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An Harm None

Here is a preset library I did for Harmless from Image Line. 64 inspiring sounds ranging from, Bass, Bells, Keys and more. 

Premium File Contents
BASS - Detuned Bass.fst
BASS - Narrow Bass.fst
BASS - Phazzo Bass.fst
BASS - Plastic Toy Bass.fst
BASS - Plucky Wide Bass.fst
BASS - Simple Things.fst
BASS - Slap Back.fst
BASS - Wide Subs.fst
BASS - Wind Up Bass.fst
BELL - Angry Bells.fst
BELL - Bell Me No Harm.fst
BELL - Bell Scrapes v2.fst
BELL - Bell Scrapes.fst
BELL - Hide and No Seek.fst
BELL - Simple Vibro Bell.fst
BELL - Sublistic Bells.fst
BELL - Talking Bells.fst
DRONE - Love Thy Drone.fst
DRONE - Octave Drones.fst
DRONE - Phasing The Bands.fst
DRONE - Poly Hang Bass.fst
DRONE - Solo Hang Bass.fst
DRONE- Harmlemnie.fst
KEY - Crystal Chords.fst
KEY - Expressions Of A Toy Piano.fst
KEY - Harmony Keys.fst
KEY - Lazy Keys.fst
KEY - Organio.fst
KEY - Plucky Keys.fst
KEY - Subby Keys.fst
LEAD - Flip The Fifth.fst
LEAD - Harm Phazed Lead.fst
LEAD - Nerves Shaking.fst
LEAD - Remembering The Classics.fst
LEAD - Simple Lead.fst
LEAD - Spring Lead.fst
LEAD - The Sick Theramin.fst
PAD - Blissful Bands.fst
PAD - Harmogan.fst
PAD - In the Background.fst
PAD - Pillow Organs.fst
PAD - Rezzy Warm Pad.fst
PAD - Shine On.fst
PAD - Star Q Bed.fst
PAD - Theripad.fst
PLUCK - Almost A Bell.fst
PLUCK - Hanging Strings.fst
PLUCK - Plucky Springy Thingy.fst
PLUCK - Scrape The Plucky Thing.fst
PLUCK - Silky Pluck.fst
PLUCK - Unicorns and Butterflys.fst
SFX - Engine Trouble.fst
SFX - Harmotor Start.fst
SFX - Horror Story v2.fst
SFX - Horror Story.fst
SFX - Inside A Crystal Geode.fst
SFX - Tesla Coil Number 336.fst
SYNTH - Accordahorn.fst
SYNTH - Blues In A Bubble.fst
SYNTH - Frapper.fst
SYNTH - Horns of Jupiter.fst
SYNTH - Square Lines.fst
SYNTH - The Sad Phase.fst
SYNTH - Thinking Outloud.fst

Works with

Number of sounds 64