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Pads Of The Sky

Pads Of The Sky is best described as a fairytale with transcendental dreams on clouds.

It is a collection of warm, gracious and delicate pads, together with keys, leads and bass sounds with direct and inviting expressiveness on all of the 72 sounds contained in this soundset.

All sounds range from basic to the more esoteric and have been designed with harmony and positive energy in mind.



  • 72 pads, leads, bass, keys and beautiful expressive sounds.
  • Instant morphing and coloring using mod wheel.Assigned macro faders for direct and easy tweaking.
  • Patchlist with descriptions of each preset and the macro assignments.
  • All sounds are based on sculpted and hand drawn or stock wavetables (no samples used).
  • Absynth 5.2.1 required. 

Note: All sounds in the demos come from the soundset with no fx used but a small amount of limiter on the output.


Mikael Adle

Leap Into The Void

Premium File Contents
License agreement and terms of usage.rtf.rtf
Pads Of The Sky Installation.rtf.rtf
01 Sub Lead.nabs.nabs
02 Airy Evolving.nabs.nabs
03 Lead Dream Sensitiva.nabs.nabs
04 Padscape Wind.nabs.nabs
05 Pad Evolve Pulse.nabs.nabs
06 Pad Above.nabs.nabs
07 Dreamy.nabs.nabs
08 Slow Gentle Mystic.nabs.nabs
09 Airy Bright.nabs.nabs
10 Deep Rich.nabs.nabs
11 Slow Peace And Wind.nabs.nabs
12 Lead Pad Flute.nabs.nabs
13 Evolving.nabs.nabs
14 Lead Keys Peace.nabs.nabs
15 Air Padscape.nabs.nabs
16 Soft And Feed.nabs.nabs
17 Deep Evolving.nabs.nabs
18 Gentle Expressive.nabs.nabs
19 Airy Digit.nabs.nabs
20 Reed.nabs.nabs
21 Mystique.nabs.nabs
22 Evolving.nabs.nabs
23 Ambient.nabs.nabs
24 Git.nabs.nabs
25 Peace.nabs.nabs
26 Seq Sweep Evolve.nabs.nabs
27 Scape And Feeds.nabs.nabs
28 Pad.nabs.nabs
29 Flute Pad.nabs.nabs
30 Majestic Evolve.nabs.nabs
31 Lead Sub Plucked.nabs.nabs
32 Seq Swell Evolve.nabs.nabs
33 Evolving Peace.nabs.nabs
34 Airy Evolving.nabs.nabs
35 Dirty Cut.nabs.nabs
36 Deep Evolving.nabs.nabs
37 Seq Bright Pad.nabs.nabs
38 Harmony Pad.nabs.nabs
39 Fanfar Evolve.nabs.nabs
40 Gentle Evolve.nabs.nabs
41 Air Pad.nabs.nabs
42 Evolve Thin.nabs.nabs
43 Majestic Evolve.nabs.nabs
44 Evolve Trem.nabs.nabs
45 Lead Keys Bright.nabs.nabs
46 Airy Sky.nabs.nabs
47 Classic Bright Evolving.nabs.nabs
48 Obscured.nabs.nabs
49 Analog Lead Bass.nabs.nabs
50 Lead Sub.nabs.nabs
51 Evolve Rich And Wind.nabs.nabs
52 Lead And Bright.nabs.nabs
53 False Phase Evolve.nabs.nabs
54 Delicate And Evolve.nabs.nabs
55 Analog And Pluck.nabs.nabs
56 Rich Evolving.nabs.nabs
57 Aetherizer Flute.nabs.nabs
58 Surprize And Rich.nabs.nabs
59 Pad Keys Poly.nabs.nabs
60 Evolving.nabs.nabs
61 Lead Pad Bass.nabs.nabs
62 Airy Dark.nabs.nabs
63 Bright And Swells.nabs.nabs
64 Airy Rich Evolve.nabs.nabs
65 Flute And Pad.nabs.nabs
66 Dreams And Rich.nabs.nabs
67 Expressive And Release.nabs.nabs
68 Slow Evolve.nabs.nabs
69 Air At Night.nabs.nabs
70 Sub And Sub Pluck.nabs.nabs
71 Flutemallet Expression.nabs.nabs
72 Air Chorus.nabs.nabs

Works with

Minimum version 5.2.1
Number of sounds 72