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Resident Resonance (presets for Eventide H3000 Band Delay) by blortblort

Resident Resonance by blortblort includes:  
144 preset files (over 1100 snapshots...'presets within presets' ;] ) 
6 different "defaults" for your convenience if you decide to create your own sets... the basic instruction for automating snapshot changes in Ableton Live 
1 alp file that contains a set with examples of clips set up to automate changes of the snapshots.

When I first demo'd the Eventide H3000 Band Delay, I knew it was something special. One of the very first things that I did was to map the delay time to the Mod Wheel of my MIDI controller....something you just could not easily do with any other delay vst that I know of... Hearing the smooth transitions that resulted just made me smile immediately. I knew that I had to dive deeper into the belly of the beast. I set about the task of learning the power of the function generator, modulating feedback ratios, and a host of other things that are simply NOT available in any delay devices out there...especially one with the sound of the H3000 Band Delays
It was well AFTER I had started creating presets for this set that I discovered the POWER of the snapshot scenarios that a part of every preset... Theoretically, you COULD have as many as 32 snapshots in a preset (!!!) 
For the sake of time and sanity, the presets in Resident Resonance have from 4 to 16 snapshots included within. 

What this means is that while there may only be 144 preset files, there ARE actually 1180 total snapshots in this set...  EACH SNAPSHOT represents its own preset in fact...   

The main reason that I decided to push to create this set WITH snapshots is so the TRUE POWER of the Eventide H3000 Band Delay might be realized for you if you elect to use automation! yep- you can fairly easily set up the H3000 Band Delay to change snapshots using automation.  while actual instruction will vary from host to host, it should generally be pretty similar in function.

Premium File Contents
16 x 6
8 x 74
autophasic 8snps 100.tide
behavior 8snp 100.tide
berdcall2 16snps 100.tide
blinko 16snps 100.tide
blinko 8snps dim 100.tide
blinko2 8snps 100.tide
blonkin 8snps 100.tide
boionce 8snps 100.tide
bouncee 1 8snps 100.tide
bouncee 2 8snps 100.tide
bouncee 3 8snps 100.tide
bouncer 1 8snps 100.tide
bouncer 2 8snps 100.tide
bouncer 3 8snps 100.tide
bubbles 8snps 100.tide
burble 8snps 100.tide
buried 8snps 100.tide
choppish1 8snps 100.tide
close talker1 8snps 100.tide
close talker2 8snps 100.tide
crooked 8snps 100.tide
dangl 8snps 100.tide
dasturd drums 8snps 100.tide
dbl time shudder 8snps 100.tide
dbl time shudder2 8snps 100.tide
dbl time1 8snps 100.tide
delicious 8snps 100.tide
ditchin 8snps 100.tide
dribbler 8snps 100.tide
dribbler2 8snps 100.tide
dribbler3 8snps 100.tide
drum bandy1 8snps 100.tide
drumbozo 8snps 100.tide
drumnoxious 8snps 100.tide
filagree falling 8snps 100.tide
filagree falling2 8snps 100.tide
filagree falling3 8snps 100.tide
follow 8snps 100.tide
funkii1 8snps 100.tide
funklstilt 1 8snps 100.tide
funktion junktion 8snps 100.tide
gargle 8snps 100.tide
gliders 8snps 100.tide
grist 8snps 100.tide
hakd time 8snps 100.tide
halt and simmer 8snps 100.tide
happily 8snp 100.tide
hickster 8snps 100.tide
jeeter 8snps 100.tide
junkle 8snps 100.tide
landyard (trip'd) 8snps 100.tide
landyard 8snps 100.tide
lichens 8snps 100.tide
liquidity 8snps 100.tide
long waves 8snps 100.tide
mouthy 16snps 100.tide
plukstr 8snps 100.tide
riddm 8snps 100.tide
rochet 8snps 100.tide
shimmerslap 8snps 100.tide
shimmerslap ep 8snps 100.tide
shining 16snps 100.tide
shiphty drums 8snps 100.tide
shiphty1 8snps 100.tide
shiphty2 8snps 100.tide
shuddered1 8snps 100.tide
shufbl 8snp 100s.tide
shuphler ONE 8snps 100.tide
simplhecks 100 8snps.tide
sizzly drums 8snps 100.tide
slide 8snps 100.tide
sliphurry 8snps 100.tide
sproing 8snps 100.tide
strngfella 8snps 100.tide
stut 8snps 100.tide
surges 8snps 100.tide
sved 8snps 100.tide
triple tink 8snps 100.tide
waves 8snps 100.tide
zezl drums 8snps 100.tide
./100bpm/16 x 6:
./100bpm/8 x 74:
4 x 11
8 x 17
absorber 8snps 80.tide
bandy 4snps 80.tide
bandy2 4snps 80.tide
batfish taint 8snps 80.tide
cahlengo 8snps 80.tide
clouds likely 4snps 80.tide
dangerfoot drms 4snps 80.tide
dangle 4snps 80.tide
distank 8snps 80.tide
driftwood 8snps 80.tide
drumbik 4snps 80.tide
helbow 8snps 80.tide
juggle 8snps 80.tide
multibounce 4snps 80.tide
nervous 8snp 80.tide
pluckster 8snps 80.tide
pluckster2 8snps 80.tide
pluckster3 8snps 80.tide
pluckster4 4snps 80.tide
pluckster5 4snps 80.tide
pluckster6 4snps 80.tide
safety no 8snps 80.tide
slider 8snps 80.tide
splander 8snps 80.tide
stoppy 8snps 80.tide
stumblist 8snps 80.tide
stumblist2 8snps 80.tide
zebulous 4snps 80.tide
./80bpm/4 x 11:
./80bpm/8 x 17:
16 x 5
8 x 31
90s party 16snps 90.tide
90s party2 16snps 90.tide
90s party2 16snps 90b.tide
90s party3 16snps 90.tide
allpassion 8snps 90.tide
blear 8snps 90.tide
cascadescence 8snps 90.tide
cascadescence2 8snps 90.tide
chimps 8snps 90.tide
close talker2 8snps 90.tide
conundrumble 8snps 90.tide
crispquick 8snps 90.tide
dbltme 8snps 90.tide
distank 8snps 90.tide
drumthis 8snps 90.tide
fumbles 8snps 90.tide
glonk 8snps 90.tide
irrelevator 8snps 90.tide
jitterblaster 8snps 90.tide
manipulow 16snps 90.tide
matches 8snps 90.tide
mixed bag 8snps 90.tide
origami 8snps 90.tide
piercer 8snps 90.tide
plastik 8snps 90.tide
psychosimple 8snps 90.tide
psychosimple2 8snps 90.tide
shimris 8snps 90.tide
shiphter 8snps 90.tide
simplecks 8snps 90.tide
stealthjitters 8snps 90.tide
strumbler 8snps 90.tide
tides 8snps 90.tide
tidey 8snps 90.tide
tumbler 8snps 90.tide
wahsome 8snps 90.tide
./90bpm/16 x 5:
./90bpm/8 x 31:
Default allpass 8on.tide
Default lo-hi 8on.tide
Default no filters -6.tide
Default no filters.tide

Works with

Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 144