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Deeper Weapons for Icarus

This preset pack includes 64 bass, wobble and synth presets for Tone2 Icarus and is intended for contemporary and experimental music production in a variety of genres such as EDM, IDM, Future House, Dubstep, Drum'n'bass, Drumstep or Electronica:
- 49 bass patches
- 15 synth patches

Please use the modulation wheel and aftertouch, since most patches have multiple modulation wheel and aftertouch assignments.

If you like my work and are in need of custom preset or sample design or sound design for projects such as animations, movies or computer games, you can contact me here:

Premium File Contents
BA Augmentation.fxp
BA Backup Engine I.fxp
BA Backup Engine II.fxp
BA Be Waiting.fxp
BA Bullet Stepper.fxp
BA Counterframing.fxp
BA Dirty Weapon I.fxp
BA Dirty Weapon II.fxp
BA Disappearing.fxp
BA Drunken Buster.fxp
BA Eye Of The Storm.fxp
BA False Flag.fxp
BA Fat Bertha.fxp
BA Full Phalanx.fxp
BA Gahanka I.fxp
BA Gahanka II.fxp
BA Gears Of Peace.fxp
BA Grey Horizon.fxp
BA High Drones.fxp
BA Hollow Star.fxp
BA Humbaba.fxp
BA Into The Abzu.fxp
BA Juggernaut Frog I.fxp
BA Juggernaut Frog II.fxp
BA Kali Sparring.fxp
BA Kugelblitz.fxp
BA Lethal Evolution.fxp
BA Leviathan.fxp
BA Microwave Cannon.fxp
BA MSS Nautilus.fxp
BA Neoclassic.fxp
BA Organic Missile.fxp
BA Piranha.fxp
BA Regenerator.fxp
BA Rules of War.fxp
BA Sage Of The Deep.fxp
BA Sarap Sarap.fxp
BA Semi Automatic.fxp
BA Shot Down.fxp
BA Sonar Pulse.fxp
BA Sonic Rifle I.fxp
BA Sonic Rifle II.fxp
BA Stellar Waves.fxp
BA Submerged.fxp
BA Underwater Funk.fxp
BA Up We Go.fxp
BA Valley Of Peaks.fxp
BA War Siren.fxp
BA Zero Modulator.fxp
SY Autogun Roaches.fxp
SY Backstabber.fxp
SY Bright Future.fxp
SY Broken Base.fxp
SY Catch The Bomb.fxp
SY Combined Tech.fxp
SY Dark Swarm.fxp
SY Ferritic Steel.fxp
SY Former Follower.fxp
SY Glowing Pipes.fxp
SY Hold On Tight.fxp
SY Launch In One.fxp
SY Mad Nut.fxp
SY Surface To Air.fxp
SY Wait What.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 1.1
Number of sounds 64
Demo Download