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Beyond the Illusion

SubsonicArtz and Triple Spiral Audio are very pleased to present you this exclusive new soundset:
Beyond the Illusion for U-he’s DIVA
Beyond the Illusion contains 128 patches and a few bonus patches.  The soundset is filled with soft, sad and melancholic sounds to see the beauty beyond the darkness. We have found our inspiration to create this soundset from the life around us and from some of our intimate experiences.
We wanted to create sounds with a soft, mysterious and mystique character that contains a deep emotional value.

The patches are divided as following:

21 AR (arpeggiated)
6  BS (basses)
5  FX (effects)
7  KY (keys)
6  LD (leads)
36 Pad (pads)
12 Pulse (pulses)
25 SC (soundscapes)
8  SY (synths)

All the patches have some sort of modulation control via the modwheel and/or aftertouch and the soundset is NKS ready. Diva 1.4.3 is recommend for optimal use.




Premium File Contents
AR - Come In.h2p
BS - Consolidation.h2p
KY - We won't get married.h2p
Pad - Going nowhere.h2p
Pad - Not like this.h2p
Pad - Pure soul.h2p
SC - Discordance.h2p
SC - Disillusion.h2p
SC - Reveries.h2p
./SubsonicArtz - Beyond the illusion:
AR - A long road.h2p
AR - Going my way.h2p
AR - Lace and ribbon.h2p
AR - Let me be.h2p
AR - Out of breath.h2p
AR - Sand of time.h2p
AR - Side memories.h2p
AR - Still remember you.h2p
AR - We share the same Horizon.h2p
AR - What is it like.h2p
BL - Nowhere.h2p
BL - Something behind you.h2p
BS - Fate again.h2p
FX - Electrical disturbances.h2p
FX - Inner demons.h2p
FX - Lost souls.h2p
FX - Mystical spirits.h2p
Pad - After the rain.h2p
Pad - After you.h2p
Pad - Do you believe.h2p
Pad - Emotional rescue.h2p
Pad - Golden memories.h2p
Pad - High there.h2p
Pad - I am here.h2p
Pad - In the end.h2p
Pad - In the name of love.h2p
Pad - In your heart.h2p
Pad - Inner peace.h2p
Pad - Never see you again.h2p
Pad - No limits.h2p
Pad - No lost paradise.h2p
Pad - Over the rainbow.h2p
Pad - Paris no more.h2p
Pad - The frozen rose.h2p
Pad - Those moments.h2p
Pad - Time to get lost.h2p
Pad - Unravel.h2p
Pulse - Dancing snowflakes.h2p
Pulse - Grey mood.h2p
Pulse - Holy place.h2p
Pulse - Into your eyes.h2p
Pulse - Leaves are falling down.h2p
Pulse - Leaving you.h2p
Pulse - One tear is falling.h2p
SC - Close your eyes.h2p
SC - Dust and Light.h2p
SC - Ethereal strings.h2p
SC - Fragmented.h2p
SC - Gone forever.h2p
SC - Hopelessness.h2p
SC - Illusion.h2p
SC - Light and Dust.h2p
SC - Look at yourself.h2p
SC - Mirage.h2p
SC - Once upon a time.h2p
SC - Opened eyes.h2p
SC - Over is over.h2p
SC - Shivering Ghosts.h2p
SC - So lonely.h2p
SC - Torched sky.h2p
SY - Lost in time.h2p
SY - On the wind perfume.h2p
SY - Please remember me.h2p
SY - Regrets.h2p
./Triple Spiral Audio - Beyond The Illusion:
AR - 18.39.h2p
AR - Afternoon Thoughts.h2p
AR - Do You Understand.h2p
AR - Engage.h2p
AR - Inside.h2p
AR - Mindset.h2p
AR - Nightshift.h2p
AR - ProtogÇ.h2p
AR - Thanks .h2p
AR - Understand.h2p
AR - Witness.h2p
BS - Forgotten Depths.h2p
BS - Last Time.h2p
BS - Losing Faith.h2p
BS - Nothing Else.h2p
BS - Reload.h2p
FX - Not Believing.h2p
KY - Come In.h2p
KY - Gathering Spirit.h2p
KY - Silvery.h2p
KY - So Sorry.h2p
KY - The Other Side.h2p
KY - When Ready.h2p
KY - Wondering.h2p
LD - Awaiting.h2p
LD - Dwelling.h2p
LD - Nothing Happened.h2p
LD - Out There.h2p
LD - Voyeur.h2p
LD - What If I Do.h2p
Pad - Afterlife.h2p
Pad - Beauty Within.h2p
Pad - Beloved.h2p
Pad - Black Kirk.h2p
Pad - Edge of Town.h2p
Pad - Evening Flow.h2p
Pad - Forming.h2p
Pad - Imagine.h2p
Pad - Inner Cold.h2p
Pad - Involved.h2p
Pad - Late November Mornings.h2p
Pad - Losing Faith.h2p
Pad - No Adventure.h2p
Pad - Replicant.h2p
Pad - Room Outside.h2p
Pad - You Tell Me.h2p
Pulse - Acronym.h2p
Pulse - Check Out.h2p
Pulse - I am fine.h2p
Pulse - Landed.h2p
Pulse - Transported.h2p
SC - Alone In The Dark.h2p
SC - Four Blocks.h2p
SC - I am sorry.h2p
SC - Late Fall.h2p
SC - Lost Decoy.h2p
SC - New Moon.h2p
SC - No Tomorrow.h2p
SC - Nothing Left.h2p
SC - When It's Over.h2p
SY - A Voice.h2p
SY - Listen.h2p
SY - On My Way.h2p
SY - Refused.h2p

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version 1.4.3
Number of sounds 128
Demo Download

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