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Nostalgic Circuits - 80's sounds for U-He Diva.

Nostalgic Circuits is a collection of 130 retro styled presets for U-he Diva, suitable for anyone who loves the sounds of the 70s and 80s. You'll find plenty of buttery, vintage ear-candy in here, useful for a very wide variety of musical genres, but all sounds having that distinctive old school character.

Premium File Contents
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BA Analog FM 1.h2p.h2p
BA Analog FM 2.h2p.h2p
BA Bassbiter.h2p.h2p
BA Bassburger.h2p.h2p
BA Classic Juno.h2p.h2p
BA Classic Saw Bass.h2p.h2p
BA Deep Ana.h2p.h2p
BA DigiAna.h2p.h2p
BA Doom Drone.h2p.h2p
BA Dragon Fruit.h2p.h2p
BA Echo Bass.h2p.h2p
BA Fingered Bass.h2p.h2p
BA Freshly Squeezed.h2p.h2p
BA Full Figured.h2p.h2p
BA Gritty MS.h2p.h2p
BA Jupiter Bass.h2p.h2p
BA Left Jab.h2p.h2p
BA Liquorice Flavor.h2p.h2p
BA Mongrel Moog.h2p.h2p
BA New Wave.h2p.h2p
BA Ozone Scent.h2p.h2p
BA Prime Cut Beef.h2p.h2p
BA Quantum Bits.h2p.h2p
BA Rebound.h2p.h2p
BA Red Hue.h2p.h2p
BA Rezzo Wow Bass.h2p.h2p
BA Ring Mod Bass.h2p.h2p
BA Simple Sub.h2p.h2p
BA Sulfur.h2p.h2p
BA Supersize Me.h2p.h2p
BA Wow Bass.h2p.h2p
BA X Rated.h2p.h2p
BL Alpha Bells.h2p.h2p
BL Analog Chimes.h2p.h2p
BL Analog Marimba.h2p.h2p
BL Asian Bells.h2p.h2p
BL Drain Tunnels.h2p.h2p
BL Heaven_s Bliss.h2p.h2p
BL Sugar Treats.h2p.h2p
BL Sweet Bells.h2p.h2p
BL Zen Bells.h2p.h2p
BR Analog Orchestra.h2p.h2p
BR Bass Sax.h2p.h2p
BR Sax Section.h2p.h2p
BR Solo Trumpet.h2p.h2p
BR Staccato Brass.h2p.h2p
BR Vintage Brass 1.h2p.h2p
BR Vintage Brass 2.h2p.h2p
BR Vintage Brass 3.h2p.h2p
CH Chord With Teeth (Min).h2p.h2p
FX Classic Riser 1.h2p.h2p
FX Classic Riser 2.h2p.h2p
FX Dubspace.h2p.h2p
FX Psionic Rocket.h2p.h2p
FX Purple Urkle.h2p.h2p
FX Reggae Blips.h2p.h2p
KB Analog Organ 1.h2p.h2p
KB Analog Organ 2.h2p.h2p
KB Church Organ.h2p.h2p
KB Crystalline E Piano.h2p.h2p
KB Glass Harpsi.h2p.h2p
LD 60s Fuzz Tone.h2p.h2p
LD 80s Poly Lead.h2p.h2p
LD Alpha Jay.h2p.h2p
LD Alpha Juno BP.h2p.h2p
LD Analog Vowel.h2p.h2p
LD Arp Food 1.h2p.h2p
LD Arp Food 2.h2p.h2p
LD BiFilter.h2p.h2p
LD Blue Sunday.h2p.h2p
LD Brassy Solo.h2p.h2p
LD Dadaist Abstraction.h2p.h2p
LD Draft Sucks (Divine Rules!).h2p.h2p
LD Dusty Filters.h2p.h2p
LD Funkatronic.h2p.h2p
LD Funky LFO.h2p.h2p
LD Fuzzy Wuzzy.h2p.h2p
LD Haunting Melody.h2p.h2p
LD Hip Hop Rez.h2p.h2p
LD Hip Hop Worm.h2p.h2p
LD Lightwave.h2p.h2p
LD Needs Repairs.h2p.h2p
LD Peppermint Sync.h2p.h2p
LD Plucked Moog.h2p.h2p
LD Purple Sky.h2p.h2p
LD Retro 5ths.h2p.h2p
LD Retro Plucks.h2p.h2p
LD Rock Sync.h2p.h2p
LD Screaming MS.h2p.h2p
LD Set To Devine.h2p.h2p
LD SID Arps.h2p.h2p
LD Sizzle Fry.h2p.h2p
LD Smell The Raunch.h2p.h2p
LD So Creamy!.h2p.h2p
LD Summer Drive.h2p.h2p
LD Teardrops.h2p.h2p
LD Techno Saw Lead.h2p.h2p
LD Thick Moog.h2p.h2p
PD Blue Mist.h2p.h2p
PD Dreamscape.h2p.h2p
PD Fifth Pad.h2p.h2p
PD Ice Crystals.h2p.h2p
PD Jupiter 8 Pad.h2p.h2p
PD Liquid Alpha Juno.h2p.h2p
PD Melting Watches.h2p.h2p
PD Modded Alpha J.h2p.h2p
PD Multiverse Nexus.h2p.h2p
PD Padded Cell.h2p.h2p
PD Painful Memory.h2p.h2p
PD Penumbra.h2p.h2p
PD The Machine Meditates.h2p.h2p
PD Vintage Voices.h2p.h2p
PD Wavefunction.h2p.h2p
ST Dynamic Violins.h2p.h2p
ST Vintage Strings 1.h2p.h2p
ST Vintage Strings 2.h2p.h2p
ST Vintage Strings 3.h2p.h2p
ST Vintage Strings 4.h2p.h2p
SY 80s Rock Poly.h2p.h2p
SY Ambient Bliss.h2p.h2p
SY Dusty Oscillators.h2p.h2p
SY Jovian Moon.h2p.h2p
SY Meditation Raga.h2p.h2p
SY Ones And Zeros.h2p.h2p
SY Sonar Melody.h2p.h2p
SY Space Cadet.h2p.h2p
SY Star Castles.h2p.h2p
SY Strobe Poly.h2p.h2p
SY Sunrise.h2p.h2p
SY Vintage Polysynth.h2p.h2p

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 130

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