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DX7 / Volca FM - Patchology


Dust Off your Yamaha DX7; power-up your Korg Volca FM, load up the dexed VST and enjoy these unique sounds. This set of fresh 256 .syx patches, grouped in 8 banks will bring new life to your favorite gear. Ranging from the “Blade Runner” style pads, to analog basses thru FM bells into your favorite retro sounds; it has all you need to produce both retrowave-inspired classics and dancefloor pumping hits. Feel free to load them all into the free “dexed VST” software, and transfer them directly to the memory of your beloved synth.

  • 256 .syx DX7 patches
  • 8 .syx DX7 banks
  • Compatible with Yamaha DX7, dexed VST, Korg Volca FM, NI FM8, NI FM7, Arturia DX7 V
Premium File Contents
./NRS DX7 Banks:
NRS DX7 Bank 1.syx
NRS DX7 Bank 2.syx
NRS DX7 Bank 3.syx
NRS DX7 Bank 4.syx
NRS DX7 Bank 5.syx
NRS DX7 Bank 6.syx
NRS DX7 Bank 7.syx
NRS DX7 Bank 8.syx

Works with

Number of sounds 256