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WALKER is an Alan Walker inspired collection of Moombahton sounds for modern producers.

Alan Walker has a staggering millions & millions of plays on YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud. Faded on Spotify alone has over 1 billion streams.

This collection contains 128 trending Xfer Serum presets, many with custom wavetables, geared to boost your Moombahton productions to the next level.

On every preset there are 4 macros at your finger tips giving you creative control and innovation to tweak and match them to your artistic sound.

In addition, this release comes with 3 chart-topping construction kits, 293 powerful loops & 120 top notch stems, 55 engaging melodic & drum MIDI files & 19 crisp drum samples all production-ready for you to dive into and give you an edge in the music scene. 100% Royalty Free.

For this collection we designed a dedicated Cthulhu Bonus Pack – WALKER CHRDZ. Inside you’ll discover 24 creative Cthulhu presets with 3 & a half octaves of chords on every preset. All the white and black notes have been used with 1000 plus chords in all 12 keys.

Just imagine when you have access to the same quality of presets as all of the top producers, you’ll be playing around the world in no time!

Pack Details:

493 Total Files

3.5+ GBs
100% Royalty-Free

128 Xfer Serum Presets
22 Synths
21 Plucks
20 Basses
18 Pads
17 Leads
16 Keys
5 Guitars
3 Pianos
3 Voxs
2 ARPs
1 FX
4 Macros on every preset
Required Xfer Serum Version 1.242 or higher

24 Xfer Cthulhu Presets
42 Chords per Preset
1000+ Total Chords across 12 keys.
Major, Minor, Suspended 2 and 4, Add 9 and 11, 6th and 7th chords
Required Xfer Cthulhu Version 1.195 or higher

3 Construction Kits
Em 170 Bpm
Fm 170 Bpm
Gm 128 Bpm

293 Total Loops
245 Melodic Loops (WET & DRY)
42 Drum Loops
6 FX Loops

120 Total Stems
84 Melodic Stems (WET & DRY)
27 Drum Stems
9 FX Stems

38 Melodic MIDI
17 Drum MIDI

19 Total Drum Samples
7 Snares
3 Kicks
2 Crashes
2 Shakers
1 Hat
1 Clap
1 Percussion
1 Tom
1 Tambourine

Minimum version Required Xfer Serum Version 1.242 or higher. Required Xfer Cthulhu Version 1.195 or higher.
Number of sounds 152

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