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'Alien Technology' for Madrona Labs Aalto

The 'Alien Technology' soundset contains 132 presets, comprised mostly of exotic machines, atmospheres, foleys, special effects and abstract sequences; with a serving of instrument and pad sounds to round out the collection. These patches are paritularly well-suited to film and game scorers as well as producers of IDM/Braindance, Ambient, Avant-Garde, Glitch, Minimal Techno and Future Garage. Please note that Madrona Labs Aalto is required to use these sounds.

About the Producer:

Bryan 'Xenos' Lee has worked as a sound designer for such companies as Native Instruments, Cakewalk, U-he, Rob Papen Inspiration Soundware, ReFX, Camel Audio, Image-Line and many more.  His work is found in several Maschine expansions and the factory presets of such synths as Z3ta 2, Alchemy, Gladiator, Punch, Toxic Biohazard, Scanned Synth Pro 2, Chipsounds, Hive, D.I.V.A., etc.  He is also very active in developing his own brand, Xenos Soundworks.



Premium File Contents
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AR 12-8 Time Signature.mlpreset.mlpreset
AR Cheese Seeds.mlpreset.mlpreset
AR Live Guitar Chords.mlpreset.mlpreset
AR Minimal Tech BL 1.mlpreset.mlpreset
AR Minimal Tech BL 2.mlpreset.mlpreset
AR Modular Bassline.mlpreset.mlpreset
AR Play Me.mlpreset.mlpreset
AR Psychonaut.mlpreset.mlpreset
AR Space Bace.mlpreset.mlpreset
AR Techno Groove.mlpreset.mlpreset
BA Andorian Jazz.mlpreset.mlpreset
BA EDM Square.mlpreset.mlpreset
BA Ethnobuzz.mlpreset.mlpreset
BA Fretless XS.mlpreset.mlpreset
BA House Bass.mlpreset.mlpreset
BA Wobblemaster.mlpreset.mlpreset
CH Dance Chords.mlpreset.mlpreset
FX Atom Smasher.mlpreset.mlpreset
FX IDM Scrapes.mlpreset.mlpreset
FX Juicy Laser.mlpreset.mlpreset
FX Old Telephone.mlpreset.mlpreset
LD Electro Zen.mlpreset.mlpreset
LD Funky Lead.mlpreset.mlpreset
LD Industrial Strength.mlpreset.mlpreset
LD Water And Rust.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Abstract Groove.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA All-You-Can-Eat Gli.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Beautiful Glitch.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Biomech Hatchlings.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Biomech Mating Calls.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Birds On Acid.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Blackfoot Heritage.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Blissfully Medicated.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Brainwashed.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Buchla Arpeggio.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Bumpy Texture.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Cacophony.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA CPU Crippler Drone.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Crank It.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Cutesy Sprites.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Cyclic Granules.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Demonic Messages.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Dissonant Mess.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA DMT Nightmare.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Downtempo Entropy.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Drone XS.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Dronescape.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Drunken Guitarist.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Dub Glitch.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Dubwater.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Dying Robot.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Electro Breakbeat.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Electro Rain.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Evil Glitch Drone.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Exotic Biomechs.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Fantasy Engine 1.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Fantasy Engine 2.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Fantasy Engine 3.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Fantasy Engine 4.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Fantasy Engine 5.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Find The Claps.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Five Point Pattern.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA FM Scanner.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Foul Glitch.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Fried Circuits.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Gene Printer.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Ghost Myst.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Hell's Sweatshop.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA High Voltage.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Hoovercraft Race.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Hyperspace Jungle.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA In The Other Room.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Laser Vinyl.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA LFO Hijack.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Lo Tech Scan.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Martian Monolith.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Mecha Rhythm.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Meditative Machine.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Melting Transistors.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Mental Haze.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Metallic Rumble.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Minimal Techno 1.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Minimal Techno 2.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Minimal Techno 3.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Minimal Techno 4.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Minimal Techno 5.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Mishmash.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Nod To Alessandro.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Noise Candy.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Old Arcade.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Om Machine.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA One Eye.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Paranormal Energy.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Pigs Can Fly.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Pipes And Pavement.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Pissing Dragon.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Popcorn.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Pork Soda.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Post-Apocalypse Noc.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Post-Apocalypse Xmas.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Puke Green.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA RastaGlitch.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Ratchet Pump.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Robot Koan.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Robot Mbira Ensemble.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Rolling Bleeps.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Saturn Sings.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Scorch The Sky.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Scramble Beat.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Sh-t Hits The Fan.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Slow Motion.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Stoner's Drone.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Synthetic Whales.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Tazing The Androids.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA This One's Awesome!.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Wavefunction Collap.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Wind Damage.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Xylochip Mashup.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Your Brain On Kush.mlpreset.mlpreset
MA Zapz.mlpreset.mlpreset
PD Disharmony.mlpreset.mlpreset
PD Euphoric Daze.mlpreset.mlpreset
PD Hynotic.mlpreset.mlpreset
PD Krypton.mlpreset.mlpreset
PD Mental Flutter.mlpreset.mlpreset
PD Requiem.mlpreset.mlpreset
PD Tension.mlpreset.mlpreset
PD Wavetable.mlpreset.mlpreset
PD Weeping Pad.mlpreset.mlpreset
SY Aalto Clavi.mlpreset.mlpreset
SY Industrial Synth.mlpreset.mlpreset
SY Kung Fu.mlpreset.mlpreset

Works with

Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 132

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