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Gentle Machines for u-he's Bazille

Gentle Machines is a set of 129 presets for u-he's Bazille


of all the modular synth out there, Bazille had always scared me the most.

After working this set for the better part of 4 months, I can safely say that Bazille is now one of my favorite synths of all time.

There are simply faster ways of doing more complex things on Bazille than on any non-modular and most modular synths that I've worked with.

Its a complete joy.

With Bazille's nearly limitless modulation possibilities and my propensity for creating rhythmic type patches...well... I was right at home once I got past the "fear of wires"

Most of the 'gentle machines' presets make use of the Modulation Wheel. A few make use of velocity and some have channel pressure modulations enabled...but all of them have some sort of built in "movement" to them.

I hope you enjoy 'gentle machines' as much as I enjoyed creating these 80's sci-fi influenced sounds!


Premium File Contents
./gentle machines:
5th breathe_MW_BB.h2p
5th brighter MW_BB.h2p
5th burblesBL MW_BB.h2p
5ths drift MW_BB.h2p
80_s brass dark MW_BB.h2p
80_s movieBL MW_BB.h2p
80s plk MW_BB.h2p
BAysis MW_BB.h2p
BOW Bass MW_BB.h2p
Brass oct MW_BB.h2p
Dramatiks MW_BB.h2p
FM-Oboe Zo MW_BB.h2p
Glitch bass 1 MW_BB.h2p
Glitch bass 2 MW_BB.h2p
Glitch keys MW_BB.h2p
Melted Brass MW_BB.h2p
Sandoneese MW_BB.h2p
bad looping MW_BB.h2p
banister 4.5 MW_BB.h2p
bass riddimal MW_BB.h2p
bass_out MW_BB.h2p
blesscience MW_BB.h2p
brass tax MW_BB.h2p
brassicleus MW_BB.h2p
brasster 8ths MW_BB.h2p
brassy rhythmic thing MW_BB.h2p
burbll bass 1_BB.h2p
chicken tika MW_BB.h2p
chingle MW_BB.h2p
darker pulse_BB.h2p
darkerplk MW_BB.h2p
didgerblaap MW_BB.h2p
didgerdinette MW_BB.h2p
disto MW BL_BB.h2p
disto brasso MW_BB.h2p
distobouncey MW_BB.h2p
etheria MW_BB.h2p
extra pieces MW_BB.h2p
extraextra_90 BPM_BB.h2p
facetbrasset MW_BB.h2p
failover MW_BB.h2p
flumpet MW_BB.h2p
flutterbrass MW_BB.h2p
fretless kazoo_BB.h2p
frozy MW_BB.h2p
fuesel MW_BB.h2p
future phlake 1 MW_BB.h2p
gentle machines.txt
glowgrow MW_BB.h2p
grins 3 MW_BB.h2p
grins MW_BB.h2p
handled MW_BB.h2p
hangtime VL_BB.h2p
hypnobounce MW_BB.h2p
integrality MW_BB.h2p
its your birthday MW_BB.h2p
libraries MW_BB.h2p
mercado MW_BB.h2p
messy rhythmn MW_BB.h2p
more bad looping MW_BB.h2p
more is lessFX_BB.h2p
more is less_BB.h2p
padmoto MW_BB.h2p
phaketapepiano MW_BB.h2p
plainstain MW_BB.h2p
pluuk_RHY_1 MW_BB.h2p
polyrhthmic stumbling MW_BB.h2p
powr plukr MW_BB.h2p
pronounce MW_BB.h2p
quarters MW_BB.h2p
qwik_sft groove MW_BB.h2p
radiation MW_BB.h2p
rakes MW_BB.h2p
rattler5th MW_BB.h2p
regulous2 MW_BB.h2p
respect2 MW_BB.h2p
rhythmodrono2 MW_BB.h2p
rippler MW_BB.h2p
sawpulses MW_BB.h2p
schnyd var_BB.h2p
seasonalaysis MW_BB.h2p
shargo2 MW 90BPM_BB.h2p
shargo3 MW_BB.h2p
shiney reps 2 VL_BB.h2p
shiney reps var1 VL_BB.h2p
shiver MW_BB.h2p
shutteredbroom MW_BB.h2p
singing dist lead MW_BB.h2p
slapbrOOM MW_BB.h2p
splinters cousin MW_BB.h2p
splinters var1 MW_B.h2p
squeaky Lead thing MW_BB.h2p
stammerize MW_BB.h2p
styful MW_BB.h2p
substrata MW_BB.h2p
sync_d rhthm n brass MW_BB.h2p
syncopath MW_BB.h2p
synthwave BL MW_BB.h2p
teeDreemy MW_BB.h2p
tink_brass MW_BB.h2p
tremoriano MW_BB.h2p
trillobrasso MW_BB.h2p
triplettts MW_BB.h2p
trumpest In a Funnel MW_BB.h2p
trumpest MW_BB.h2p
upstanding 2 MW_BB.h2p
woob MW_BB.h2p
woob riffer AT_BB.h2p
woobass MW_BB.h2p

Works with

Minimum version 1
Number of sounds 129