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InspireMe Vol. 07 - Retro Evolved

Multitalented Aaron Jasinski created a gorgeous Soundset for the Bjulin Waves - InspireMe Productline.

Aaron reimagined the classic 80ies synthsounds for use in todays electronic (dance)music. These Presets are not just simple clones, but overhauled sounds, that will energize your creative juices! 32 Presets - ARP/SEQ, BASS, LEAD, POLY

Get Inspired!

Premium File Contents
Arp Seq - Blucket.h2p
Arp Seq - Cascada.h2p
Arp Seq - Journey in Time.h2p
Arp Seq - Melofty 5.h2p
Arp Seq - Proglam.h2p
Arp Seq - Tattoo.h2p
Arp Seq - The Tower.h2p
Arp Seq - Warp Top.h2p
Bass - Big Cat.h2p
Bass - Big and Distant.h2p
Bass - Bitter.h2p
Bass - Deceptive Creeper.h2p
Bass - Maloderous.h2p
Bass - Mayhem Six.h2p
Bass - No Winners.h2p
Bass - Pressure.h2p
Bass - Sub Moth.h2p
Lead - Battle Pixie.h2p
Lead - Beam Traveller.h2p
Lead - Change of Guard.h2p
Lead - On the Skin.h2p
Lead - Rockhold.h2p
Lead - Scortched.h2p
Lead - Seeker.h2p
Lead - Stingray.h2p
Poly - Cluster.h2p
Poly - Lakebed.h2p
Poly - Princeable Stack.h2p
Poly - Prom Punch.h2p
Poly - Redura.h2p
Poly - Sea Stars.h2p
Poly - Triplecone.h2p

Works with

by u-he
Minimum version 1
Number of sounds 32