2_150bpm.wav
drumloop 2_160bpm.wav
drumloop 3_155bpm.wav
drumloop 4_160bpm.wav
drumloop 5_150bpm.wav
drumloop 6_150bpm.wav
drumloop 7_150bpm.wav
drumloop 8_150bpm.wav
foley_children playing.wav
hat loop 1_155bpm.wav
hat loop 2_160bpm.wav
hat loop 3_160bpm.wav
./Bonus Loops/Music loops:
K10_Bass loop_150bpm_B.wav
K10_Piano loop_150bpm_B.wav
K10_String loop_150bpm_B.wav
K10_Synth loop_150bpm_B.wav
K11_Bass loop_150bpm_G.wav
K11_Bells loop_150bpm_G.wav
K11_Synth loop_150bpm_G.wav
K12_Arp rev loop_150bpm_A.wav
K12_Piano loop_150bpm_A.wav
K12_String choirs loop_150bpm_A.wav
K13_Bass loop_150bpm_A.wav
K13_Pluck loop_150bpm_A.wav
K13_Synth loop_150bpm_A.wav
K1_Bass loop_150bpm_A.wav
K1_Pluck loop_150bpm_A.wav
K1_Synth loop_150bpm_A.wav
K2_Bass loop_155bpm_A#.wav
K2_Strings loop_155bpm_A#.wav
K2_Synth loop_155bpm_A#.wav
K3_Bass loop_155bpm_G.wav
K3_Strings loop_155bpm_G.wav
K3_Synth loop_155bpm_G.wav
K4_Arp loop_160bpm_F.wav
K4_Synth loop_160bpm_F.wav
K5_Bass loop_160bpm_A.wav
K5_Piano bells loop_160bpm_A.wav
K5_Synth loop_160bpm_A.wav
K6_Bells loop_160bpm_D.wav
K6_Strings loop_160bpm_D.wav
K6_Synth loop_160bpm_D.wav
K7_Bass loop_150bpm_A.wav
K7_Synth loop_150bpm_A.wav
K8_Pluck loop_150bpm_D#.wav
K8_Synth loop_150bpm_D#.wav
K9_Arp loop_150bpm_E.wav
K9_Bass loop_150bpm_E.wav
K9_Synth loop_150bpm_E.wav
./Bonus Loops/Music midi files:
K5_Piano bells_A.mid
./Vocal One shots:
Vocal Shot 0001_C.wav
Vocal Shot 0002_A.wav
Vocal Shot 0003_C#.wav
Vocal Shot 0004_C#.wav
Vocal Shot 0005_C.wav
Vocal Shot 0006_A#.wav
Vocal Shot 0007_G#.wav
Vocal Shot 0008_D.wav
Vocal Shot 0009_F:D.wav
Vocal Shot 0010_C.wav
Vocal Shot 0011_E.wav
Vocal Shot 0012_A.wav
Vocal Shot 0013_F#.wav
Vocal Shot 0014_D#.wav
Vocal Shot 0015_G#.wav
Vocal Shot 0016_D.wav
Vocal Shot 0017_A#.wav
Vocal Shot 0018_A.wav
Vocal Shot 0019_E.wav
Vocal Shot 0020_C#.wav
Vocal Shot 0021_E.wav
Vocal Shot 0022_A.wav
Vocal Shot 0023_G.wav
Vocal Shot 0024_G#.wav
Vocal Shot 0025_E.wav
Vocal Shot 0026_D.wav
Vocal Shot 0027_C.wav
Vocal Shot 0028_A.wav
Vocal Shot 0029_G.wav
Vocal Shot 0030_C.wav
Vocal Shot 0031_D.wav
Vocal Shot 0032_A#.wav
Vocal Shot 0033_D.wav
Vocal Shot 0034_D#.wav
Vocal Shot 0035_G.wav
./Vocal loops (dry):
Vocal loop 10_155bpm_dry_G.wav
Vocal loop 11A_160bpm_dry_F.wav
Vocal loop 11B_160bpm_dry_F.wav
Vocal loop 11C_160bpm_dry_F.wav
Vocal loop 12A_160bpm_dry_F.wav
Vocal loop 12B_160bpm_dry_F.wav
Vocal loop 14A_160bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 14B_160bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 15_160bpm_dry_D.wav
Vocal loop 16_160bpm_dry_D.wav
Vocal loop 17_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 18_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 19_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 1_150bpm_dry .wav
Vocal loop 20_150bpm_dry_D#.wav
Vocal loop 21_150bpm_dry_D#.wav
Vocal loop 22_150bpm_dry_D#.wav
Vocal loop 23_150bpm_dry_D#.wav
Vocal loop 24_150bpm_dry_B.wav
Vocal loop 25_150bpm_dry_B.wav
Vocal loop 26_150bpm_dry_B.wav
Vocal loop 27_150bpm_dry_B.wav
Vocal loop 28_150bpm_dry_B.wav
Vocal loop 29_150bpm_dry_B.wav
Vocal loop 2_150bpm_dry.wav
Vocal loop 30_150bpm_dry_G.wav
Vocal loop 31_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 32_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 33_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 34_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 35_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 36_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 37_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 38_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 39_150bpm_dry_A.wav
Vocal loop 3_150bpm_dry.wav
Vocal loop 40_150bpm_dry_G#.wav
Vocal loop 41_160bpm_dry_D.wav
Vocal loop 42_160bpm_dry_C.wav
Vocal loop 43_160bpm_dry_C.wav
Vocal loop 44_160bpm_dry_C.wav
Vocal loop 45_160bpm_dry_C.wav
Vocal loop 46_160bpm_dry_C.wav
Vocal loop 4_155bpm_dry_A#.wav
Vocal loop 5_155bpm_dry_A#.wav
Vocal loop 6_155bpm_dry_G.wav
Vocal loop 7_155bpm_dry_G.wav
Vocal loop 8_155bpm_dry_G.wav
Vocal loop 9_155bpm_dry_G.wav
./Vocal loops (wet):
Vocal loop 10_155bpm_wet_G.wav
Vocal loop 11A_160bpm_wet_F.wav
Vocal loop 11B_160bpm_wet_F.wav
Vocal loop 11C_160bpm_wet_F.wav
Vocal loop 12A_160bpm_wet_F.wav
Vocal loop 12B_160bpm_wet_F.wav
Vocal loop 14A_160bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 14B_160bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 15_160bpm_wet_D.wav
Vocal loop 16_160bpm_wet_D.wav
Vocal loop 17_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 18_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 19_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 1_150bpm_wet.wav
Vocal loop 20_150bpm_wet_D#.wav
Vocal loop 21_150bpm_wet_D#.wav
Vocal loop 22_150bpm_wet_D#.wav
Vocal loop 23_150bpm_wet_D#.wav
Vocal loop 24_150bpm_wet_B.wav
Vocal loop 25_150bpm_wet_B.wav
Vocal loop 26_150bpm_wet_B.wav
Vocal loop 27_150bpm_wet_B.wav
Vocal loop 28_150bpm_wet_B.wav
Vocal loop 29_150bpm_wet_B.wav
Vocal loop 2_150bpm_wet.wav
Vocal loop 30_150bpm_wet_G.wav
Vocal loop 31_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 32_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 33_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 34_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 35_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 36_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 37_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 38_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 39_150bpm_wet_A.wav
Vocal loop 3_150bpm_wet.wav
Vocal loop 40_150bpm_wet_G#.wav
Vocal loop 41_160bpm_wet_D.wav
Vocal loop 42_160bpm_wet_C.wav
Vocal loop 43_160bpm_wet_C.wav
Vocal loop 44_160bpm_wet_C.wav
Vocal loop 45_160bpm_wet_C.wav
Vocal loop 46_160bpm_wet_C.wav
Vocal loop 4_155bpm_wet_A#.wav
Vocal loop 5_155bpm_wet_A#.wav
Vocal loop 6_155bpm_wet_G.wav
Vocal loop 7_155bpm_wet_G.wav
Vocal loop 8_155bpm_wet_G.wav
Vocal loop 9_155bpm_wet_G.wav
./Vocal midi files:
Vocal loop 1.mid
Vocal loop 11.mid
Vocal loop 14A.mid
Vocal loop 15.mid
Vocal loop 16.mid
Vocal loop 17.mid
Vocal loop 18.mid
Vocal loop 2.mid
Vocal loop 24.mid
Vocal loop 26.mid
Vocal loop 27.mid
Vocal loop 28.mid
Vocal loop 29.mid
Vocal loop 3.mid
Vocal loop 31.mid
Vocal loop 32.mid
Vocal loop 33.mid
Vocal loop 34.mid
Vocal loop 39.mid
Vocal loop 4.mid
Vocal loop 41.mid
Vocal loop 42.mid
Vocal loop 43.mid
Vocal loop 44.mid
Vocal loop 45.mid
Vocal loop 46.mid
Vocal loop 5.mid
Vocal loop 6.mid
Vocal loop 7.mid

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