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Subtle World for Kontakt 5


Subtle World, pulsing fields and textures for Kontakt 5, will make you delve deep into the world of Field Recordings, Textures, Pads, Rhythmic Elements, Noises, Loops and Pulsing Instruments.

Aimed at Film & Game, Underscores, Ambient, IDM, Chillout, Techno, Dub, Sound Design and more.

To speed up the production flow, and for your pleasure and fun, you will enjoy the pre-assigned automations features, which make very easy to "morph on the fly" all sounds. You can mutate each patch from tiny high crackles to big distorted pulsing drones.

You don't need to take your hands off your MIDI keyboard to endlessly perform mutations, just use the Mod Wheel and the pre-assigned four knobs with Low Pass and High Pass filters, Distortion and custom LFOs. All FXs are in sync with your host tempo (bpm).

All sounds in Subtle World are ever-evolving (long samples, hold them) and trasforming instantly with the pre-assigned MIDI controls (you MUST explore them, to fully enjoy Subtle World).

Don't let the name fool you, Subtle World is conceived to obtain "subtle" sounds and pulsing atmospheres, but it can also produce quite big, gritty and distorted sounds.

- Four MIDI CC and Mod Wheel pre-assigned for endless morphing

- Original field recordings and textures long samples

- 58 nki - 16 multi (build your own)

- 754 mb uncompressed, wav/ncw 44.100 - 24 bit resolution

- Built in the Free Photosynthesis Engine by Jeremiah Pena

- Instructions sheet details (please, READ it to set up the MIDI controls)

- For Kontakt 5.5.1 FULL version ONLY (please, do NOT buy if you own the Free Kontakt Player)

NOTE: it might happen, in rare cases, that you must "batch re-save" the entire folder. It's easy: just go to Menu file and select the option, locate the Subtle World entire folder on your drive of choice and click "ok". If requested, locate the folder again. You're done.

For additional info and support, you may visit us at:

Premium File Contents
READ Instructions Subtle World.pdf.pdf
Subtle World.nkc.nkc
Subtle World.nkr.nkr
Subtle World INIT.nki.nki
FR - Elevator Melody.nki.nki
FR - Metro Passes.nki.nki
FR - Rumble & Drops.nki.nki
FR - Shopping in The Wind.nki.nki
FR - Slow Breath Melody.nki.nki
FR - Subtle Kitchen.nki.nki
FR - Subtle Town.nki.nki
FR - Subway Melody.nki.nki
FR - The Darkest Tunnel.nki.nki
FR - Three Fields Marriage.nki.nki
FR - Three Long Fields.nki.nki
FR - Three Towns.nki.nki
FR - Underworld.nki.nki
FR - Water World.nki.nki
FR - Wind Melody.nki.nki
PD - Benefit of Loving You.nki.nki
PD - Benefit of the Fourth Body.nki.nki
PD - Benefit of Time Machine.nki.nki
PD - Couldbell Pulse.nki.nki
PD - Ethers Pulses.nki.nki
PD - Grains of Mud.nki.nki
PD - Grains of Science.nki.nki
PD - John Loves Grain Science.nki.nki
PD - John's Gritties.nki.nki
PD - Moonscape.nki.nki
PD - The Darkest Page.nki.nki
PD - The Gritty Finger.nki.nki
PD - Third Ether Pulse.nki.nki
TX - 1 Tracks 1 Does Not.nki.nki
TX - A Night Out There.nki.nki
TX - Cloud Elevator.nki.nki
TX - Cloudbell.nki.nki
TX - Ethers in the Moon 2.nki.nki
TX - Ethers in the Moon.nki.nki
TX - Ethers in Town.nki.nki
TX - Factor HD.nki.nki
TX - Granular Pulse.nki.nki
TX - Intertwined Delight.nki.nki
TX - Invisible Calls.nki.nki
TX - John Plays the Filters.nki.nki
TX - John's Radio Talk.nki.nki
TX - Kitchen Job Delayed.nki.nki
TX - The Night Comes.nki.nki
TX - Wait Til It Comes.nki.nki
TX - When Fields Go Low Down.nki.nki
XTR - BT - Atmo Sub Beat.nki.nki
XTR - BT - Beat Me Now.nki.nki
XTR - BT - Beat the Hat Now.nki.nki
XTR - BT - Get the Beat IN 1.nki.nki
XTR - BT - Get the Beat IN 2.nki.nki
XTR - BT - John's Beat.nki.nki
XTR - BT - Kitchen Beat.nki.nki
XTR - BT - No Not Now!.nki.nki
XTR - SQ - B Just What U R.nki.nki
XTR - SQ - B What U IS.nki.nki
XTR - SQ - Granular Pulse.nki.nki
XTR - SQ - Is Funny When.nki.nki
XTR - SQ - When Funny Is.nki.nki
100 Beat Him 001.wav.wav
100 Beat You 001b.wav.wav
100 Beat You 002b.wav.wav
110 Beat Me 002.wav.wav
115 - John Arp 01.wav.wav
115 - John Bass 01.wav.wav
115 - John Beat 01.wav.wav
115 - John Hats 01.wav.wav
115 - John Hats 02.wav.wav
115 - John Hats 03.wav.wav
115 - John Texture 01.wav.wav
115 - John Texture 02.wav.wav
115 - John Texture 03 C2.wav.wav
115 - John Texture 03 C3.wav.wav
115 - John Texture 03.wav.wav
115 - John Texture 03a.wav.wav
Airport Train.wav.wav
Benefit C2.wav.wav
Benefit C3.wav.wav
Benefit C4.wav.wav
Clipboard 01.wav.wav
Cloudbell C1.wav.wav
Cloudbell C2.wav.wav
Cloudbell C3.wav.wav
Cloudbell C4.wav.wav
crispy 32 B.wav.wav
Elevator 02.wav.wav
Elevator Atmo.wav.wav
Ethers 06 C3.wav.wav
EthersDream 01 C3.wav.wav
EthersDream 03 C1.wav.wav
EthersDream 03 C2.wav.wav
EthersDream 03 C3.wav.wav
EthersDream 03 C4.wav.wav
EthersDream 03 C5.wav.wav
Four Bodies C3.wav.wav
Grain Sc 24S.wav.wav
GrainMud V1 C1.wav.wav
GrainMud V1 C2.wav.wav
GrainMud V1 C3.wav.wav
GrainMud V1 C4.wav.wav
Granular Drums 001 - 90bpm.wav.wav
Granular Landscape_2.wav.wav
Granular Landscape_5.wav.wav
Hard Disk 1 B.wav.wav
Highway Night 01.wav.wav
In The Shop.wav.wav
Kitchen Loop 003.wav.wav
Kitchen ProcLoop 003.wav.wav
Metro corridor 1.wav.wav
Metro Pass raw 2.wav.wav
Moonscape 02 C2.wav.wav
Moonscape 02 C3.wav.wav
Moonscape 02 C4.wav.wav
Quiet City Field.wav.wav
Relaxed Grains 07.wav.wav
Slow Breath.wav.wav
Texture 3 C3.wav.wav
water basin 001.wav.wav
Wind In Town.wav.wav
harbour 02.ncw.ncw
rain light.ncw.ncw
station 01.ncw.ncw
station 02.ncw.ncw
A Subtle World (CC 93 assigned).nkm.nkm
A Subtle World Pulse.nkm.nkm
B What U Is.nkm.nkm
Detuned Grain Beauty.nkm.nkm
Granular Pulse Fun.nkm.nkm
I Get the Meaning.nkm.nkm
Loving in Town.nkm.nkm
Subtle Beating Grains.nkm.nkm
Subtle Pulses in Town.nkm.nkm
Talk As U Are.nkm.nkm
The Hidden.nkm.nkm
When You Get It Clear.nkm.nkm
When You Get It.nkm.nkm
You Get the Beat IN.nkm.nkm
You Say Not Now!.nkm.nkm
You Track the Beat.nkm.nkm
Photosynthesis Effects Engine v3.txt.txt
Photosynthesis Main Engine Script v3.txt.txt
Photosynthesis Main Engine v4.txt.txt
Photosynthesis Output Engine v3.txt.txt
Photosynthesis Rhythm Engine v3 TESTING 2.txt.txt
Photosynthesis Rhythm Engine v3 TESTING.txt.txt
Photosynthesis Rhythm Engine v3.txt.txt
Photosynthesis Rhythm Engine v4.txt.txt

Minimum version required 5.5.1
Compatible with FULL VERSION
Number of sounds 72
Number of Instruments 72