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Space Evolutions for Kontakt 5

Free Demo Available (185 mb uncompressed, 3 nki, 2 nkm, 7 instruments total) 

SPACE EVOLUTIONS, Animated Textures, Keys, Pads, Beats and Field Recordings for Kontakt 5

A world of moving and evolving textures and narrative instruments made for ambient, subtle cinematic, film/game scoring, soundtracks, chillout, IDM, glitch and more. Special Field Recording folder with nature and mechanical environments. 

All textures and synths are designed from multi layered sources (up to six samples), searching for musical evolving sounds, carefully tuned to give you the best playability.

- Five categories, 56 instruments, 24 multis

- 944 mb, wave, 44.100 Khz - 24 bit

- 12 original field recordings

- All sounds carefully tuned (to C3)

- All instruments with custom Mod Wheel

- Essential GUI, Low Pass Filter (CC 71) and ADSR

- Average CPU friendly

- Made for Kontakt 5.5.1 full version ONLY (do NOT buy if you own Free Kontakt Player)

We recommend to experiment with both pre-assigned Mod Wheel and Low Pass Filter (assigned to CC 71) to fully enjoy the evolving, animated nature of SPACE EVOLUTIONS.

ALL sounds in the videos and demos are from Space Evolutions ONLY 


Premium File Contents
Space Evolutions.nkc.nkc
Space Evolutions.nkr.nkr
Aircraft Interior (quiet) - MW.nki.nki
Airport Hall (quiet) - MW.nki.nki
Birds (long loop) - MW.nki.nki
Church Interior (sparse) - MW.nki.nki
Fire at the Countryside - MW.nki.nki
Gentle Stream (close up) - MW.nki.nki
Rain Loop (quiet) - MW.nki.nki
Ships & Seagulls (bk-fw) - MW.nki.nki
Ships Manouvering (bk-fw) - MW.nki.nki
Traffic in Town (light) - MW.nki.nki
Train Station (quiet) - MW.nki.nki
Trainstop (machines) - MW.nki.nki
Ambient Delight - MW.nkm.nkm
Angel Show - MW.nkm.nkm
Dagon Beat - 100 bpm (BM) - MW.nkm.nkm
False Angels - MW.nkm.nkm
False Angels 2 - MW.nkm.nkm
Granularities 1 - MW.nkm.nkm
Granularities 2 - (MW is ON).nkm.nkm
High Sweeties - MW.nkm.nkm
Near Beat - 100 bpm - (MW is ON).nkm.nkm
Paris Show - MW.nkm.nkm
Paris Spectrality - MW.nkm.nkm
Soft Keys 001 - MW.nkm.nkm
Soft Keys 002 - MW.nkm.nkm
Soft Keys 003 - MW.nkm.nkm
Soft Pad 001 - MW.nkm.nkm
Soft Pad 002 - MW.nkm.nkm
Texture 1 - MW (hold).nkm.nkm
Texture 2 - MW (hold).nkm.nkm
Texture 3 - MW (hold).nkm.nkm
Texture 4 - MW (hold).nkm.nkm
Texture 5 - MW (hold).nkm.nkm
Texture 6 - MW (hold).nkm.nkm
Texture 7 - MW (hold).nkm.nkm
United System 1 (BM) - MW.nkm.nkm
Cinema Show - MW.nki.nki
Cinema Show (Lo-Fi) - MW.nki.nki
Fallen Angel - MW.nki.nki
Fallen Angel (Lo-Fi) - MW.nki.nki
Four Soft Bodies - MW.nki.nki
Spectrality Slow Down - MW.nki.nki
Breath - MW.nki.nki
Breath Lo-Fi - MW.nki.nki
Granularities 1a - MW.nki.nki
Granularities 1b - MW.nki.nki
Granularities 1c - MW.nki.nki
Paris Unseen 1 - MW.nki.nki
Paris Unseen Scapes (map) - MW.nki.nki
Angel Plant - MW.nki.nki
Environ 01 - MW.nki.nki
Environ 018 - MW.nki.nki
Environ 019 - MW.nki.nki
Environ 020 - MW.nki.nki
Environ 03 - MW.nki.nki
Environ 05 - MW.nki.nki
Environ 06 - MW.nki.nki
Environ 08 - MW.nki.nki
Paris Unseen 1 (reverse) MW.nki.nki
Red Planet - MW.nki.nki
Texture 1 - MW.nki.nki
Texture 2 - MW.nki.nki
Texture 3 - MW.nki.nki
Texture 4 - MW.nki.nki
Texture 5 - MW.nki.nki
Dagon Drums 01 (BM) - MW.nki.nki
Duse Drums 01 (BM) - MW.nki.nki
Grainy Drums 01 (BM) - MW.nki.nki
Near Drums 01 (BM) - MW.nki.nki
Nyarla Drums 01 (BM) - MW.nki.nki
Open System 2 - MW.nki.nki
Open System 7 - MW.nki.nki
United Sounds 12 (BM) - MW.nki.nki
Ambient Key 1 (Lo-Fi) MW.nki.nki
Ambient Pad 1 (hold) - MW.nki.nki
Bowl Key 01 - MW (hold).nki.nki
Four Bodies - MW.nki.nki
Softly Now - MW.nki.nki
Spectrality - MW.nki.nki
Spectrality Keys - MW.nki.nki
Amb Key C2.wav.wav
Amb Key C3.wav.wav
Amb Key C4.wav.wav
Angel Plant 1a.wav.wav
Breath C3 L.wav.wav
Cin Show A1.wav.wav
Cin Show A2.wav.wav
Cin Show A3.wav.wav
Cin Show A4.wav.wav
Cin Show A5.wav.wav
Cin Show C1.wav.wav
Cin Show C2.wav.wav
Cin Show C3.wav.wav
Cin Show C4.wav.wav
Cin Show C5.wav.wav
Cin Show C6.wav.wav
Cin Show D#1.wav.wav
Cin Show D#2.wav.wav
Cin Show D#3.wav.wav
Cin Show D#4.wav.wav
Cin Show D#5.wav.wav
Cin Show F#1.wav.wav
Cin Show F#2.wav.wav
Cin Show F#3.wav.wav
Cin Show F#4.wav.wav
Cin Show F#5.wav.wav
dagondrum 160.wav.wav
Drum Loop near 100.wav.wav
Duse 6 Drum 85 bpm.wav.wav
Environ 01.wav.wav
Environ 018.wav.wav
Environ 019.wav.wav
Environ 020.wav.wav
Environ 03.wav.wav
Environ 05.wav.wav
Environ 06.wav.wav
Environ 08.wav.wav
Fallen Angel C3.wav.wav
Four Bodies C1.wav.wav
Four Bodies C2.wav.wav
Four Bodies C3.wav.wav
Four Bodies C4.wav.wav
Four Bodies C5.wav.wav
Four Bodies F#1.wav.wav
Four Bodies F#2.wav.wav
Four Bodies F#3.wav.wav
Four Bodies F#4.wav.wav
Granular 1a C1 L.wav.wav
Granular 1a C2 L.wav.wav
Granular 1a C3 L.wav.wav
Granular Drums 001 - 90bpm.wav.wav
nyarladrums 8 bars.wav.wav
Open Sys 2 C1.wav.wav
Open Sys 2 C2.wav.wav
Open Sys 2 C3.wav.wav
Open Sys 2 C4.wav.wav
Open System 7 C3.aif.aif
Paris Unseen C1.wav.wav
Paris Unseen C2.wav.wav
Paris Unseen C3.wav.wav
Paris Unseen C4.wav.wav
Paris Unseen C5.wav.wav
Red Planet C2.wav.wav
Red Planet C3.wav.wav
Red Planet C4.wav.wav
Red Planet F#2.wav.wav
Red Planet F#3.wav.wav
Soft Synth 1 E3.wav.wav
Spectrality C1.wav.wav
Spectrality C2.wav.wav
Spectrality C3.wav.wav
Spectrality C4.wav.wav
Spectrality C5.wav.wav
Spectrality C6.wav.wav
Spectrality F#1.wav.wav
Spectrality F#2.wav.wav
Spectrality F#3.wav.wav
Spectrality F#4.wav.wav
Spectrality F#5.wav.wav
Texture 1a C3.wav.wav
Texture 2 C3.wav.wav
Texture 3 C3.wav.wav
Texture 4 C3.wav.wav
Texture 5 C3.wav.wav
United Sounds 12.wav.wav
Amb Key C2.ndx.ndx
Amb Key C3.ndx.ndx
Amb Key C4.ndx.ndx
Cin Show A1.ndx.ndx
Cin Show A2.ndx.ndx
Cin Show A3.ndx.ndx
Cin Show A4.ndx.ndx
Cin Show C1.ndx.ndx
Cin Show C2.ndx.ndx
Cin Show C3.ndx.ndx
Cin Show C4.ndx.ndx
Cin Show C5.ndx.ndx
Cin Show D#1.ndx.ndx
Cin Show D#2.ndx.ndx
Cin Show D#3.ndx.ndx
Cin Show D#4.ndx.ndx
Cin Show F#1.ndx.ndx
Cin Show F#2.ndx.ndx
Cin Show F#3.ndx.ndx
Cin Show F#4.ndx.ndx
Four Bodies C1.ndx.ndx
Four Bodies C2.ndx.ndx
Four Bodies C3.ndx.ndx
Four Bodies C4.ndx.ndx
Four Bodies C5.ndx.ndx
Four Bodies F#1.ndx.ndx
Four Bodies F#2.ndx.ndx
Four Bodies F#3.ndx.ndx
Four Bodies F#4.ndx.ndx
Open Sys 2 C1.ndx.ndx
Open Sys 2 C2.ndx.ndx
Open Sys 2 C3.ndx.ndx
Open Sys 2 C4.ndx.ndx
Paris Unseen C1.ndx.ndx
Paris Unseen C2.ndx.ndx
Paris Unseen C3.ndx.ndx
Paris Unseen C4.ndx.ndx
Paris Unseen C5.ndx.ndx
Red Planet C2.ndx.ndx
Red Planet C3.ndx.ndx
Red Planet C4.ndx.ndx
Red Planet F#2.ndx.ndx
Red Planet F#3.ndx.ndx
Spectrality C1.ndx.ndx
Spectrality C2.ndx.ndx
Spectrality C3.ndx.ndx
Spectrality C4.ndx.ndx
Spectrality C5.ndx.ndx
Spectrality C6.ndx.ndx
Spectrality F#1.ndx.ndx
Spectrality F#2.ndx.ndx
Spectrality F#3.ndx.ndx
Spectrality F#4.ndx.ndx
Spectrality F#5.ndx.ndx
Bowl A#1.wav.wav
Bowl A#2.wav.wav
Bowl A#3.wav.wav
Bowl A#4.wav.wav
Bowl A#5.wav.wav
Bowl C1.wav.wav
Bowl C2.wav.wav
Bowl C3.wav.wav
Bowl C4.wav.wav
Bowl C5.wav.wav
Bowl C6.wav.wav
Bowl D1.wav.wav
Bowl D2.wav.wav
Bowl D3.wav.wav
Bowl D4.wav.wav
Bowl D5.wav.wav
Bowl E1.wav.wav
Bowl E2.wav.wav
Bowl E3.wav.wav
Bowl E4.wav.wav
Bowl E5.wav.wav
Bowl F#1.wav.wav
Bowl F#2.wav.wav
Bowl F#3.wav.wav
Bowl F#4.wav.wav
Bowl F#5.wav.wav
Bowl G#1.wav.wav
Bowl G#2.wav.wav
Bowl G#3.wav.wav
Bowl G#4.wav.wav
Bowl G#5.wav.wav
Bowl A#1.ndx.ndx
Bowl A#2.ndx.ndx
Bowl A#3.ndx.ndx
Bowl A#4.ndx.ndx
Bowl A#5.ndx.ndx
Bowl C1.ndx.ndx
Bowl C2.ndx.ndx
Bowl C3.ndx.ndx
Bowl C4.ndx.ndx
Bowl C5.ndx.ndx
Bowl C6.ndx.ndx
Bowl D1.ndx.ndx
Bowl D2.ndx.ndx
Bowl D3.ndx.ndx
Bowl D4.ndx.ndx
Bowl D5.ndx.ndx
Bowl E1.ndx.ndx
Bowl E2.ndx.ndx
Bowl E3.ndx.ndx
Bowl E4.ndx.ndx
Bowl E5.ndx.ndx
Bowl F#1.ndx.ndx
Bowl F#2.ndx.ndx
Bowl F#3.ndx.ndx
Bowl F#4.ndx.ndx
Bowl F#5.ndx.ndx
Bowl G#1.ndx.ndx
Bowl G#2.ndx.ndx
Bowl G#3.ndx.ndx
Bowl G#4.ndx.ndx
Bowl G#5.ndx.ndx

Minimum version required 5.5.1
Compatible with FULL VERSION
Number of sounds 80
Number of Instruments 80
Demo Download