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Euro Dance Masters 1.5 (FM8 Presets)

Euro Dance Masters 1.5


Euro Dance Masters - FM8 Presets

Euro Dance Masters 1.5 for FM8 features 64 presets each with 4 variations which can be morphed between using the XY pad giving you more than 256 different sounds! You’ll find classic FM Basses, ripping electro Basses, cutting digital Leads, unique Pads and Sound Effects, modern Plucks, and beautiful Keys.

EDM Presets

A solid collection of EDM presets that are perfect for a wide range of styles including Progressive House, Trap, Dubstep, Future House, Trance and more. 

Euro Dance Masters for FM8

  • 64 EDM presets for FM8
  • 256 variations with XY pad
  • Big, Cutting and Wide Sounds
  • Fully tagged for easy searching
  • Mod wheel assigned on each patch
64 Patches with 256 variations
  • 15 Bass
  • 13 Leads
  • 9 Plucks
  • 9 Pads
  • 8 Sound Effects
  • 5 Chords
  • 5 Keys

Euro Dance Masters 1.5 requires Native Instruments FM8 1.4 or later (not included). Please note: Euro Dance Masters 1.5 replaces Euro Dance Masters Vol.1. Some sounds may sound similar; most will sound different. Please, backup the older version if replacing. Pack Size: 811 KB

Premium File Contents
Euro Dance Masters 1.5.jpg.jpg
Biome Digital Licence Agreements 2016.pdf.pdf
Euro Dance Masters 1.5 - User Guide.pdf.pdf
BA Analogue Saw.nfm8.nfm8
BA BC.nfm8.nfm8
BA Brosive.nfm8.nfm8
BA Copper.nfm8.nfm8
BA Deep.nfm8.nfm8
BA Digital Saw.nfm8.nfm8
BA Electro.nfm8.nfm8
BA Electronic.nfm8.nfm8
BA Flabby.nfm8.nfm8
BA Mercury.nfm8.nfm8
BA Transplant.nfm8.nfm8
BA Trem Rate 2.nfm8.nfm8
BA Trem Rate.nfm8.nfm8
BA Warm Sub.nfm8.nfm8
BA Wubber.nfm8.nfm8
CH Glider.nfm8.nfm8
CH Ministry.nfm8.nfm8
CH Old Skool.nfm8.nfm8
CH Space.nfm8.nfm8
CH Techno.nfm8.nfm8
FX Chopper.nfm8.nfm8
FX Downer.nfm8.nfm8
FX Go Away (Modwheel).nfm8.nfm8
FX Krazy Kat (Modwheel).nfm8.nfm8
FX Robit.nfm8.nfm8
FX Synth.nfm8.nfm8
FX Tension.nfm8.nfm8
FX Zapper.nfm8.nfm8
KY Analogue Soul.nfm8.nfm8
KY Beautiful Square.nfm8.nfm8
KY Complex.nfm8.nfm8
KY Majesty.nfm8.nfm8
KY Raver.nfm8.nfm8
LD 30303.nfm8.nfm8
LD Agro.nfm8.nfm8
LD Brass.nfm8.nfm8
LD Digital Society.nfm8.nfm8
LD Dirt Buster.nfm8.nfm8
LD Dutchy.nfm8.nfm8
LD Euro Dance Masters.nfm8.nfm8
LD Fat Duck.nfm8.nfm8
LD FM8.nfm8.nfm8
LD FM9.nfm8.nfm8
LD Roland.nfm8.nfm8
LD Stab Dark.nfm8.nfm8
LD The Funk.nfm8.nfm8
PD Analogue Strings.nfm8.nfm8
PD Crossroads.nfm8.nfm8
PD Fizzle Sticks.nfm8.nfm8
PD Glass Slipper.nfm8.nfm8
PD Library.nfm8.nfm8
PD Main Stage.nfm8.nfm8
PD Mazda.nfm8.nfm8
PD Super Duper.nfm8.nfm8
PD Vector.nfm8.nfm8
PL Airscape.nfm8.nfm8
PL DX.nfm8.nfm8
PL Fingered.nfm8.nfm8
PL Main Room.nfm8.nfm8
PL Metal.nfm8.nfm8
PL Play Two.nfm8.nfm8
PL Super Phaze.nfm8.nfm8
PL Trance.nfm8.nfm8
PL Tropical.nfm8.nfm8

Works with

Minimum version 1.4
Number of sounds 64 (256 Variations)
Demo Download

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