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Melodix - for Elektron Digitakt.

Time to up your Digitakt game, Friends!

NOTE: All of the included wav one-shot samples will also work inside of any DAW or sampler that can load standard wav samples


A huge variety of melodic sounds are here, from thick techno bass hits to soft and delicate ambient synths.

This bank focuses mostly on shorter samples - to save on sample memory inside of the Digitakt and your sessions.

These are not “just samples”.  These are full sound presets which you can easily Browse/Preview/Scroll through and load to any track (Pad) or to the sound pool.

Sound design can sometimes slow down your writing process when creativity strikes - Give your Digitakt sound arsenal a boost!

Installing Melodix puts a wealth of new playable, melodic sounds instantly at your fingertips!


  • 128 Melodic Wav Samples
  • 128 Digitakt Sound Presets

Works with

Number of sounds 128

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