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Audiomodern & StrangeLines present STREAKULATOR, created by developer Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona, Streakulator is a midi-modulated audio effect suitable for modern producers to use in the daily workflow, but it’s suitable for many uses, mostly sound design. Its main job is to create crazy sounds with a human touch in no time: possibilities are endless.


STREAKULATOR  is literally a swiss army knife for Ableton Live: you can do sidechain, sound design, waveshaping, filtering, wobble and growl basses, synth sounds from any source, heavy metallic effects, robostep sounds, perfectly synced gating, dramatically fast sound shifting with presets automation and it goes as far as your imagination can.

You can use STREAKULATOR with any kind of sound: organic sounds, acoustic instruments, drum loops, synth phrases and vocals too. You’ll be surprised at any time about its incredible sound quality and flexibility in producing so different results.



Streakulator is comprised of two main pieces: the “Midi to Streakulator” and Streakulator itself.
Streakulator is a midi-triggered audio effect, therefore it needs midi impulses to work, so here comes into play the Midi to Streakulator: put it in a new midi track, put some notes in its piano roll and your midi sequence will trigger filters, envelopes and effects in Streakulator. Note that the letter in the “MIDI TO” parameter should be the same in Streakulator’s “MIDI FROM”.

Created by Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona [StrangeLines], user experience professional, sound designer artist and developer, to bring you the premium Max for Live experience.

Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona is a user experience designer, artist and Max/MSP guru from Italy. He’s not new to the Ableton community for his innovative and easy to use devices. His very own project, StrangeLines, is focused on bringing strong and unusual electronic vibes to the mix through “strange” intruments, both pleasurable and fast to use in the daily rush of the busy music producer. Don’t be fooled by the experimental mood: if you’re looking for high-quality and uncommon results in no time, Streakulator is the perfect fit for you, no matter the music genre.

· Perfect gating/triggering via midi: put any sound source in line, no matter its tempo. Complete control over notes ADSR.
· Clean modular UI, so you can tell anytime whether an effect is on/off.
· Sound design and shaping capabilities.
· Save and load custom banks of presets.
· Fundamental chorus/flanger components to create your very own effects, aggressive or gentle as you need them.
· Warp function: harmonic pitch shifting.
· Ability to add more waves (a low sine wave for example) to the sound via “Midi to Streakulator” (follows the chosen midi notes).
· Fully automatable and midi-controllable.

 Ableton Live 9.5 & Max For Live 7.1 or higher is required

Premium File Contents
AUDIOMODERN - STRANGELINES - Streakulator [Copyright info and user license agreement].pdf.pdf
Streakulator 101.als.als
Midi to Streakulator.amxd.amxd
VDUB2 Clap 007.wav.wav
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 012.wav.wav
VDUB2 Kick 007.wav.wav
Midi to Streakulator.amxd.amxd

Works with

Minimum version 2.0
Number of sounds 1