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I'm Raving vol.1 for U-He Hive

Something new and something fresh in one big soundbank.I'm Raving - it's a first episode of new NatLife's soundbank series, with a direction to 90'-2000 years of electronic music, but with a quality of nowadays. You can find here a top ACID lines, massive clubbing organ basses like in Korg M1, strong trance bassline's, massive supersaw leads and pads, that is absolutely similar to Roland JP 8000/JD 990 hardware synth's, but with a much more improved quality, strings and keys, arp's like in 90' and of course superb Pluck sounds. In the demo (video) tutorial-track you can see how it can be realized without any other external fx's and saturators, just put this bank in your Hive, and you going to the next step of your music production. Soundbank contains 64+1 sounds, where:

  • ACID - 7.
  • ARP - 3.
  • Basses - 12.
  • FX - 3.
  • Keys - 4.
  • Leads - 17.
  • Pads - 8.
  • Plucks - 11.
  • SY - 1.

Included all 9 MIDI tracks from demo & 2 ACID arp's.

Premium File Contents
ACID Aggressive Blade.h2p.h2p
ACID Aggressive Blade.h2p.bak0.bak0
ACID Aggressive Blade.h2p.bak1.bak1
ACID Aggressive Blade.h2p.bak2.bak2
ACID Aggressive Blade.h2p.bak3.bak3
ACID Basic.h2p.h2p
ACID Blade .h2p.h2p
ACID Blade .h2p.bak0.bak0
ACID Blade .h2p.bak1.bak1
ACID Blade .h2p.bak2.bak2
ACID Radio 303.h2p.h2p
ACID Radio 303_mod.h2p.h2p
ACID Rebirth.h2p.h2p
ACID Trance D-Psy.h2p.h2p
ARP Lake Of Hope.h2p.h2p
ARP Moving.h2p.h2p
ARP Strings AAH.h2p.h2p
BA Aggress B.h2p.h2p
BA Corrode.h2p.h2p
BA Deep Attack.h2p.h2p
BA Deepest .h2p.h2p
BA Dist Line.h2p.h2p
BA Dist Line.h2p.bak0.bak0
BA Korg M1 Organ.h2p.h2p
BA Korg M1 Organ.h2p.bak0.bak0
BA M1 Linear.h2p.h2p
BA M1 Linear.h2p.bak0.bak0
BA M1 Linear.h2p.bak1.bak1
BA M1 Linear.h2p.bak2.bak2
BA Razorfish.h2p.h2p
BA Standard.h2p.h2p
BA Trance Bassline.h2p.h2p
BA Warm 80_.h2p.h2p
BA Warm 80_.h2p.bak0.bak0
FX Acid Trancsition 1.h2p.h2p
FX Acid Trancsition 1.h2p.bak0.bak0
FX Dandy_s Back.h2p.h2p
FX Policia.h2p.h2p
KY Dream.h2p.h2p
KY Moon Key.h2p.h2p
KY No Fate.h2p.h2p
KY No Fate.h2p.bak0.bak0
KY No Fate.h2p.bak1.bak1
KY Yamaha DX.h2p.h2p
KY Yamaha DX.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Angel Trance.h2p.h2p
LD Arpstory.h2p.h2p
LD Flying Sound.h2p.h2p
LD Flying Sound.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Guitar Fragma.h2p.h2p
LD Guitar Fragma.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Huntersaw.h2p.h2p
LD Huntersaw.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Hyper Hyper!.h2p.h2p
LD Hyper Hyper!.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Hyper Hyper!.h2p.bak1.bak1
LD Hyper Hyper!.h2p.bak2.bak2
LD I_m Raving.h2p.h2p
LD I_m Raving.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD I_m Raving.h2p.bak1.bak1
LD JP 8088.h2p.h2p
LD Mars Station.h2p.h2p
LD Nativeland.h2p.h2p
LD Organish Pad.h2p.h2p
LD Power Of Millenium.h2p.h2p
LD Power Of Millenium.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Power Of Millenium.h2p.bak1.bak1
LD Power Of Millenium.h2p.bak2.bak2
LD Sash .h2p.h2p
LD Sash .h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Spring Sky.h2p.h2p
LD Super4.h2p.h2p
LD Super4.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Watching The Waves.h2p.h2p
LD Watching The Waves.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Wicked!.h2p.h2p
LD Wicked!.h2p.bak0.bak0
PD Atmosphere.h2p.h2p
PD Atmosphere.h2p.bak0.bak0
PD ChordNation.h2p.h2p
PD Cosmos .h2p.h2p
PD Old Film.h2p.h2p
PD People Just Don_t Care.h2p.h2p
PD String Harmony.h2p.h2p
PD SuperSaw.h2p.h2p
PD Yamaha DX.h2p.h2p
PLK 95_.h2p.h2p
PLK Cosmic Plucks V2.h2p.h2p
PLK Life On Mars.h2p.h2p
PLK Life On Mars.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Long Retro Story.h2p.h2p
PLK Mars Phasse.h2p.h2p
PLK Mars Phasse.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Midnight Moon.h2p.h2p
PLK Midnight Moon.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Ready To Fly V2.h2p.h2p
PLK Scooter 2020.h2p.h2p
PLK Scooter 2020.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Secret Space .h2p.h2p
PLK Secret Space .h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK String4.h2p.h2p
PLK String4.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK String4.h2p.bak1.bak1
PLK String4.h2p.bak2.bak2
PLK What Is Heaven.h2p.h2p
PLK What Is Heaven.h2p.bak0.bak0
SY Robot From The Past.h2p.h2p
SY Robot From The Past.h2p.bak0.bak0
Midi info_about demo1 & demo3.txt.txt

Works with

by u-he
Minimum version 1.0
Number of sounds 65