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1750 Presets : Native Instruments Bundle

Patchmaker is excited to announce “1750 Presets:Native Instruments” bundle, an epic collection of high quality presets, for advanced music production.
Expect to find future bass leads, trap basses, dubstep wobbles, bigroom brasses, beautiful ambient pads, sharp sound effects, drums and percussion and etc… this is an absolutely Any-Genre pack,that will took a lot of your time to explore this huge amount of presets, so prepare yourself to stay in the studio for a weeks!
Grab the full bundle today and put some new inspiration and high quality sounds into your music!

The following products are included in this collection:

  • 500 PRESETS:FM8

and  PRISM pack that contains 250 presets for Native Instruments:PRISM!

NI Massive patch list:

  • WOBBLE 179 presets
  • SYN 100 presets
  • BASS 73 presets
  • PAD 24 presets
  • PLUCK 22 presets
  • ARP & SEQUENCES 48 presets
  • SFX 26 presets
  • LEAD 16 presets
  • PERCUSSIVE 12 presets

NOTE: You will need “NI Massive version 1.3 or higher”

NI Razor patch list:

  • BASS 82 presets
  • WOBBLE 88 presets
  • SYN 66 presets
  • LEAD 23 presets
  • PAD 21 presets
  • PERCUSSIVE 21 presets
  • PLUCK 13 presets
  • AMBIENT 32 presets
  • VOICE 6 presets
  • SFX 115 presets
  • BELL 12 presets
  • ARP & SEQUENCES 21 presets

NOTE: You will need “REAKTOR” version 5 or higher or “REAKTOR PLAYER”, and “RAZOR” version 1.3 or higher to be able to use these presets.

NI FM8 patch list:

  • BASS 63 presets
  • WOBBLE 57 presets
  • SYN 113 presets
  • LEAD 32 presets
  • PAD 41 presets
  • PERCUSSIVE 27 presets
  • PLUCK 38 presets
  • AMBIENT 16 presets
  • SFX 40 presets
  • ARP & SEQUENCES 73 presets

NOTE: You will need FM8 synthesizer version 1.3 or higher to be able to use these presets.

NI PRISM patch list:

  • BASS 15 presets
  • WOBBLE 24 presets
  • SYN 71 presets
  • LEAD 22 presets
  • PAD 29 presets
  • PERCUSSIVE 28 presets
  • PLUCK 15 presets
  • SFX 30 presets
  • ARP & SEQUENCES 2 presets

NOTE: You will need Reaktor PRISM version 1.2 or higher to be able to use these presets.

Premium File Contents
AMBIENT Amazon River.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Before Chaos.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Black Reach.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Deep.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Forest Of Dreams II.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Forest Of Dreams.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Hotel Overlook.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Illness.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Invisible.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Morph II.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Morph.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Night Breath.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Panic.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Planetarium.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Silent Night.nfm8.nfm8
AMBIENT Time.nfm8.nfm8
ARP 9 Bit.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Acid.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Amp.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Analog.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Animals.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Ants.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Attack.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Bazar.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Books.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Broken Circuit.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Bubbles II.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Bubbles.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Cartoon Investigator.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Clockworks II.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Clockworks III.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Clockworks.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Complextro II.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Complextro III.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Complextro IV.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Complextro V.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Complextro.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Countdown.nfm8.nfm8
ARP C-Radio.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Criminal Mind.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Dr.Mario.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Drugs.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Drummer.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Electronic Machine.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Etiquette.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Forgotten Forest.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Funky Donkey.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Futuristik Mnml.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Garage.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Great Wall II.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Great Wall.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Happy Friends.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Horses.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Into The Wild.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Investigation Movie.nfm8.nfm8
ARP It's A Trap.nfm8.nfm8
ARP La Fuente.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Midnight Club.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Modern E.D.M.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Modern House.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Modern Trance II.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Modern Trance.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Money.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Movie 20s Funny Moment.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Movie 20s.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Movie 21s.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Music 30s.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Naughty Boy.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Naughty Girl.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Numbers.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Old Techno.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Percussion.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Police Story.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Psycho.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Psychotropic.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Pursuit.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Rambo.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Rewind.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Saw N.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Sawfilters.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Sewer.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Short Noises.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Sineworld.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Skyscraper.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Street Thief.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Sugar Man.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Tik Tok.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Toys Factory.nfm8.nfm8
ARP Xylophone.nfm8.nfm8
BASS 1912.nfm8.nfm8
BASS '8 Bit' Saws.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Attack.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Bad Freq.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Black Face.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Broken Mirror.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Changing Dimension.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Channel 41.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Classic Saw II.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Classic Saw.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Classic Supersaws.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Contrabass.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Country.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Deep Throat.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Dirty Throat.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Epic Env.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Evolving Dirtiness.nfm8.nfm8
BASS FM Screams.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Fuel.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Full Clip.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Furious II.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Furious.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Galaxy.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Garage.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Greeze.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Guitarsaw.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Hardphase.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Killer Machine.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Low Phaser.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Madness.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Magic.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Modern 303.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Modern Analog.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Modern Talking.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Monophobia.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Multisines.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Mushroom.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Natural.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Noise Synced.nfm8.nfm8
BASS NoiZed II.nfm8.nfm8
BASS NoiZed.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Overlaugh.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Overload II.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Overload.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Pixel Journey II.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Pixel Journey.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Pixel Noize.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Pseudo Talk.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Quake.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Rawer.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Real Steel.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Retro Space.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Rise Of The Machines.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Sandbox.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Sawah.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Scream.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Short Square.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Sick Pitchbend.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Sub II.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Sub.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Suffer.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Total Madness.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Z Style.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD 80s Chords.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD 80s.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD A Good Old Saw.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Acid Saws.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Acivox II.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Acivox.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Amusement park.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Angry Duck.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Autopitch.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Basic Chords.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Bubbletube.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Croatoan.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Dynamism.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Furious Duck.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Ghosts Everywhere!!!.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Green Party.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Hardsync II.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Hardsync.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Highpass.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Hipster Chords.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Little Pitch.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Moogvox.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Moogy Resosquare.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Naughty Boy.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Red II.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Red.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Saw & Square.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Smile.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Sonic Monster.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Sweat.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Triangle.nfm8.nfm8
LEAD Tron.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Ancient Moon.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Antique Painting.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Cyber War.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Dead Souls.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Dente di Sega Strings.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Doubt.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Earth Is So Far.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Fallen Angel.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Fantasy Movie 1920s.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Far Space.nfm8.nfm8
PAD From Paradise To Purgatory.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Green Island.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Halloween.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Heaven Rain.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Heavy Softness.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Hopeless.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Last Light.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Loom.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Madness.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Midnight Butterfly.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Milky Way.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Monotonia.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Morning.nfm8.nfm8
PAD No Sync.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Orchestral Suspense.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Organ 2099.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Paradiso Terrestre.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Pixel Journey.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Polyresosaws.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Pure Voice.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Purification.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Sad Man.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Saw Dream.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Semistrings.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Shell Shocked.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Sleep.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Tempest.nfm8.nfm8
PAD The Dirty Streets Of Paris.nfm8.nfm8
PAD The Woman In Black.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Under Wave.nfm8.nfm8
PAD Village.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Basic Kick.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Bo.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Bubble Drums.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Caves.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Comix Hihat.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Digital Snare.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Distorted Kick.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Dot II.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Dot.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Feedback Hihat II.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Feedback Hihat.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Glitches.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Happy Drums.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Kick Synced.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Lazer Clap.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Lazer Hihat.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Randomhat.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Short Phase.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Simple Clap.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Simple Metal.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Skrllx Snare.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Tamburo.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Tubes.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Void Hihat.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE White Snare.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Wild West Clap.nfm8.nfm8
PERCUSSIVE Wrong!!!.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Acid House.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Ant.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Bazar.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Belladonna.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Bird.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Boiler Room.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Bottle Stab.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Cartoon 40s.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Christmas Piano.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK C-Piano.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Criminal Justice.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Dirt.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Disney Tales.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK E.D.M 1899.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Guitar Stab.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Guitbell.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Hospital.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Maldives Sand.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Mario Journey.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Mario Key.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Midnight Sweep.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Miss East.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Noise&Bell.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Old Times.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK 'One Synth' House.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Organoid.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Plastic Man.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Porcelain.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Presentation.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Pulse II.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Pulse III.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Pulse.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Resquare.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Sakura.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK The Ripper.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Vikings.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Wood.nfm8.nfm8
PLUCK Wounded Chihuahua.nfm8.nfm8
SFX 00110101.nfm8.nfm8
SFX A Music Behind The Wall.nfm8.nfm8
SFX A Noisy Phone Line.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Airport.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Amp.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Arctic Breath.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Blackout.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Broken Minijack.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Broken Robot.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Broken Submarine Radar.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Broken TV.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Burned Plastic.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Caves.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Criminal City.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Dead Space.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Futuristic Motorbike.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Generator.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Ice Storm.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Metalworking.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Minimoog Noises.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Moog Storm.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Mosquito.nfm8.nfm8
SFX New Signal.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Noises 1899s.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Noises 1939s.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Quasar.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Radioactive Storm.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Rain.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Revernoise.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Setting Channels.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Sewer.nfm8.nfm8
SFX So Far.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Spectrum.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Strange Noise II.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Strange Noise III.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Strange Noise.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Submarine.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Two Feedback.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Underwater City.nfm8.nfm8
SFX Wheels.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Acid Stab.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Alien Invasion.nfm8.nfm8
SYN All' Improvviso Chords.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Angry Clown.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Arcade Coins II.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Arcade Coins.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Axe.nfm8.nfm8
SYN BASS Off.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Black Cat.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Blade.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Boomerang II.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Boomerang.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Brass Pipes.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Broken Notes.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Broken Piano.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Buried.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Candy Girl.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Carimba.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Clock Stab.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Complicate.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Compression.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Contagion.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Crime Scene.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Deep Ocean 70s.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Depressed.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Dot Duck.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Drug Dealer.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Dubstep Rise.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Ducking.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Dutchouse.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Dynamikstep.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Electric Drop.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Evil Cartoons.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Feed Us.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Female Semivoice.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Fire!!!.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Get Lucky.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Ghosts Of The Metro.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Glitch Pop.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Glitches.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Gong.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Happy Cat.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Heaven Stab.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Hi Tech.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Hi!.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Hidden Things.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Horn.nfm8.nfm8
SYN House Stab II.nfm8.nfm8
SYN House Stab.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Ibiza Stab.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Illusions.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Laughing Clown II.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Laughing Clown.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Level Up.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Lightyear.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Lo Tech.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Locomotive.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Lost Files.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Lowpassing.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Misteriosa.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Modern Brass.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Mohawke Chords.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Mousehunt II.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Mousehunt Stab.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Mousehunt.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Nature.nfm8.nfm8
SYN N-Piano Sync.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Old Times.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Old Watches.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Opening Cinematic.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Paparazzi.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Parasite.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Pink Dreams.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Plane.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Punkbot.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Pure Chord.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Radioactive Mushrooms.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Random Chords.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Reflection.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Rise Chords.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Sand Noise.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Sands Of Persia.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Sawfilter Stab.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Saw's Origins.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Sforzamento.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Shorcid.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Shord.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Short Throat.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Sin City.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Sines.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Smoke.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Smooth Stab.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Soft Square.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Speed.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Squares.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Stick.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Storm In Heaven.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Storm.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Suicide.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Synced Stab.nfm8.nfm8
SYN The Mouth.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Train.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Tremosynth.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Two Souls.nfm8.nfm8
SYN UFO.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Unisono.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Vanilla.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Viohorn.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Water Stab.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Welcome To Opera.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Wood.nfm8.nfm8
SYN Woodpecker.nfm8.nfm8
SYN You Lose.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE 8 bit.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Angry Theeth.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Another Angry Hungry.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Basic Filtering.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Boiler Room.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Candyland.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Chorus.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Cream Boy.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Crowbar.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Daft.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Detune.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Dirty FM.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Dirty S&H.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Dirty Throat.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Dist & Filt.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE F1.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Finale.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Flt.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Frequencies.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Fuel.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Funky.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Grey.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Heavy Dirt.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Hellhounds.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE High.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Maths.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Moog Feedback.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE No Wah.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE NoiZe II.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE NoiZe.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Old Skool II.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Old Skool III.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Old Skool.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Phazeroid.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Piggy.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Pitchback.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Pussy Cat.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE PWM.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Raver.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Reactor.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Runaway.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE S&H.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Screamer Emulation.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE So Arabic.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Softpitch.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Sonic Evolution.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Style N.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Triangle.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Tube A.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Tubes.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Underwater.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Uninoise.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Vapor.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Virus.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Watchmaker.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE White Rabbit.nfm8.nfm8
WOBBLE Xmas Present.nfm8.nfm8
BASS Acid Dude II.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Acid Dude.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Ages.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Angry Child II.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Angry Child.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Angry Woman.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Arabic.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Arctic Wind.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Back&There.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Bird.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Brabubed.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Chorus.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Classic II.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Classic.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Crunch.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Cut The Bit.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Darkness.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Destroy Them.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Drop The Bass II.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Drop The Bass.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Dungeon.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Dynamism.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Electric Cream.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Electric.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Evil Bandcut.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Fat Troll.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Fatness.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Flanged Woa.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Freq.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Frx.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Full PWM.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Gold.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Groan.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Juicy Line.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Lightyear.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Lowup.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Mad People.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Metasaw.nmsv.nmsv
BASS MF Bass II.nmsv.nmsv
BASS MF Bass.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Monkey.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Murder.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Noised Distorion II.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Noised Distorion.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Notch.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Old.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Paranoia.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Polysaw.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Punch Out.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Rage.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Raw.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Reducer.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Sand.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Sausage.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Saws & D Notch.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Scream.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Silver & Iron.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Simple Acid.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Sleep Of Reason.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Solid.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Sub II.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Sub.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Tchau.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Teeth.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Torment.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Toy.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Wassup.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Z Bass.nmsv.nmsv
BASS&LEAD Unxpected.nmsv.nmsv
BASS&SEQUENCE Dicembre.nmsv.nmsv
BASS&WOBBLE Doomsday.nmsv.nmsv
BASS&WOBBLE Judge.nmsv.nmsv
BASS&WOBBLE Madness.nmsv.nmsv
BELL Simple.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Basic.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Candy Zombies.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Ducking.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Ducky Duck II.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Ducky Duck III.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Ducky Duck.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Dutchhouse.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Game Start.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD JC.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Piu.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Rainbow.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Silent Allarm.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Subcream.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Wait.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD&PLUK Analog Things.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD&WOBBLE Classic.nmsv.nmsv
Organ Electric Feel.nmsv.nmsv
PAD 1921.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Ancient Sun.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Ancient.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Ario.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Dirty Love.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Drunken.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Electric Paradise.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Forgotten II.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Forgotten Land.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Forgotten.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Garden.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Nowhere.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Oblivion.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Planetarium.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Red Test Room.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Riddler.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Semivox.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Simple Hopeless.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Simple Space.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Subbed Dream.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Terminal.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Test Room.nmsv.nmsv
PAD White Test Room.nmsv.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Amp Hihat.nmsv.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Brighted Hihat.nmsv.nmsv
PErCUSSIVE Chucky.nmsv.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Electro Kick.nmsv.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Kicked Hihat.nmsv.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Metal 2 Hihat.nmsv.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Metal Hihat.nmsv.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Noised Hihat.nmsv.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Overload Kick.nmsv.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Paper Cut Hihat.nmsv.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Strange Hihat.nmsv.nmsv
PERCUSSIVE Water Pipes Hihat.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Annoing.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Back Home.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Bongo.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Deep Inside.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Eastern.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Full Depth.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Hey Wassup Duck.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Level.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Medievil.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Metalloid.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Modern Age.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Pluckorgan.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Semicry.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Simple.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Smpl Trnc.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Temple II.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Temple.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Trance.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Wild East.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK&BASS True Saw.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK&BASS&WOBBLE Multilang.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Bells.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Modern Walking.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE A New Sequence.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Analog Mod.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Analog.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Boss Distortion.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Broken Walkman.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Bubbles.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Candy Girl.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE CCCP Toys.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Clash Of Flangers.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Comics.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Crack The System.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Deep.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Digital Xyolophone.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Ducky Duck.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Eco.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Electric Noise.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Forgotten Things.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Forgotten Universe.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Full LFO.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Grey.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Kid.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Little Lurk.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Little Man.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE M.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Miracolo.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Modern Walking.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Moon.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Mouse Trap.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Mr Talk.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Mysterious Shakers.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Nightmare.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Noised Beats.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Numbers.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Random Steps.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Reborn.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Resopitching.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Revebered S&H.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Sewer.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Streets.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Synced Saw.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Time.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Tr Ta Ta 2.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Tr Ta Ta.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Under City.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Voicer II.nmsv.nmsv
SEQUENCE Voicer.nmsv.nmsv
SFX & WOBBBLE Alien Invasion.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Alien Talking.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Arctic Wind.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Basic Rise.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Broken S&H Filter.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Bugs Everywere!!!.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Caverns.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Flngr.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Glitch.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Glitched LFO.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Kicked Tune.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Mad Wobble.nmsv.nmsv
SFX NoiZe 1.nmsv.nmsv
SFX NoiZe 2.nmsv.nmsv
SFX NoiZe 3.nmsv.nmsv
SFX NoiZe 4.nmsv.nmsv
SFX NoiZe 5 After Apocalypse.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Open Space.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Popcorn.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Radar.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Rush Hour.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Silent Killer.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Silent Noise.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Void Noise.nmsv.nmsv
SFX War.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Water Flowing.nmsv.nmsv
SYN 8 bit.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Abbandoned UFO.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Abyss.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Acid.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Alone In The Light.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Ancient Sun.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Angry Man.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Atmobble.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Aurora.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Bam.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Basic Epic Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Bass Control.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Bass Off 2.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Bass Off 3.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Bass Off.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Beautiful Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Blizzard.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Broken Organ.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Bubble Drop.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Candy.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Chance.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Citadel.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Come On Boy.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Compressed.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Crash Day.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Cryostasis.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Dirty Positiv.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Dream Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Dreams.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Eastern.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Epic Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Euphoria Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Evil Lurk.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Female Semivox Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Flanged Organ.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Fortess.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Full Shift.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Ghosts.nmsv.nmsv
SYN House Stab 1.nmsv.nmsv
SYN House Stab 2.nmsv.nmsv
SYN House Stab 3.nmsv.nmsv
SYN House Stab 4.nmsv.nmsv
SYN House Stab 5.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Inner Peace.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Leprikon.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Limbo.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Little Cat.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Little Formant.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Madness.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Magic.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Modern Conversation.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Modern Walking.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Mysterious Bells.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Mystetious Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Mystetious.nmsv.nmsv
SYN NoiZed Step.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Nuke.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Paradise I.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Paradise II.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Peace.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Predator.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Pseudovox Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Reason.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Rooster Run.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Saw Chord.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Scene.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Scream.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Seminfernal Talk.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Semivox Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Silver Dream.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Simple Double Notch.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Sleepless.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Sonic.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Stepped Analog.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Stepped Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Stepped Glitch.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Strange Synth.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Supersaws Sea.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Supersaws.nmsv.nmsv
SYN There & Back.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Tired.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Tremolox.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Troll.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Twisted Bottle.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Viper Chords.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Voxcratch.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Wassup I.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Wassup II.nmsv.nmsv
SYN What A Twist.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Whilste.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Wobble Dream.nmsv.nmsv
SYN&BASS Saw Bandpass.nmsv.nmsv
SYN&BASS Scrimer.nmsv.nmsv
SYN&LEAD&SFX Dawn.nmsv.nmsv
SYN&PAD Judgement Day.nmsv.nmsv
SYN&SEQUENCE Forgotten World.nmsv.nmsv
SYN&WOBBLE Oceanarium 1971.nmsv.nmsv
SYN&WOBBLE She.nmsv.nmsv
SYN&WOBBLE Sinister.nmsv.nmsv
SYN&WOBBLE Xmas Present.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Driver.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE 1912.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE 1913.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE 1980.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE 8 Bit Games II.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE 8 Bit Games.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Acid.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Advanced Screamer.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Analitch.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Analog.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Angry Children.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Angry Kangoroo.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Angry Lights.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Angry Man.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Angry MT.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Angry Noise.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Angry Rooster.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Another Tune.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Arcade Mode II.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Arcade Mode.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Automated Flanger.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Awakening.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Bandreject.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Basic.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Beat It.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Before Crying.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Bells&S&H.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Black Room.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Black Xmas.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Black&Black.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Broken Noise.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Brostep.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Cat Fight.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Chromed Square.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Classic Scream.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Coin.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Colors.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Complex.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Crush.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Cybernetic War.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Daddy.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Death.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Deep Throat.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Demon&Devil.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Depression.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Digital Balalaika.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Digital Strings.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Dirt II.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Dirt.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Dirty Square.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Dog Bark.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Double Ducking.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Driver II.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Drowning.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Dubbark.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Duck Bay.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Ducky Duck 2.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Ducky Duck.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Dynamic Wave.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Earthquake II.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Earthquake.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Electric Beauty.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Electric Kitten.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Electric Voice.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Far Cry II.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Far Cry.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Far Scream.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Feedback.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Forgotten Souls.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Full Resonance.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Ghosts.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Glass Vox.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Guitar Hero.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Hard Ducking.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Hardclipper.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Highpass.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Hit Girl.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Hopeless.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Hybrid Walrus.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Ice Scream.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE I'm Crying II.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE It's Hard To Breath.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE J.G.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Kid.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Leprikon.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Like SKRLX.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Like Stab.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Limbo.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Little Boy.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Little Scream.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Lonesome Wobbler.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Low Distortion.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Luna Park.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Mad World.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Madness.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Maths.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE MF Rise.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE MF Wab.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Mixed.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Modern Talking II.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Modern Talking.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Modern Walking.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Morphed Screamer.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Mother Of.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Mouse.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Musical Bottle.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Naughty Boy II.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Naughty Boy.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Negative.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE New School.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Noised Distortion.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Old Hotel.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Old Times.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Opening.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Organwob.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Overloaded Horror.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Party.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Pellegrino.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Phased Wab.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Pig.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Piggy.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Pitch Black.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Pow 2.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Pow.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Probe.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Pseudo Pitch.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Pure Distorion.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Radio.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Random Wave.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Rave.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Razor.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Reactor.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Real Steel.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Resonance.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Revenge.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Rise Of Machines.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Rush.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Safe.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Sawed Madness.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Saw's Trouble.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Screamer.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Sewer.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Silent Monstr.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Simple Lzr.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Simple Scream.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Sky Ruler.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Soft S&H.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Spaceship Prometeus.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Steam.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Stronger.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Subcid.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Substorion.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Super Fever.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE The Ring.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Torment.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Traffic.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE TV Noise.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Two Dimensions.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Underworld.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Unexpected Moment.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Walrus.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Windwaker II.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Windwaker.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Witch.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Wonderland.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Wood 2.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Wood.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE X Style.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Yarrr.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Yoi II.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Yoi.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Znzr.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Zombie Park.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE&BASS Bodies.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE&BASS Moon.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE&LEAD I'm Crying.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE&LEAD I'm Screaming.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE&SEQUENCE Mad Sonic.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE&SEQUENCE True S&H.nmsv.nmsv
ARP Murder!!!.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Runaway.nrkt.nrkt
BASS 1930s.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Alone Wobble.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Colored Sub.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Deep Throat.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Dirty Cream.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Dist Off.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Duck Tune.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Electric Feel.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Madness.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Noised Prism Engine.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Old Times.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Pseudo Distortion.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Screamer.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Sub.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Zistortion.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Casket.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Christmas.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Church.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Crashing.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Distorted.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Django.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Lullaby.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Old Man.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Pitchsic.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Pussy Cat.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Random Number.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Sine.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Sleep.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Underwater.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD A Strange Story.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD An Old Story.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Au.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Boogeyman.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Depther.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Dog Bark.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Dutch House.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Dynamik Pipe.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Femareamer.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Flauead.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Full Cabinet.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Guitstortion.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Hopeless.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Iron Ghost.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Mallead.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Mario Morning.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Prism Engine.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Pure Vegas.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Race.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Short Femareamer.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Silent Screamer.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Spread's Tail.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Amot.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Ancient Sun.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Andromeda.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Crystal.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Death Is Coming.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Evil On The West.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Far Voice.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Flangeroid.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Forgotten Sanctuary.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Ghosts.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Haunted House.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Hidden Evil.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Lotus.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Mosque.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Mysterious Christmas Tales.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Nature.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Night Butterfly.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Oblivion.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Peace.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Sands Of Sahara.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Sawtooth Strings.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Shivering Bells.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Signals.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Sleepless.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Solstheim.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Subbed Dream.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Under The City.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Vibrato.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Wasteland.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Bongo.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Breathing Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Clapcat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Claphat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Deep Vox.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Dinamik Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Flash.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Kicked Glitch.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Lighthouse.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Master.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Mettalic Pock.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Pickaxe.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Pink Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Pock.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Porcelain.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Pseudo Shaker.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Pure Metal.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Random.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE RM Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE S&H Vox.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Semieast Drum.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Simple Clap.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Simple Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Snarhat II.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Snarhat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Solid Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Toys.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Wood.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Analog.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Basic Prism.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Chinese Dragon.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Flower Birds.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Guitbell.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Hopeless.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Lealuck.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Lullaby.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Midnight Sweep.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Open Space.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Piano.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Prism's Positive Feedback.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Psdtrance.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK The Long Journey.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Water Drop.nrkt.nrkt
SFX A Walk In The Forest.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Alien Conversation.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Angry Roosters.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Arctic Wind.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Bats.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken Arcade Machine.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken Motor.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken TV.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Crosstalk II.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Crosstalk.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Dead FM Frequence.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Dead Souls.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Deceleration.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Evil Winds.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Fireworks.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Gears.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Nirn Root.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Noised Sequence.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Noisedrums.nrkt.nrkt
SFX NoiZe 1 Fallout.nrkt.nrkt
SFX NoiZe 2 Phaser.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Positive Impulse.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Pseudo Helicopter.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Pseudo Water Flowing.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Random Steps.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Rise Of The Machines.nrkt.nrkt
SFX The Phone.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Twelve O'Clock.nrkt.nrkt
SFX UFO Message.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Wobbled Noise.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Antique Phone.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Arcade Jump.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Arcade Mushroom.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Arcade Shoot.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Baby Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Balalaika.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Basic.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Before The Sleepless.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Birds Ruler.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Bounce.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Broken Mechanism.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Bronze.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Cinematic Fear.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Cold Breath.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Compressed Iron.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Cursed House.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Dead Breath.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Deep Black.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Depression Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Disney World.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Distorted Stab.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Dubstep Vox II.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Dubstep Vox.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Electric Sunrise.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Enveloped Depth.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Female Vox.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Fly.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Forgotten Souls.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Game Over.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Gangster Games.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Happy Whistle.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Investigation.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Kicked Whistle.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Lazynth.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Lucky Duck.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Mario Jump.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Mario Tube.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Mario World Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Megablock.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Midnight Sweep.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Monomyst.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Multirate.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Noised Whisle.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Noised Wobbler.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Old Times Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Old World Blues.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Paperboy.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Planetarium.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Predator.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Prism Rise.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Pseudo Distorted Guitar.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Pursuit.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Rainoiser.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Reborn.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Repeater.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Roulette.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Semistab.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Shifter.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Short Distortion.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Souls.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Space Bubbles.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Supressor.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Tremolo Rise.nrkt.nrkt
SYN UFO.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Unxpected.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Very Fast Noised Lazer Tune.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Viorator.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Water Rising.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Windwaker.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Xylophone.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Yayassive.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Ai.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Angry Man II.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Angry Man.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Dirty Throat.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Distortion Talking.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Downer.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Dubstep.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Electric NoiZe.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Female Screamer.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Full Flanger.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Full Reverb.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Little Angry Cats.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Loud Patient.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Noise Sync.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Off.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Pseudo Pitch.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Runner Man II.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Runner Man.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Screamer.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Soft.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Torment.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE True Pitch.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE True S&H.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Witch.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Another Dark Room.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Back To Paradise.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Church.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Cocaine.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Coffee&Sugar.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Distortion.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Double Pulse.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Electric Bats.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Electric Noise Of Sea.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Electric Wolves.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Empty Bottle.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Eternity.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Forgotten Forest.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Hopeless.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Horror&Blood 2.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Horror&Blood 3.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Horror&Blood.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Inevitable Death.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Mistero.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Night.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Paradise 2.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Paradise 3.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Paradise.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Penumbra.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Pure 2.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Pure 3.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Pure.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Simple Bandpass.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Sinister Souls.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT The Room.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Things.nrkt.nrkt
AMBIENT Underworld.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Angry Duck.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Bass Don't Run.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Caves.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Drum&East.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Ekoen.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Ekosc.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Fkn Pig.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Get Out.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Ghosts Everywhere!!!.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Little Rabbit.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Minigun Reloading.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Mono.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Runaway.nrkt.nrkt
ARP School Guy.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Up 1.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Up 2.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Up 3 Tramonto.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Up 4.nrkt.nrkt
ARP W.F Time.nrkt.nrkt
ARP Water Is Everywere!!!.nrkt.nrkt
ARP What's Your Problem Man.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Angry Phone.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Asleep Wave.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Red Rooster.nrkt.nrkt
BASS 1958.nrkt.nrkt
BASS 8 bit Beauty Games.nrkt.nrkt
BASS 8 bit Games.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Angry Dog 2.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Angry Dog.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Angry Man.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Basic 2.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Basic 3.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Basic Sub.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Basic.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Below.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Broken Glass.nrkt.nrkt
BASS ChoLFOpassed.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Class Duo Saw with Echo.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Colors.nrkt.nrkt
BASS CombLFOed Default.nrkt.nrkt
BASS CombLFOed.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Contrabass 2.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Contrabass 3.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Contrabass.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Dark Shadows.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Darkness.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Depression.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Dirty.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Distortion.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Doomsday.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Drill.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Dubstep.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Electric Breath.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Electric Dream.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Electric Eko.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Electro Dawn.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Electro Sand.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Eternity.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Evil Is Everywere!!!.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Ghost.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Ghosts & Stuff.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Heavy Rain.nrkt.nrkt
BASS High Sub Bass.nrkt.nrkt
BASS High Voltage.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Karate Kid.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Kick The Bass.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Knife.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Las Vegas Morning.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Las Vegas.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Lonely Cowboy.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Low Low Low.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Midnight Club.nrkt.nrkt
BASS More Darkness!!!.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Overload.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Pan Effect.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Predator.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Prison Escape.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Quad Saw.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Raining Day.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Razor.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Real Steel.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Rising Waves.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Rocket.nrkt.nrkt
BASS S.H.M Deep Saw.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Satudist.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Saw.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Sawed Opera.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Sick Sync.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Simple Pulse.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Step Up.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Sub Bass Off.nrkt.nrkt
BASS T Style.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Tchau.nrkt.nrkt
BASS The City.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Thunderstorm.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Torment.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Uncompressed Sub.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Witch.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Wobbled Hard Clipper.nrkt.nrkt
BASS WOW.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Yeah.nrkt.nrkt
BASS Z Style.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Acqua.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Basic.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Doubt.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Escape.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Ghost SIne.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Glass.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Guitbell 2.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Guitbell.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Happy Days.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Nippon.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Plell.nrkt.nrkt
BELL Twinky.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Amusement Park 2.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Amusement Park.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Arabic Dance.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Basic.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Church Organ.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Crying Old Man.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Dirty Violin.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Hello.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD I Can Do It.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Lazer Tune.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Leadroid.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Let's Rock.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Little Tune.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Meow.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Midnight.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Plukead.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Quasar.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Rrrra!!!.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Runaway.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Silent Saw.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Space J.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD What A Twist.nrkt.nrkt
LEAD Woa!.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Allusion.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Basic.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Crude Wind.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Dangerous Tides -The End.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Dangerous Tides.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Darkness.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Deep.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Drowning.nrkt.nrkt
PAD LFObed Organ.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Like Angel.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Magic Box.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Midnight.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Mixed Triangle.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Nervous Waters.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Paradise 2.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Paradise 3.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Paradise.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Space.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Temple.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Unexpected Moment.nrkt.nrkt
PAD Year 0.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE 1999.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Blue Screen Of Death.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Bongo.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Breath.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Broken Guitar.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Cent.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Chinese Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Cloudy Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Flanged Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Metal Tubes.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Paper Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Phased Clap.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Pock!!!.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Reverbed Bongo.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Romatnic Bongo.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Semistab.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Simple Hihat 2.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Simple Hihat.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Simple Kick.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Toy Story.nrkt.nrkt
PERCUSSIVE Water Drop.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Cat Revolution.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Chinese Glass.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Hog Wild.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Hoover'n'Hoover.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Hopeless.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Pulse.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Quack Quack.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Saw 2.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Saw 3.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Saw.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Sinusoid.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK Water Drop.nrkt.nrkt
PLUCK What's Your Number.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Drinking Milk.nrkt.nrkt
SFX The Call.nrkt.nrkt
SFX ...Now!.nrkt.nrkt
SFX 1000 Waves In 10 Seconds.nrkt.nrkt
SFX 1001 Nights.nrkt.nrkt
SFX 8 Bit Game.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Abandoned Spaceship.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Abstract.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Abstraction.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Action Strings.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Alarm.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Alien Comunication.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Analog.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Arp 1971.nrkt.nrkt
SFX B.N.B&R.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Back Pulsaw.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Bad Robot.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Balls.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Bandreject.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Bass Hunter.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Beep.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Bike Turn On.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Black Days.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Black Death.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Bombs Falls Down.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Boring.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken Bike.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken Mobile Phone.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken Synthesizer 2.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken Synthesizer 3.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken Synthesizer.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken System.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Broken Waveform Generator.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Bubbles.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Complextro Effect.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Cryostasis.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Cthulhu.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Cut The Bass.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Decay.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Delinquent.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Digital Kitten.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Dirt.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Disconnect.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Discovering Space.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Dolphin Talking.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Donald D Talks.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Down 120.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Earthquake.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Electric F1.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Factory.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Fallen Ball.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Fight....nrkt.nrkt
SFX Flanger.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Game Over.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Ghost.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Glitch.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Human Revolution.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Interference.nrkt.nrkt
SFX K.Party Style.nrkt.nrkt
SFX L.M.H.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Mad Watch.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Metallic Flunner.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Mobile Communication.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Modern Morse Code.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Monitors Control.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Morse Code.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Mr Wobble.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Mystery.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Noise Generator.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Noise Turn On.nrkt.nrkt
SFX NoiZe.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Numbers.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Parallel Waves.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Paranormal.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Ping Pong.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Pitched Talking.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Plane Landing.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Predator Is Still Alive.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Pulsed Flanger.nrkt.nrkt
SFX RD.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Reloading.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Reverbed Morse Code.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Robot Talking.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Runner Frog.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Sand.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Silence Of A Cemetery.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Sine Dirt.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Space Cow.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Strange Synth.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Sucker Sub.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Surprise!!!.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Talking Toys.nrkt.nrkt
SFX The Fly.nrkt.nrkt
SFX The Steadfast Tin Soldier.nrkt.nrkt
SFX There And Back.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Thirsty Man.nrkt.nrkt
SFX This Is B.P.nrkt.nrkt
SFX This Is Horrible !!!.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Tosse.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Total Madness.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Total Pitch.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Train.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Tremolo Bass.nrkt.nrkt
SFX UFO.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Underwater.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Up.nrkt.nrkt
SFX V.H.S 2.nrkt.nrkt
SFX V.H.S.nrkt.nrkt
SFX War.nrkt.nrkt
SFX What Happened To This Girl.nrkt.nrkt
SFX White Death.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Wobble 1970.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Wtrbd.nrkt.nrkt
SFX Zip.nrkt.nrkt
SYN 2101.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Acquarium.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Aiua.nrkt.nrkt
SYN AOU Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Belass.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Bells.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Bubble Gum.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Candy Girl.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Cenrtoid Drop.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Chopad.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Chord Basic 2.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Chord Basic.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Clown.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Cow Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Digital Scratch.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Digital Strings.nrkt.nrkt
SYN D-Land.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Dreams.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Duck Tune.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Eastern.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Electric Strings.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Electric Water Flowing.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Elephant.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Epic Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Eyes.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Forget It.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Hammer.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Happy New Year.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Hitchcock.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Hot Pursuit.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Ice Scream (Pitched).nrkt.nrkt
SYN Ice Scream.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Indescribable Synth.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Inexplicable Fear.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Lamento.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Levels.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Little Boy.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Lonesome Road.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Machine.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Miami Beach.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Noise & Hopeless.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Noise & Organ.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Noised Whistle.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Octwab.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Personal Jesus.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Pitch.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Pitched Talkin Synth.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Pulse W.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Punch.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Repeat M.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Reverbed L.A.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Riddler.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Ritornello.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Saturation.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Sauron's Eye.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Simple Distorted Chord.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Slow Mutation Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Space Junk.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Space Organ.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Splash.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Strings Effect.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Tremolo Noise.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Vibrato Chords.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Whistle.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Yellow Flower.nrkt.nrkt
SYN Zanzara.nrkt.nrkt
VOICE Angry Baby.nrkt.nrkt
VOICE Babyvox.nrkt.nrkt
VOICE Church.nrkt.nrkt
VOICE Fish.nrkt.nrkt
VOICE Hopeless.nrkt.nrkt
VOICE Underwater Conversation.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Ai.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Alien Attack.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Angry Daddy.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Arcade Mode.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Ball.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Basic Saw.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Basoble Aio.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Broken Bag.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Broken Circuit.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Cat 2.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Cat.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Cieco.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Clash Of Gods.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Clean Wab.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Compressed Saw.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Crash 1996.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Crying Dog.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Crying Voice.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Dark Castle.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Distorted.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Dog Bark.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Domino.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Double Wab 2.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Double Wab.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Dry Wobble.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Duck.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Dutch House.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Electric Wind.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Electro Guitar.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Fish.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Full Cliper.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE H Girl.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Happy End.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Heavy Metal.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Help Me!.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Hidden Evil.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Highpass.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Hoover.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Joker Laugh.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Laser Dance.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Laughing Man.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Mad Cow.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Mixed W 2.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Mixed W.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Modern Talking.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Mouse Trap.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Msv!.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Naughty Boy.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Nippon.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Noise&Pitch.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Old Clock.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Opera Singer.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Paperboy.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Pluto.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Predator.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Rambo.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE S&H.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE S&K.T.N Style.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Scream.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE SHitchissonance.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Silent House.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Simple Panning.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Slow Mutation.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Soft S&H.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Solid.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Strange Child.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Sub Bass.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Subbed Breath.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Subbed.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Suspense.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Theeth.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Timeless.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Time's Up.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Tired Wab.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Tremolo Step.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Triangle.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE True S&H.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Tttray.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Unierb.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Viobble.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Walrus.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Wassup.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Where My Keys.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Whining.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Wood.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE WOW.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE X File.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE YoYo.nrkt.nrkt
WOBBLE Zeldaland.nrkt.nrkt
WOOBLE Pink Toy.nrkt.nrkt
Number of sounds 1750

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