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Diva Expressions - Diva Presets

New Loops presents Diva Expressions — a new collection of Diva presets. The goal was simple, create a pack of expressive presets for U-he Diva that are alive with analogue character and react to playing with velocity, aftertouch, and mod wheel. From expansive pads to beautiful synth keys, you'll find 8 arpeggios, 7 basses, 10 keys, 5 leads, 10 pads, and 10 plucks. Each preset is level matched, fully tagged, and with descriptions. These Diva presets suitable for many genres of electronic music including, ambient and chill, cinematic, soundtrack and film scores, electronica, synth music, game music, and also useful for trap, hip hop, future bass, house, techno, trance, and many more.

  • 50 U-he Diva presets
  • 8 arpeggios
  • 7 basses
  • 10 keys
  • 5 leads
  • 10 pads
  • 10 plucks
  • Mod wheel, velocity, aftertouch assigned
  • Categorised, tagged and level matched
  • Descriptions and usage tips
  • Includes NKS format


Works with

by U-He
Minimum version 1.4.3
Number of sounds 50
Demo Download

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