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*This is a riduculously special sound injection!* 

A new life for your beautiful red beast!

326 custom sounds - hand-crafted by Dean Daughters (Prizm Prime).

64-new patterns.



If Underground Techno, Dub Techno, Chilled Bass Music, Abstract DnB, Big Beat, Lo-Fi Techno, Hard Underground Techno, Chemical Beat, Lo-Fi House, IDM, Deep Beats and Late-Night-White-Label-House are the vibes you're into? You've just found a secret sonic treasure chest!

This is an *all-new-bank* for this vintage sampler/groovebox, and it removes all of the original factory content.

I wrote 64 new patterns for you to copy, dissect, mangle, remix, tweak, chop, sample, make new tracks with and generally get new inspiration from.

As a *BONUS*, I also included all 18 patterns from the "Full Track Example" video I made!

Check out the videos and audio demos!

Adrenalize is absolutely overflowing with: kick drums, hats, snares, claps, stretch and slice loops, chords, basses, fx and percussion. There is a HUGE variety of sounds represented here, so you'll be able to make everything from super chilled, downtempo dub techno - all the way up to hi tempo funky-house workouts and even Lo-Fi DnB, breakbeats and bass-music beats!

These drum sounds are totally fresh and super punchy!

There are hard and slamming kicks, mysterious dark vinyl kicks, exploding distorted analog kicks, mellow kicks, phat kicks, bright kicks, long kicks, short kicks, clean kicks, filthy kicks - All kinds of kicks!  The hats, claps, percussion and snares have all been painstakingly individually EQ'd and will cut right through your mix!

All available sampling time inside of the ESX-1 is utilized.  (There is less than half a second of sampling time remaining once this bank is installed.)

It is very easy to back up your entire unit and install this bank.  (See the installation video!)

The Elektron Analog Heat MKII was used extensively throughout the creation and recording process of these new sounds, and it gives this ESX-1 sound bank - well, some serious "Analog Heat"! Oh Yeah!

My favorite key to write in is Fminor. This pack contains 48 chord samples, which are *all* tuned to Fminor.  You can write in other keys than Fminor with this pack, but the included chord sounds are most usable when writing in the key of Fminor.

MONO SAMPLES (256 total)

  • Basses - 36 
  • Chords (all tuned to Fminor) - 20
  • Claps - 12
  • Closed Hats - 25
  • FX - 10
  • Kicks - 28
  • Open Hats - 10
  • Percussion - 20
  • Rides - 5
  • Rims - 5
  • Shakers - 6
  • Slice Loops - 15
  • Snares - 17
  • Synths - 35
  • Toms - 11
  • STEREO SAMPLES (70 total)
  • Basses - 2
  • Chords (all tuned to Fminor) - 28
  • FX - 7
  • Kicks - 6
  • Pads - 2
  • Stretch Loops - 15
  • Snares - 8
  • Synths - 2

COMPATIBILITY: This pack will only work inside of the Electribe ESX-1, it will not load into any other model of Electribe.   The wav samples will also work inside of *any* DAW or hardware that accepts standard wav samples.

Works with

Number of sounds 64

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