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Hyped Ableton Racks

HYPE SOUNDS presents: Hyped Ableton Racks - a collection of racks engineered to help you achieve a perfect mix. Racks are suited to assist you with various elements of the mix, from maintaining the stereo field, the dynamics of your sounds, balancing and equalizing, etc. These racks all include gratuitous macro control to allow full range modulation over your sounds. These racks will effortlessly improve your mix straight from the box, tried and true you won’t believe your mixes. 

With perfect dynamics, great equalization and a balanced stereo-field, you won’t believe the way your mix will jump out of your speakers.

This collection contains racks to help instantly spice up your productions:

HASS EFFECT - My absolute personal favorite. This is my favorite way to introduce an immersive stereo listening experience. This rack introduces a panned stereo delay that uses a psychoacoustic effect to create rich dimensions for your sounds. This rack is perfect for wide pads, chords and any other instruments or sounds you want to bring width to in the mix. Disclaimer: while this rack might sound amazing in stereo, if you overdo it, it will not sound quite as good on mono systems! There is a certain finesse to making this effect sound perfect on all systems!

Sub Bass Rack - A rack designed to mix in your sub bass. A quick way to improve the mix on your low end and maintain an efficient workflow, this rack features Sub bass equalization, saturation and side chain compression to make sure your low end brings power to the mix without the problems and “mud” associated with gratuitous sub

Gate Kick Clicker - Parallel gates, one with moderate gating and another with intense attack and release to introduce a strong click which helps to modulate the timbre of your kick drum, helping it to stand out in the mix and to increase the punch without changing the gain

Parallel Reverb - A dry signal mixed with a 100% wet reverb signal allowing you to mix in reverb without changing the original sound, full control over pre-delay, decay time, reflections and dispersion.

NY compression - A parallel compression rack that allows you to compress your sounds while mixing them back with the original signal. This allows you to make your sounds fuller, and louder, without altering the original signal and levels. This rack gives excellent control over the dynamics of your sounds. Drop it on your drums to make them pop out of the mix, or to instruments you want to fatten up!

Vocal FX - A series of FX intended for vocals; compression, equalization, parallel reverb etc to offer an excellent improvement to dry vocals. Place your vocals perfectly in the mix with the modulation offered with this rack. Dial in the controls for perfect dimensionality. 

Frequency Splitter - A group of chains that allows you to individually modulate frequency bands to your liking. Macros allow you to fine tune your frequency bands to your liking!

Kick Strip - A series of FX to fine tune your kick drum - arguably the most fundamental aspect of most productions!

Master Strip - A basic mastering strip to place on your master channel. While this rack doesn’t replace conventional mastering and strong know-how, it will definitely add spice to your track by placing on the master channel. This rack is also fair for use on individual instruments and tracks as well!

Mid / Side Utility - A rack designed to give you better control over your stereo image. This rack splits your stereo image from your mono signal. Allowing you to really dial in your stereo image and make sure your track is an immersive stereo experience that will still sound good on mono systems!

…And many more!

This collection offers unprecedented utilities that will undoubtedly improve your mix. I guarantee that these racks will improve the mixes of your tracks, and offer utilities to be used on many aspects from the stereo image of your high frequencies and a tight yet powerful sub, to perfect vocal FX and a mastering rack. 

This track offers tools to use from top to bottom to improve your mix. You do not want to miss out!!

Premium File Contents
HYPE Distortion.adg.adg
HYPE Frequency Splitter.adg.adg
HYPE Gate Kick-Clicker.adg.adg
HYPE Hass Effect.adg.adg
HYPE Head Spin.adg.adg
HYPE Hi-Pass Lo-Pass Filter.adg.adg
HYPE Kick Strip.adg.adg
HYPE Master Strip.adg.adg
HYPE Mid-Side Utility.adg.adg
HYPE NY Compression.adg.adg
HYPE Parallel Reverb.adg.adg
HYPE Parallel Verb 4 VOX.adg.adg
HYPE Sibilance Phase Gate Isolation.adg.adg
HYPE Sidechain Live 8.adg.adg
HYPE Stereo Chorus FX.adg.adg
HYPE Sub Bass Strip.adg.adg
HYPE Vocal FX Chain.adg.adg
HYPE Vocal Reverb.adg.adg

Works with

Minimum version 9.2
Number of sounds 18