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'Nitro' expansion for FL Drumaxx/Drumpad

Our Nitro soundpack contains 140 fresh and brand new drum patches and 10 drum kits for both Drumaxx and FL Drumpad. This collection of sounds covers all genres - Oldschool, House, Techno, Funk, Hip Hop, Glitch, IDM, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Space music and more! 


About the Producer:

Bryan 'Xenos' Lee has worked as a sound designer for such developers as Native Instruments, Cakewalk, Camel Audio, U-he, Rob Papen, Image-Line and more.  

Premium File Contents
How to Install.txt.txt
Get more sounds here....txt.txt
Acoustic Kit.dmkit.dmkit
Dirty South.dmkit.dmkit
Dub Techno.dmkit.dmkit
Dubstep Kit.dmkit.dmkit
Electro Kit.dmkit.dmkit
Fusion Kit.dmkit.dmkit
Glitch Kit.dmkit.dmkit
Human Beatbox.dmkit.dmkit
Industrial Strength.dmkit.dmkit
Oldschool Rap.dmkit.dmkit
Scary Movie.dmkit.dmkit
Vinyl Breaks.dmkit.dmkit
BD 909 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD 909 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD 909 3.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD 909 Gritty.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Acoustic 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Acoustic 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Acoustic 3.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Acoustic 4.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Acoustic 5.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Acoustic 6.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Acoustic 7.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Acoustic 8.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Artificial.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Bassy.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Concert Hall.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD DnB Kick 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD DnB Kick 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD DnB Kick 3.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Dragon Punch.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Dubstep Kick 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Dubstep Kick 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Dubstep Kick 3.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Dubstep Kick 4.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Electro.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Glitch Kick 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Glitch Kick 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Hard Kick.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Hardcore.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Hip Hop Kick 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Hip Hop Kick 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Hip Hop Kick 3.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Hip Hop Kick 4.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Hip Hop Kick 5.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Human Beatbox 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Human Beatbox 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD King Tubby.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Laser Kick.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Lowball.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Muffled.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Nu Dub.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Resonant.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Standard.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Stomper.dmpatch.dmpatch
BD Thud.dmpatch.dmpatch
CL Dirty Claps.dmpatch.dmpatch
CL Hall Claps.dmpatch.dmpatch
CL Human Beatbox.dmpatch.dmpatch
CL Lo-Fi Clapz.dmpatch.dmpatch
CL Phat Click.dmpatch.dmpatch
CY Beatbox Crash.dmpatch.dmpatch
CY Chaos Cymbol.dmpatch.dmpatch
CY Dark Crash.dmpatch.dmpatch
CY Lite Crash.dmpatch.dmpatch
CY Petite Ride.dmpatch.dmpatch
CY Sizzle Cymbol.dmpatch.dmpatch
CY Trash Ride.dmpatch.dmpatch
HH Acoustic 1 - Closed.dmpatch.dmpatch
HH Acoustic 1 - Open.dmpatch.dmpatch
HH Acoustic 2 - Closed.dmpatch.dmpatch
HH Acoustic 2 - Open.dmpatch.dmpatch
HH Beatbox - Closed.dmpatch.dmpatch
HH Beatbox - Open.dmpatch.dmpatch
HH Electronic - Closed.dmpatch.dmpatch
HH Electronic - Open.dmpatch.dmpatch
HH Techno - Closed.dmpatch.dmpatch
HH Techno - Open.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Beatbox Scratch 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Beatbox Scratch 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Bottle Blow.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Conga Mute.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Conga.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Electro Conga Hi.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Electro Conga Lo.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Electro Conga Mt.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Glitch Rattle.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Harsh Noise Hit.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Impulse.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Leaky Faucet.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Malevolent Metal.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Realistic Cowbell.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Scary Hit.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Silicon Fart.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Space Percussion 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Space Percussion 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Steeldrum_C.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Tribal Drum 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Tribal Drum 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Tribal Drum 3.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Tribal Drum 4.dmpatch.dmpatch
PR Xylo_C.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN 80s Phat Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Acoustic 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Acoustic 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Acoustic 3.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Acoustic 4.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Acoustic 5.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Acoustic Rimshot.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Aggressive Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Arctic Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Beefy.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Bold Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Concert Hall.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN DnB Snare 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN DnB Snare 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN DnB Snare 3.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Dubstep Snare 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Dubstep Snare 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Dubstep Snare 3.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Gated Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Glitch Rimshot.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Glitch Snare 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Glitch Snare 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Grime Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN High Strung.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Human Beatbox 1.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Human Beatbox 2.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Human Rimshot.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN In Ya Face.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Laser Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Lite Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Lo-Fi Rimshot.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Nu 80s.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Petite Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Piccolo Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Pipsqueak.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Rage Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Ring Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Rough Piccolo.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Short Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Skinny Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Smack Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Snappy Mids.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Steam Punk.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Street Beatz.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Whack Snare.dmpatch.dmpatch
SN Wire Fence.dmpatch.dmpatch
TM Acoustic.dmpatch.dmpatch
TM Bucket Tom.dmpatch.dmpatch
TM Electronic.dmpatch.dmpatch
TM Noisy Simmons.dmpatch.dmpatch

Works with

Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 140

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