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Metaphoric Shades for Icarus

This preset pack includes 64 arp. keys, lead, pad and pluck presets for Tone2 Icarus and is intended for contemporary and experimental music production in a variety of genres such as EDM, IDM, Future House, Dubstep, Drum'n'bass, Drumstep or Electronica:
- 12 arp patches
- 12 keys patches
- 16 lead patches
- 15 pad patches
- 9 pluck patches

Please use the modulation wheel and aftertouch, since most patches have multiple modulation wheel and aftertouch assignments.

If you like my work and are in need of custom preset or sample design or sound design for projects such as animations, movies or computer games, you can contact me here:

Premium File Contents
./MTS Metaphoric Shades:
AR Altigator.fxp
AR Citizen Omega.fxp
AR Gates Of Hell.fxp
AR Gates Of Perception.fxp
AR Good Times I.fxp
AR Good Times II.fxp
AR Happy Hunting.fxp
AR Harmonic Moves.fxp
AR Idiocracy.fxp
AR Otaku Worlds.fxp
AR Primal Genius.fxp
AR Spell Of The Trickster.fxp
KY A Loss Of Harmony.fxp
KY Cybiano.fxp
KY Growling Key.fxp
KY Hell Bent.fxp
KY House Of God.fxp
KY Iceburn.fxp
KY Pandoras.fxp
KY Planted Key.fxp
KY Shades Of Play I.fxp
KY Shades Of Play II.fxp
KY The Hive.fxp
KY Turn Around.fxp
LD Absent Minded.fxp
LD Acid Worlds.fxp
LD Balance Theory.fxp
LD Chrysalis.fxp
LD Deadly Vines.fxp
LD Eternal Sizzle.fxp
LD Futile Resistance.fxp
LD Ghostly Touch.fxp
LD Maganda.fxp
LD Moon Cycle.fxp
LD Photosynthesis.fxp
LD Relative Rotation.fxp
LD Salto Mortale.fxp
LD Sirens Island.fxp
LD Swamp Shaman.fxp
LD Unbroken.fxp
PD East and West.fxp
PD Eternal Pulse I.fxp
PD Eternal Pulse II.fxp
PD Evermore.fxp
PD Galactic Trumpet.fxp
PD Higher Density.fxp
PD Invisible Island.fxp
PD Power Broker.fxp
PD Pulsaris.fxp
PD Regenerating.fxp
PD Soft Vibrations.fxp
PD Time Shift.fxp
PD Twilight Descending.fxp
PD Underground.fxp
PD Watch The Collapse.fxp
PL A Silent Drop.fxp
PL Aphorism.fxp
PL Bad Omen.fxp
PL Debug In Space.fxp
PL Dont Blink.fxp
PL Flashlight I.fxp
PL Flashlight II.fxp
PL Flashlight III.fxp
PL Pick Me.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 1.1
Number of sounds 64
Demo Download