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EVOXA Vocal Chops Engine





Echo Sound Works is excited to bring you a brand new KONTAKT instrument called EVOXA. It's a multi-genre vocal chops engine for producers and DJ's. EVOXA comes loaded with almost 1 gigabyte of samples making up 200 KONTAKT presets. We designed EVOXA for music producers looking for easily playable, fine tuned, inspiring vocal chops perfect for multiple genres of music including Future Bass, Trap, Deep House, Hip Hop, RnB, Chillout, Future House, Melbourne Bounce, Tropical House and so much more. This library is truly one of a kind is a lot of fun to play with. The KONTAKT instruments come with an easy to use custom interface that gives you all the control you need to seamlessly integrate any of the vocal chops into your productions.EVOXA comes with a simple yet highly effective GUI interface for NI KONTAKT giving you complete control over:

MONO EVOXA gives you three voicing modes which gives you greater control over any of the patches. There are three modes, Monophonic, Legato and Polyphonic.

WARP The Warp control gives you the ability to speed up or slow down the palyback rate of the sample. This is perfect for getting the chops to fit a melody or to fit with your production's BPM.

ADSR The ADSR section gives you complete control over the Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release. 

GLIDE The custom Kontakt script has a built in glide/portamento feature that allows you to easily and quickly dial in the perfect glide settings. 

REVERB The reverb module allows you to use KONTAKT's convolution reverb engine and easily add it to any sound in EVOXA using just 4 simple controls.



Premium File Contents
User Agreement .pdf.pdf
Evoxa Agrressive Vox.nki.nki
Evoxa Aussie Chop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Aussie Chop 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Awesome Reverse.nki.nki
Evoxa Ayyyy.nki.nki
Evoxa Back It Up.nki.nki
Evoxa Bend Chop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Big Grunt.nki.nki
Evoxa Breath Breath.nki.nki
Evoxa Breathy Chop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Breathy Uhh.nki.nki
Evoxa Chant Short Deep Hey.nki.nki
Evoxa Cheesy.nki.nki
Evoxa Chill Monks.nki.nki
Evoxa Chirpy.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 03.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 04.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 05.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 06.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 07.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 08.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 09.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 10.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 11.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 12.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 13.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 14.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 15.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 16.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop 17.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop Rev 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop Rev 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop Rev 03.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop Rev 04.nki.nki
Evoxa Chopped Loop Rev 05.nki.nki
Evoxa Classic Short.nki.nki
Evoxa Cockos.nki.nki
Evoxa Creepy Breath.nki.nki
Evoxa Creepy Hey.nki.nki
Evoxa Crunchy Hey.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep Hey.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep House 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep House 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep House 03.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep House 04.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep House 05.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep House 06.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep House 07.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep House 08.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep House 09.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep House 10.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep House 11.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep Wuht.nki.nki
Evoxa Detuned.nki.nki
Evoxa D'oh Chop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Dope Male Rev.nki.nki
Evoxa Dope Male.nki.nki
Evoxa Dope Yeah Chant.nki.nki
Evoxa Dwam!.nki.nki
Evoxa EDM Chop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa EDM Chop 02.nki.nki
Evoxa EDM Chop 03.nki.nki
Evoxa EDM Chop 04.nki.nki
Evoxa EDM Chop 05.nki.nki
Evoxa EDM Chop 06.nki.nki
Evoxa EDM Chop 07.nki.nki
Evoxa EDM Gregorian.nki.nki
Evoxa Emergency Test Ton.nki.nki
Evoxa Feel Chop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Female Huh.nki.nki
Evoxa Fook.nki.nki
Evoxa Formant Grunt.nki.nki
Evoxa Frozen Dooh.nki.nki
Evoxa Future Bass 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Future Bass 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Future Bass 03.nki.nki
Evoxa Future Bass 04.nki.nki
Evoxa Future Bass 05.nki.nki
Evoxa Future Bass 06.nki.nki
Evoxa Future Bass 07.nki.nki
Evoxa Future Bass 08.nki.nki
Evoxa Future House 01.nki.nki
Evoxa German.nki.nki
Evoxa Good Layer.nki.nki
Evoxa Gross.nki.nki
Evoxa Group Hey.nki.nki
Evoxa Hey Chant 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Hey Now.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 03.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 04.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 05.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 06.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 07.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 08.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 09.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 10.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 11.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 12.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 13.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 14.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 15.nki.nki
Evoxa Hip Hop 16.nki.nki
Evoxa Hornets Nest.nki.nki
Evoxa Huge Hey 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Huge Hey 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Jay Z Woo.nki.nki
Evoxa Karate Hey.nki.nki
Evoxa Lil Vibrato.nki.nki
Evoxa Long Ahh.nki.nki
Evoxa Long Chip Monk.nki.nki
Evoxa Long Chop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Long Girl.nki.nki
Evoxa Lucky 7.nki.nki
Evoxa Ma Ma Mess.nki.nki
Evoxa Male Ohhh.nki.nki
Evoxa Manga Chop.nki.nki
Evoxa Melbourne 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Melbourne 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Melbourne 03.nki.nki
Evoxa Melbourne 04.nki.nki
Evoxa Melbourne 05.nki.nki
Evoxa Melbourne 06.nki.nki
Evoxa Melbourne 07.nki.nki
Evoxa Melbourne 08.nki.nki
Evoxa Melbourne 09.nki.nki
Evoxa Melbourne 10.nki.nki
Evoxa Merp.nki.nki
Evoxa Mom Chop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Mom Chop 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Mouse Woo Rev.nki.nki
Evoxa Mouse Woo.nki.nki
Evoxa Nasal Beep.nki.nki
Evoxa Nasal Man.nki.nki
Evoxa No Clue.nki.nki
Evoxa Oh Uppity.nki.nki
Evoxa Ohh Chant.nki.nki
Evoxa Old Man Damn 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Old Man Damn 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Old Man Damn 03.nki.nki
Evoxa Old Man Damn 04.nki.nki
Evoxa Old Man Damn 05.nki.nki
Evoxa Old Man Long Hey 2.nki.nki
Evoxa Old Man Long Hey.nki.nki
Evoxa Old Man Rev 01.nki.nki
Evoxa One Mo Again.nki.nki
Evoxa Quack Chop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Really Quick.nki.nki
Evoxa Rev Tail Yeah.nki.nki
Evoxa Reverse Errrrrrr.nki.nki
Evoxa Reverse Male.nki.nki
Evoxa Reverse Ohhh.nki.nki
Evoxa Reverse Vocal FX.nki.nki
Evoxa Robot Chop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Rotary Vox.nki.nki
Evoxa Sarah.nki.nki
Evoxa Saturated Chop 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Scratchy Yeah.nki.nki
Evoxa Shaky Chop.nki.nki
Evoxa Short O.nki.nki
Evoxa Short Ohh.nki.nki
Evoxa Short Shaky.nki.nki
Evoxa Silky Formant.nki.nki
Evoxa Slide Up.nki.nki
Evoxa Slow Little Movement.nki.nki
Evoxa Slow Ohh.nki.nki
Evoxa Steven Hawing.nki.nki
Evoxa Stylez.nki.nki
Evoxa Super Short.nki.nki
Evoxa Sweet Talker.nki.nki
Evoxa Transformer Huh.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap 03.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap 04.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap 05.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap 06.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap 07.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap Hey New.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap Hey.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap Reverse Yeah.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap Squeek.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap Synth 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap Synth 02.nki.nki
Evoxa Trap Synth 03.nki.nki
Evoxa Vibrato Vocals.nki.nki
Evoxa We Stutter.nki.nki
Evoxa Weird Formant.nki.nki
Evoxa Woof.nki.nki
Evoxa Wooo!.nki.nki
Evoxa Yoooo 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Yoooo 02.nki.nki
Test Vocals.nki.nki
Evoxa Air It Out.nki.nki
Evoxa Ambiense.nki.nki
Evoxa Chillers.nki.nki
Evoxa Choir Pad 01.nki.nki
Evoxa Deep Hum.nki.nki
Ayyy A1.wav.wav
Ayyy C1.wav.wav
Ayyy F1.wav.wav
Breathy Uhh C.wav.wav
Breathy Uhh D#2.wav.wav
Breathy Uhh D#3.wav.wav
Breathy Uhh G#0.wav.wav
Classic Chop C1.wav.wav
Classic Chop C2.wav.wav
Classic Chop C3.wav.wav
Classic Chop C4.wav.wav
Classic Chop G1.wav.wav
Classic Chop G2.wav.wav
Crazy C1.wav.wav
Crazy Low Note.wav.wav
Creepy Hey A2.wav.wav
Creepy Hey C2.wav.wav
Creepy Hey F1.wav.wav
Deep House 01 B1.wav.wav
Deep House 01 D2.wav.wav
Deep House 01 G1.wav.wav
Double Ohh A1.wav.wav
Double Ohh C1.wav.wav
Double Ohh F1.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 C1.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 C2.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 C3.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 C4.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 C5.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 E2.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 E3.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 E4.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 G#2.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 G#3.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 G#4.wav.wav
EDM Vox 01 G#5.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 C1.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 C2.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 C3.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 C4.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 E1.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 E2.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 E3.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 E4.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 G#1.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 G#2.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 G#3.wav.wav
EDM Vox 02 G#4.wav.wav
EDM Chop 03 C1.wav.wav
EDM Chop 03 C2.wav.wav
EDM Chop 03 C3.wav.wav
EDM Chop 03 C4.wav.wav
EDM Chop 03 E1.wav.wav
EDM Chop 03 E2.wav.wav
EDM Chop 03 E3.wav.wav
EDM Chop 03 E4.wav.wav
EDM Chop 03 G#1.wav.wav
EDM Chop 03 G#2.wav.wav
EDM Chop 03 G#3.wav.wav
EDM Chop 04 C0.wav.wav
EDM Chop 04 C1.wav.wav
EDM Chop 04 C3.wav.wav
EDM Chop 04 E0.wav.wav
EDM Chop 04 E1.wav.wav
EDM Chop 04 E2.wav.wav
EDM Chop 04 G#0.wav.wav
EDM Chop 04 G#1.wav.wav
EDM Chop 04 G#2.wav.wav
EDM Chop 05 C1.wav.wav
EDM Chop 05 C2.wav.wav
EDM Chop 05 C3.wav.wav
EDM Chop 05 C4.wav.wav
Epic Choir C1.wav.wav
Epic Choir C2.wav.wav
Epic Choir C3.wav.wav
Epic Choir C4.wav.wav
Epic Choir G1.wav.wav
Epic Choir G2.wav.wav
Epic Choir G3.wav.wav
Massive Mel C1.wav.wav
Massive Mel C2.wav.wav
Massive Mel C3.wav.wav
Massive Mel C4.wav.wav
Massive Mel G1.wav.wav
Massive Mel G2.wav.wav
Massive Mel G3.wav.wav
01 Vocal Fm.wav.wav
Future Bass High Note.wav.wav
Future Bass Low Not.wav.wav
Future Bass 02 A2.wav.wav
Future Bass 02 C2.wav.wav
Future Bass 02 F1.wav.wav
Future Bass 03 A2.wav.wav
Future Bass 03 C2.wav.wav
Future Bass 03 F1.wav.wav
Future Bass 04 A2.wav.wav
Future Bass 04 C2.wav.wav
Future Bass 04 E FLAT 2.wav.wav
Future Bass 04 F1.wav.wav
Future Bass 05 Am1.wav.wav
Future Bass 05 C2.wav.wav
Future Bass 05 C3.wav.wav
Future Bass 05 F1.wav.wav
Heyy 01 A1.wav.wav
Heyy 01 C1.wav.wav
Heyy 01 F1.wav.wav
Long Ohh1 A1.wav.wav
Long Ohh1 C1.wav.wav
Long Ohh1 F1.wav.wav
Long Vox C1.wav.wav
Long Vox C2.wav.wav
Long Vox C3.wav.wav
Long Vox C4.wav.wav
Long Vox G1.wav.wav
Long Vox G2.wav.wav
Long Vox G3.wav.wav
Massive Mel C1.wav.wav
Massive Mel C2.wav.wav
Massive Mel C3.wav.wav
Massive Mel C4.wav.wav
Massive Mel G1.wav.wav
Massive Mel G2.wav.wav
Massive Mel G3.wav.wav
Melbourne 03 A2.wav.wav
Melbourne 03 C2.wav.wav
Melbourne 03 F1.wav.wav
Melb 04 C1.wav.wav
Melb 04 C2.wav.wav
Melb 04 C3.wav.wav
Melb 04 C4.wav.wav
Melb 04 E@.wav.wav
Melb 04 E1.wav.wav
Melb 04 E3.wav.wav
Melb 04 E4.wav.wav
Melb 04 G#1.wav.wav
Melb 04 G#2.wav.wav
Melb 04 G#3.wav.wav
Melb 08 C1.wav.wav
Melb 08 C2.wav.wav
Melb 08 C3.wav.wav
Melb 08 C4.wav.wav
Melb 08 E1.wav.wav
Melb 08 E2.wav.wav
Melb 08 E3.wav.wav
Melb 08 E4.wav.wav
Melb 08 G#1.wav.wav
Melb 08 G#2.wav.wav
Melb 08 G#3.wav.wav
Melb 08 G#4.wav.wav
Melb 07 C1.wav.wav
Melb 07 C2.wav.wav
Melb 07 C3.wav.wav
Melb 07 C4.wav.wav
Melb 07 E1.wav.wav
Melb 07 E2.wav.wav
Melb 07 E3.wav.wav
Melb 07 E4.wav.wav
Melb 07 G#3.wav.wav
Melb 07 G#4.wav.wav
Melb 07 G#5.wav.wav
Ohhh A1.wav.wav
Ohhh C1.wav.wav
Ohhh F1.wav.wav
Old Man Damn 01.wav.wav
Old Man Damn 02.wav.wav
Old Man Damn 03.wav.wav
Old Man Damn 04.wav.wav
Old Man Damn 05.wav.wav
Reverse Vox 01 A1.wav.wav
Reverse Vox 01 C2.wav.wav
Reverse Vox 01 C3.wav.wav
Reverse Vox 01 F0.wav.wav
Simple2 High.wav.wav
Simple2 Low.wav.wav
Simple3 C1.wav.wav
Simple4 C1.wav.wav
Simple4 C2.wav.wav
Simple4 Sorry 1.wav.wav
Simple4 Sorry Lower.wav.wav
Slow Ohh C1.wav.wav
Slow Ohh F1.wav.wav
Stutter A1.wav.wav
Stutter C1.wav.wav
Stutter F1.wav.wav
Trap Vox C1.wav.wav
Trap Vox C2.wav.wav
Trap Vox C3.wav.wav
Trap Vox C4.wav.wav
Trap Vox E1.wav.wav
Trap Vox E2.wav.wav
Trap Vox E3.wav.wav
Trap Vox E4.wav.wav
Trap Vox G#1.wav.wav
Trap Vox G#2.wav.wav
Trap Vox G#3.wav.wav
Trap Vox G#4.wav.wav
Wobbly Uhh C0.wav.wav
Wobbly Uhh C1.wav.wav
Wobbly Uhh E1.wav.wav
Wobbly Uhh E2.wav.wav
Yeah A2.wav.wav
Yeah C2.wav.wav
Yeah F1.wav.wav
Mom Hi.wav.wav
Mom Hi-[1].wav.wav
Old Man Hey 02.wav.wav
Old Man Hey 02-[1].wav.wav
EVOXA How To Install.mp4.mp4
EVOXA Import Your Own Samples.mp4.mp4

Minimum version required 5.5.1
Compatible with FULL VERSION
Number of sounds 200