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Honey Monster Vol. 1

‘Honey Monster Vol. 1’ is a collection of 64 new programmed presets created for U-he HIVE. The soundset contain sounds suitable for most electronic genres, e.g. Deep House, Mainroom House, Future House, Garage, Chip-tunes, Drum’n’Bass – and even Dub Techno.

The pack contains a broad variety of sounds programmed with no particular genre in mind. The focus was placed on creating powerful and deep sounds useable across genres. The programmed sounds are created to support modulation via modwheel and aftertouch (where applicable). The basses are phat, hot and funky, the chord-stabs are deep and full of vibe, the pads are soothing and deep, and the leads will cut like a knife! Be sure to check out the demo-track for several examples of use in different genres.

Presets are supplied in native U-he preset format (.h2p) and contains 64 fresh new sounds.

Technical Specifications:

  •  5 Arpeggios
  • 27 Basses
  • 11 Chords
  • 4 Drums
  • 1 FX
  • 6 Leads
  • 6 Pads
  • 4 Plucks
  • 1 “Bonus” FX-sound (The Beehive Attack!)


This product requires U-he HIVE (not included).

Premium File Contents
AR 11 Minors 1.h2p.h2p
AR 11 Minors 2.h2p.h2p
AR AcidTech.h2p.h2p
AR DeepTri.h2p.h2p
AR SID chords.h2p.h2p
BS Aggro.h2p.h2p
BS Bottom Up.h2p.h2p
BS Brimstone.h2p.h2p
BS Chips.h2p.h2p
BS Concrete.h2p.h2p
BS DaBass.h2p.h2p
BS Decimated.h2p.h2p
BS Doomed.h2p.h2p
BS DubSquare.h2p.h2p
BS FoldedOrgan.h2p.h2p
BS Inspired.h2p.h2p
BS Juicy.h2p.h2p
BS Late As Usual.h2p.h2p
BS Mooged.h2p.h2p
BS Nasty Rndvous.h2p.h2p
BS Poking Ears.h2p.h2p
BS PulseSID.h2p.h2p
BS Quaker.h2p.h2p
BS Seventeen.h2p.h2p
BS Spongy.h2p.h2p
BS Stormlord.h2p.h2p
BS TechnoSub.h2p.h2p
BS Time4Dunk.h2p.h2p
BS TrickySub.h2p.h2p
BS Universal.h2p.h2p
BS Wicked.h2p.h2p
BS Wub-a-dub.h2p.h2p
CH Dusted Dubtech.h2p.h2p
CH Evolver.h2p.h2p
CH M4u5 Min0r.h2p.h2p
CH Mainroom Stab.h2p.h2p
CH Minor Injury.h2p.h2p
CH Pure Tech.h2p.h2p
CH SineChords.h2p.h2p
CH Sqr Dubtech.h2p.h2p
CH SweepAway.h2p.h2p
CH TriChords.h2p.h2p
CH Vimster.h2p.h2p
DR Hihat MW.h2p.h2p
DR Kicker.h2p.h2p
DR ShakerSeq MW.h2p.h2p
DR Snare.h2p.h2p
FX HeliPass.h2p.h2p
LD Alibi.h2p.h2p
LD Birdland.h2p.h2p
LD ChipStab.h2p.h2p
LD Screamer.h2p.h2p
LD Sirenowich.h2p.h2p
LD Velcro.h2p.h2p
PD All Purpose.h2p.h2p
PD Analog Moded.h2p.h2p
PD Choppy.h2p.h2p
PD Dub Move.h2p.h2p
PD First Blood.h2p.h2p
PD Wall Of Saw.h2p.h2p
PL Airborn.h2p.h2p
PL BOC Sine.h2p.h2p
PL Fritze.h2p.h2p
PL Tech Pluck.h2p.h2p

Works with

by u-he
Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 64
Demo Download