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DystopiArtz is designed to bring you an instant post-apocalyptic and dark science fiction ambiences. It'll bring the desolate, gritty, sinister, disonant or even melancholic feel you were looking for your movie or your game scores. But of course, DystopiArtz can also be used for other styles like EDM, Gothic music ...

To bring this project to life, we've been drawing inspiration from:

- old movies like Blade Runner, Planet of the apes, Logan's run, Brazil, Soylent Green...

- modern ones like Maze Runner, Oblivion, After earth, Divergent, Mad Max...

- TV shows like The walking dead, Fear the walking dead... 

- Video games (Fallout..)

- our own imagination...


- There are 129 carefully crafted presets in DIVA – DYSTOPIARTZ. (2 formats: .h2p and .nksf)

- The presets can be used with DIVA vsti or within Komplete Kontrol (nksf files).

- Installation instruction included.

- The patches : 24 AR (arpeggiators) , 5 BS (basses) , 3 DO (downers) , 

  18 FX (effects) , 4 KY (keys) , 26 PD (pads) , 3 RI (risers) , 24 SC

  (soundscapes) , 5 SQ (sequences)  , 17 SY (synths).

- The modwheel has an action on (almost) every patch for subtle or drastic

  changes on the sounds.

Grab your free demo pack with 10 patches.

Because we do love to share our passion with you...

 Fred Nongat.




Premium File Contents
DystopiArtz official.jpg.jpg
SubsonicArtz DystopiArtz manual.pdf.pdf
AR Ancient times.h2p.h2p
AR Artificial Intelligence.h2p.h2p
AR At the sanctuary.h2p.h2p
AR Automata.h2p.h2p
AR Babylon AD.h2p.h2p
AR Cyborg assassin.h2p.h2p
AR Divergent.h2p.h2p
AR Genotype profiling.h2p.h2p
AR Geodesic domes.h2p.h2p
AR Helium-3.h2p.h2p
AR Humanoid form.h2p.h2p
AR Intruders.h2p.h2p
AR Jordan Two Delta.h2p.h2p
AR Lincoln Six Echo.h2p.h2p
AR Metal endoskeleton.h2p.h2p
AR Minority report.h2p.h2p
AR Mutations.h2p.h2p
AR Old plastic doll's head.h2p.h2p
AR Out of time.h2p.h2p
AR The last fight.h2p.h2p
AR The Priests.h2p.h2p
AR The Strangers.h2p.h2p
AR The Time Machine.h2p.h2p
AR Umbrella Corp.h2p.h2p
BS Apes world.h2p.h2p
BS District 9.h2p.h2p
BS Escape from L.A.h2p.h2p
BS Fury road.h2p.h2p
BS Gattaca.h2p.h2p
DO Aeon Flux.h2p.h2p
DO Fusion Energy Generators.h2p.h2p
DO Future world.h2p.h2p
FX Chaotic particles.h2p.h2p
FX Cyber drones.h2p.h2p
FX Harvested humans.h2p.h2p
FX Human overpopulation.h2p.h2p
FX I Robot.h2p.h2p
FX Lost signals.h2p.h2p
FX Mega City One.h2p.h2p
FX Radioactive landscapes.h2p.h2p
FX Radioactive Swamp Things.h2p.h2p
FX Seek and destroy.h2p.h2p
FX Skynet is self aware.h2p.h2p
FX Terminate a runner.h2p.h2p
FX The Scorch.h2p.h2p
FX THX1138.h2p.h2p
FX Time out.h2p.h2p
FX Total Recall .h2p.h2p
FX Tyrell Corp.h2p.h2p
FX Westworld.h2p.h2p
KY Life clock Crystal.h2p.h2p
KY Methuselah Syndrome.h2p.h2p
KY Twelve Monkeys.h2p.h2p
KY Zardoz.h2p.h2p
PD 1984.h2p.h2p
PD Apes Forbidden Zone.h2p.h2p
PD At the sanctuary.h2p.h2p
PD Children of tomorrow.h2p.h2p
PD Cloud Atlas.h2p.h2p
PD Eywa's answer.h2p.h2p
PD Future Homeworld.h2p.h2p
PD Last plant on Earth .h2p.h2p
PD Like before.h2p.h2p
PD Lost city .h2p.h2p
PD Lost paradise.h2p.h2p
PD Memory of green.h2p.h2p
PD Metropolis.h2p.h2p
PD Neytiri's love.h2p.h2p
PD Night walkers.h2p.h2p
PD Out of oxygen.h2p.h2p
PD Safe.h2p.h2p
PD Solara.h2p.h2p
PD Soylent Green.h2p.h2p
PD Terminator's world.h2p.h2p
PD Terraformed space habitat .h2p.h2p
PD The colony.h2p.h2p
PD The Flare virus.h2p.h2p
PD The green place.h2p.h2p
PD There is still hope.h2p.h2p
PD Untouched .h2p.h2p
RI Dredd motorcycle.h2p.h2p
RI eXistenZ.h2p.h2p
RI The Scavengers.h2p.h2p
SC 12 Monkeys.h2p.h2p
SC Against the machines.h2p.h2p
SC Back from the dead.h2p.h2p
SC Book of Eli.h2p.h2p
SC City in ruins.h2p.h2p
SC Dark city.h2p.h2p
SC Darkseekers.h2p.h2p
SC Desert Hallucinations.h2p.h2p
SC Devastated.h2p.h2p
SC Enter the Maze.h2p.h2p
SC Fear the walking dead.h2p.h2p
SC Flesh earters.h2p.h2p
SC From the shadows.h2p.h2p
SC Industrial wasteland.h2p.h2p
SC Infested zone.h2p.h2p
SC Inside the Maze.h2p.h2p
SC Judgement day.h2p.h2p
SC Morlocks underworld.h2p.h2p
SC Out of Vault 111.h2p.h2p
SC Pandemic.h2p.h2p
SC Ruined Earth.h2p.h2p
SC Skynets machines.h2p.h2p
SC Subterranean shelter.h2p.h2p
SC The Governor's back room .h2p.h2p
SQ Logan's run.h2p.h2p
SQ Maze runners.h2p.h2p
SQ Overrun by walkers.h2p.h2p
SQ Panem's games.h2p.h2p
SQ Replicants run.h2p.h2p
SY After earth.h2p.h2p
SY Blade Runner units.h2p.h2p
SY Chappie.h2p.h2p
SY Children of Men.h2p.h2p
SY Children of tomorrow.h2p.h2p
SY Collapsed Civilization.h2p.h2p
SY Joe's Citadel.h2p.h2p
SY Loving EVE.h2p.h2p
SY Nexus 6.h2p.h2p
SY NS-5 robots.h2p.h2p
SY Outpost Con-Am 27.h2p.h2p
SY Replicant.h2p.h2p
SY Snake Plissken.h2p.h2p
SY The end of time.h2p.h2p
SY To be retired.h2p.h2p
SY Tyrell's world.h2p.h2p
SY War boys.h2p.h2p

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version 1.4.1
Number of sounds 129
Demo Download


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