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U-He Hive: Cosmic Plucks Vol. 1

Your search for the strongest plucks is over! 

This pack contains 40+1 incredibly beautiful Leads & Plucks  for u-he Hive.

Premium File Contents
LD Aggressive Space.h2p.h2p
LD Aggressive Space.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Back To 2000_.h2p.h2p
LD Back To 2000_.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Born In Space.h2p.h2p
LD Born In Space.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Born In Space.h2p.bak1.bak1
LD Born In Space.h2p.bak2.bak2
LD Car Lead.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Dist Planet.h2p.h2p
LD Dist Planet.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Dist Planet.h2p.bak1.bak1
LD Edge Of Space.h2p.h2p
LD Edge Of Space.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Gate The Cosmic.h2p.h2p
LD Hard Sun.h2p.h2p
LD Hard Sun.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Hard Trance.h2p.h2p
LD Hard Trance.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Ocean Voice.h2p.h2p
LD Ocean Voice.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Ocean Voice.h2p.bak1.bak1
LD Puss.h2p.h2p
LD Puss.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Saw Planet.h2p.h2p
LD Saw Planet.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Scooter Era.h2p.h2p
LD Scooter Era.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Skies Of 90_.h2p.h2p
LD Skies Of 90_.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Square Planet.h2p.h2p
LD Stratosphere.h2p.h2p
LD Stratosphere.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Stratosphere.h2p.bak1.bak1
LD Stratosphere.h2p.bak2.bak2
LD Trance Rising.h2p.h2p
LD Trance Rising.h2p.bak0.bak0
LD Venera.h2p.h2p
LD Venera.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK 90_.h2p.h2p
PLK 90_.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK 90_.h2p.bak1.bak1
PLK Another Earth.h2p.h2p
PLK Cosmic Plucks.h2p.h2p
PLK Cosmic Plucks.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Freaky Space.h2p.h2p
PLK Freaky Space.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Hey Kandi.h2p.h2p
PLK Just Pluck.h2p.h2p
PLK Just Pluck.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Just Pluck.h2p.bak1.bak1
PLK Just PluckD.h2p.h2p
PLK Just Saw Pluck.h2p.h2p
PLK Just Saw Pluck.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Lethal Industry.h2p.h2p
PLK NatLead.h2p.h2p
PLK NatLead.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK NatureD.h2p.h2p
PLK NatureD.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK NatureD.h2p.bak1.bak1
PLK Phase Face.h2p.h2p
PLK Phase Face.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Pick Pong.h2p.h2p
PLK Pick Pong.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Pick Pong.h2p.bak1.bak1
PLk Planet Kadabra.h2p.h2p
PLk Planet Kadabra.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLk Planet Kadabra.h2p.bak1.bak1
PLK Planet Kongo.h2p.h2p
PLK Planet Kongo.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Planet Kongo.h2p.bak1.bak1
PLK Planet Kongo.h2p.bak2.bak2
PLK Planet Scooter.h2p.h2p
PLK Planet Scooter.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Polner Pluck.h2p.h2p
PLK Polner Pluck.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK PPK.h2p.h2p
PLK PPK.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK PPK.h2p.bak1.bak1
PLK Ready To Fly.h2p.h2p
PLK Ready To Fly.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Ready To Fly.h2p.bak1.bak1
PLK Space Frog.h2p.h2p
PLK Space Frog.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Space Ship.h2p.h2p
PLK Spring Flower.h2p.h2p
PLK Spring Flower.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK Spring Flower.h2p.bak1.bak1
PLK Tribute To Rank1.h2p.h2p
PLK Tribute To Rank1.h2p.bak0.bak0
PLK vCosmos.h2p.h2p
PLK vCosmos.h2p.bak0.bak0

Works with

by u-he
Minimum version 0.2
Number of sounds 41