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Nexus 49 is specially designed to pay a tribute to the sounds, music of the first Bladerunner movie but also to celebrate the forthcoming Bladerunner 2049. Nexus 49 will instantly make you dive into the futuristic city of LA 2049... This bank is a must have for all who love this so unique and special Vangelistic ambiences and sounds.


  • 138 presets to be used with DIVA vsti or within Komplete Kontrol (nksf files).
  • Requires the version 1.4.1 of DIVA. Installation instructions included.
  • The patches: 13 AR (Arpeggiators), 2 DR (Drums), 37 FX (Effects), 26 PD (Pads), 14 PL (Pulses), 1 RI (Riser), 26 SC (Soundscapes), 1 SQ (Sequence), 18 SY (Synths).

  • The modwheel has an action on (almost) every patch for subtle or drastic changes on the sounds.



With love

Fred Nongat


Premium File Contents
AR Disposable workforce.h2p
AR EMS Recombination 1.h2p
AR EMS Recombination 2.h2p
AR Full-grown newborn .h2p
AR Genetic Sequence.h2p
AR I did your job once.h2p
AR I was good at it.h2p
AR It's Artificial.h2p
AR Nexus 49.h2p
AR Rachael Dreams 1.h2p
AR Rachael Dreams 2.h2p
AR Rachael.h2p
AR What's human.h2p
DR Nexus 49-1.h2p
DR Nexus 49-2.h2p
FX LA 49 Streets 1.h2p
FX LA 49 Streets 2.h2p
FX LA 49 Streets 3.h2p
FX LA 49 Streets 4.h2p
FX LA 49 Streets 5.h2p
FX LA 49 Streets 6.h2p
FX LA 49 Streets 7.h2p
FX LA 49 Streets 8.h2p
FX LA 49 Streets 9.h2p
FX LAPD 49-1.h2p
FX LAPD 49-2.h2p
FX LAPD 49-3.h2p
FX LAPD 49-4.h2p
FX LAPD 49-5.h2p
FX Lookalike beings 1.h2p
FX Lookalike beings 2.h2p
FX Lookalike beings 3.h2p
FX Lookalike beings 4.h2p
FX Lookalike beings 5.h2p
FX Neo Tyrell Corp 1.h2p
FX Neo Tyrell Corp 2.h2p
FX Neo Tyrell Corp 3.h2p
FX Neo Tyrell Corp 4.h2p
FX Neo Tyrell Corp 5.h2p
FX Neo Tyrell Corp 6.h2p
FX Neo Tyrell Corp 7.h2p
FX Neo Tyrell Corp 8.h2p
FX Neo Tyrell Corp 9.h2p
FX Searching for Deckard 1.h2p
FX Searching for Deckard 2.h2p
FX Searching for Deckard 3.h2p
FX Searching for Deckard 4.h2p
FX Searching for Deckard 5.h2p
FX Searching for Deckard 6.h2p
FX Searching for Deckard 7.h2p
FX Searching for Deckard 8.h2p
FX Searching for Deckard 9.h2p
Nexus 49
PD Almost Human.h2p
PD Ambushed.h2p
PD Beauty of the past.h2p
PD Biorobotic androids.h2p
PD Cyborg or not cyborg.h2p
PD Emotional Response.h2p
PD Genetic designer.h2p
PD Going down and down.h2p
PD I believe i'm human.h2p
PD I've seen.h2p
PD Implants.h2p
PD It was simpler than.h2p
PD Like any other machine.h2p
PD Lost in time.h2p
PD Memories.h2p
PD Methuselah Syndrome.h2p
PD Nexus 2049.h2p
PD Premature aging disorder.h2p
PD Replicant Strings.h2p
PD Resonance from the past.h2p
PD So Fragile.h2p
PD Still alive.h2p
PD Take off.h2p
PD That's what we do here.h2p
PD We keep order.h2p
PD What is real.h2p
PL 4 Years Life Span.h2p
PL Alarm 1.h2p
PL Alarm 2.h2p
PL Alarm 3.h2p
PL Cyborg.h2p
PL False Memories .h2p
PL Futuristic City.h2p
PL Replicants Run 1.h2p
PL Replicants Run 2.h2p
PL Retirement.h2p
PL Robotic.h2p
PL There is an order to things.h2p
PL They are here.h2p
PL War between humans and replicants.h2p
RI Blade Horn.h2p
SC A long-buried secret.h2p
SC A wall that separates kind.h2p
SC Almost Human.h2p
SC Cutting like blade.h2p
SC Ex Nihilo.h2p
SC Former LAPD.h2p
SC Happy birthday.h2p
SC I can only make so many.h2p
SC Like tears.h2p
SC Lookalike beings.h2p
SC Neo Blade Runner.h2p
SC Neo Tyrell Corp.h2p
SC Off World 2.h2p
SC Off world 1.h2p
SC Off world wind.h2p
SC Replicant Orchestral .h2p
SC Replicant Orchestral 2.h2p
SC Replicant Orchestral 3.h2p
SC Replicant strings fx.h2p
SC Spinner .h2p
SC The story isn't over yet.h2p
SC There's still a page left.h2p
SC Tyrell experiments.h2p
SC Voight-Kampff.h2p
SC We are not slaves.h2p
SC You are special.h2p
SQ Neo end tittle.h2p
SY A key to the future .h2p
SY Are you real.h2p
SY Blade Runner 49.h2p
SY Blade Runner.h2p
SY Blade units.h2p
SY Broken toys .h2p
SY Hiding for reasons unknown.h2p
SY I want to ask you some questions.h2p
SY I've always told you.h2p
SY Like humans.h2p
SY Officer K.h2p
SY Old Nexus 6.h2p
SY Patrolling .h2p
SY Pleasure thing.h2p
SY Replicangelis 2.h2p
SY Replicangelis.h2p
SY So Fragile.h2p
SY What do you want.h2p
./Nexus 49:
SubsonicArtz Nexus 49 manual.pdf

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version 1.4.1
Number of sounds 138