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Jack's Concert Guitar

CONCEPT Sampled from a Stephen Hill's concert guitar, wonderfully played by Italian guitarist Giacomo "Jack" Bigoni, now a close friend of us, always available and with a great talent. We sampled his personal guitar to capture the feeling that there is between the instrument and its owner: samples are sharp, accurate, targeted, detailed and expertly played by Jack, based on a real performance of him with his guitar.

PECULIARITY But...having a great guitarist and a wonderful instrument is not enough. And...having a great studio? Not even enough. What makes the difference (highlight of Hephaestus Sounds' instruments) is the ability to make the sampled instrument playable exactly like the real instrument, simulating articulations and noises all in real-time.

TECHNOLOGY This new instrument uses our latest scripting effort: the SenseTech. It is the last evolution of the previous Performer Intelligent Technology, able to simulate the instrument in all its nuance and every articulation just by playing, using very little system resources and an improved high-precision script that will have to manage a large number of samples in several milliseconds of time.

EASY TO USE "What should I use now? Legato? Or maybe I need a glide? Now I should play strumming! Damn! What is the right key-switch?!" Ok ok please abandon these thoughts. You just have to play. SenseTech will take care of everything.


  • 48KHz 24-bit Stereo;
  • 6 dynamic layers;
  • 8 sound modes, also switchable by key-switch;
  • 1 Live! sound mode*;
  • Fullness, Presence and Detail knobs, tuned to the guitar frequencies, to equalize the sound at the best;
  • Detune knob to simulate the small detune from the same notes;
  • "Powered by SenseTech" button, to disable all the SenseTech scripts if not appreciated;
  • Pan slider to move the instrument left or right;
  • Touch slider to adjust the velocity curve;
  • Stage Sim slider to quickly create a room ambience;
  • String slider to simulate 5 different strings set;
  • Flexible Arpeggiator and Strummer extra functions;
  • 11 preset to quickly call different instrument settings;
  • Adjustable vibrato using Modulation or Aftertouch controllers;
  • Total instrument size: 240 MB (lossless compressed samples);
  • At least, a 61-keys keyboard is suggested to play at the best;
  • Works on Kontakt v5.2.1 or newer (only 15 minutes on Kontakt Player!)

Available sound modes:

  1. Live!Concert (6 dynamics)
  2. Pizzicato (1 dynamic)
  3. Bartók Snap (3 dynamics)
  4. Tambora (2 dynamics)
  5. Tremolo (1 dynamic)
  6. Harmonics (1 dynamic)
  7. Benga Kit (1 dynamic)
  8. FX & Clusters (from 1 to 24 dynamics)

* Live! modes use the SenseTech real-time scripts.

Premium File Contents

Minimum version required 5.2.1
Compatible with FULL VERSION
Number of sounds 8
Number of Instruments 1