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Patchmaker is back with a fresh installment of EDM presets for modern music production. This set is inspired by artists like The Chainsmokers, Rudimental, Major Lazer, Diplo, DJ Snake, and many others!

This incredible collection offers 70 presets (35 Serum & 35 Massive) that capture a wide range of sonic goodies and has all you need to take your tracks to the next level! Producers searching for the sounds to make not only EDM but any other genre like trap, future pop, even future house, would benefit from investigating the content of this pack as there are many interesting sounds that would fit different genres.

In detail, “Chainsmokerz Vol.3” contains fat leads, insane synths ,epic heavy basses and everything you may need to produce a great track and push up your producer skills. Every preset has all macros (4 macros for Serum and 8 macros for Massive),so you will be able to tweak them at your own preference and and get better results.


This is an absolute must-have pack for any serious Future Pop/Trap producer.

*NOTE: The preview contains drum sounds and sound effects for illustrative purposes only

Serum Patch list:


14 Lead presets

4 Syn presets

8 Pluck presets

5 Bass presets

2 Pad presets

1 Sfx preset

1 Arp preset


(4 macros on every preset)


Massive Patch list:


13 Lead  presets

11 Syn presets

5 Pluck presets

4 Bass presets

1 Pad preset

1 Sfx preset


(8 macros on every preset)


Also this pack has bonus presets that were used in the demo.

Premium File Contents
BASS Gringo.nmsv
BASS Layout.nmsv
BASS Output.nmsv
BASS Sheikh.nmsv
LEAD Beast.nmsv
LEAD Closer.nmsv
LEAD Fame.nmsv
LEAD Fancy.nmsv
LEAD Grx Chords.nmsv
LEAD Lazer Horn.nmsv
LEAD Proxy.nmsv
LEAD Recorder.nmsv
LEAD Reef.nmsv
LEAD So Far.nmsv
LEAD Sync Complete.nmsv
LEAD Trooper.nmsv
LEAD U Can Dance.nmsv
PAD Temple.nmsv
PLUCK Choice.nmsv
PLUCK Lil Bit.nmsv
PLUCK Simplicity.nmsv
PLUCK Stars.nmsv
PLUCK Vision.nmsv
SFX Tapes.nmsv
SYN Anaconda.nmsv
SYN BPM.nmsv
SYN Blow Your Mind.nmsv
SYN Cybernetics.nmsv
SYN Electro Dune.nmsv
SYN Ice Core.nmsv
SYN Pool.nmsv
SYN Solar Wind.nmsv
SYN Tribute.nmsv
SYN Unnoticeable.nmsv
SYN Vector.nmsv
LEAD Closer Demo.nmsv
LEAD Fame Demo 2.nmsv
LEAD Fame Demo 3.nmsv
LEAD Fame Demo.nmsv
LEAD Sync Complete Demo.nmsv
SYN Anaconda Demo.nmsv
WOBBLE Tribute Demo.nmsv
ARP Ladder.fxp
BASS Slice.fxp
BASS Spring.fxp
BASS Thriller.fxp
BASS To The Limit.fxp
BASS Wren.fxp
LEAD 4 Us.fxp
LEAD Code Red.fxp
LEAD Cyperpop.fxp
LEAD Dealer.fxp
LEAD Dice.fxp
LEAD Electric Wind.fxp
LEAD Extinction.fxp
LEAD Get Right.fxp
LEAD It's Goin Down.fxp
LEAD Pop Chords.fxp
LEAD Riddim.fxp
LEAD Schizophrenic.fxp
LEAD Space Journey.fxp
LEAD Spike.fxp
PAD Kingdom.fxp
PAD Mole.fxp
PLUCK Cuteness.fxp
PLUCK Heaven Beach.fxp
PLUCK Ice Wraith.fxp
PLUCK Poison.fxp
PLUCK Relativity.fxp
PLUCK Slow Tempo.fxp
PLUCK Tag.fxp
PLUCK Tropical Wave.fxp
SFX Drugs.fxp
SYN Farewell.fxp
SYN Good Night.fxp
SYN Gunslinger.fxp
SYN Symmetry.fxp
BASS Deep II Demo.fxp
BASS Wren Demo.fxp
Bass Deep Demo.fxp
LEAD 4 Us Demo 2.fxp
LEAD 4 Us Demo.fxp
LEAD Chrd Layer Demo 2.fxp
LEAD Chrd Layer Demo.fxp
LEAD Cyperpop Demo.fxp
LEAD Someone Demo 2.fxp
LEAD Someone Demo.fxp
PLUCK Digit Demo.fxp
SYN Good Night Demo.fxp
Minimum version Massive version 1.5+ Serum version 1.113+
Number of sounds 89

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