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Future Bass for Serum.:: 350+ Presets ::.

Check out this video to hear the presets in action.

Premium File Contents
Drum Samples
Future Bass Sequences
NI Massive Presets
./Bonus/Drum Samples:
./Bonus/Drum Samples/Claps:
SS FBS Clap 1.wav
SS FBS Clap 10.wav
SS FBS Clap 11.wav
SS FBS Clap 12.wav
SS FBS Clap 13.wav
SS FBS Clap 14.wav
SS FBS Clap 15.wav
SS FBS Clap 16.wav
SS FBS Clap 17.wav
SS FBS Clap 18.wav
SS FBS Clap 19.wav
SS FBS Clap 2.wav
SS FBS Clap 20.wav
SS FBS Clap 21.wav
SS FBS Clap 22.wav
SS FBS Clap 23.wav
SS FBS Clap 24.wav
SS FBS Clap 25.wav
SS FBS Clap 26.wav
SS FBS Clap 27.wav
SS FBS Clap 28.wav
SS FBS Clap 29.wav
SS FBS Clap 3.wav
SS FBS Clap 30.wav
SS FBS Clap 31.wav
SS FBS Clap 32.wav
SS FBS Clap 33.wav
SS FBS Clap 34.wav
SS FBS Clap 35.wav
SS FBS Clap 36.wav
SS FBS Clap 37.wav
SS FBS Clap 38.wav
SS FBS Clap 39.wav
SS FBS Clap 4.wav
SS FBS Clap 40.wav
SS FBS Clap 41.wav
SS FBS Clap 42.wav
SS FBS Clap 43.wav
SS FBS Clap 44.wav
SS FBS Clap 45.wav
SS FBS Clap 46.wav
SS FBS Clap 47.wav
SS FBS Clap 48.wav
SS FBS Clap 49.wav
SS FBS Clap 5.wav
SS FBS Clap 50.wav
SS FBS Clap 51.wav
SS FBS Clap 52.wav
SS FBS Clap 53.wav
SS FBS Clap 54.wav
SS FBS Clap 55.wav
SS FBS Clap 56.wav
SS FBS Clap 57.wav
SS FBS Clap 6.wav
SS FBS Clap 7.wav
SS FBS Clap 8.wav
SS FBS Clap 9.wav
./Bonus/Drum Samples/Hats:
SS FBS Closed Hat 1.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 10.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 11.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 12.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 13.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 14.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 15.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 16.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 17.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 18.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 19.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 2.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 20.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 21.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 22.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 23.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 24.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 25.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 26.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 27.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 28.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 29.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 3.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 30.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 31.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 32.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 4.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 5.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 6.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 7.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 8.wav
SS FBS Closed Hat 9.wav
./Bonus/Drum Samples/Kicks:
SS FBS Kick 1.wav
SS FBS Kick 10.wav
SS FBS Kick 11.wav
SS FBS Kick 12.wav
SS FBS Kick 13.wav
SS FBS Kick 14.wav
SS FBS Kick 15.wav
SS FBS Kick 16.wav
SS FBS Kick 17.wav
SS FBS Kick 18.wav
SS FBS Kick 19.wav
SS FBS Kick 2.wav
SS FBS Kick 20.wav
SS FBS Kick 21.wav
SS FBS Kick 22.wav
SS FBS Kick 23.wav
SS FBS Kick 24.wav
SS FBS Kick 25.wav
SS FBS Kick 26.wav
SS FBS Kick 27.wav
SS FBS Kick 28.wav
SS FBS Kick 29.wav
SS FBS Kick 3.wav
SS FBS Kick 30.wav
SS FBS Kick 31.wav
SS FBS Kick 32.wav
SS FBS Kick 33.wav
SS FBS Kick 34.wav
SS FBS Kick 35.wav
SS FBS Kick 36.wav
SS FBS Kick 37.wav
SS FBS Kick 38.wav
SS FBS Kick 39.wav
SS FBS Kick 4.wav
SS FBS Kick 40.wav
SS FBS Kick 41.wav
SS FBS Kick 42.wav
SS FBS Kick 43.wav
SS FBS Kick 44.wav
SS FBS Kick 45.wav
SS FBS Kick 46.wav
SS FBS Kick 47.wav
SS FBS Kick 48.wav
SS FBS Kick 49.wav
SS FBS Kick 5.wav
SS FBS Kick 50.wav
SS FBS Kick 51.wav
SS FBS Kick 52.wav
SS FBS Kick 53.wav
SS FBS Kick 54.wav
SS FBS Kick 6.wav
SS FBS Kick 7.wav
SS FBS Kick 8.wav
SS FBS Kick 9.wav
./Bonus/Drum Samples/Snares:
SS FBS Snare 1.wav
SS FBS Snare 10.wav
SS FBS Snare 11.wav
SS FBS Snare 12.wav
SS FBS Snare 13.wav
SS FBS Snare 14.wav
SS FBS Snare 15.wav
SS FBS Snare 16.wav
SS FBS Snare 17.wav
SS FBS Snare 18.wav
SS FBS Snare 19.wav
SS FBS Snare 2.wav
SS FBS Snare 20.wav
SS FBS Snare 21.wav
SS FBS Snare 22.wav
SS FBS Snare 23.wav
SS FBS Snare 24.wav
SS FBS Snare 25.wav
SS FBS Snare 26.wav
SS FBS Snare 27.wav
SS FBS Snare 28.wav
SS FBS Snare 29.wav
SS FBS Snare 3.wav
SS FBS Snare 30.wav
SS FBS Snare 31.wav
SS FBS Snare 32.wav
SS FBS Snare 33.wav
SS FBS Snare 34.wav
SS FBS Snare 35.wav
SS FBS Snare 36.wav
SS FBS Snare 37.wav
SS FBS Snare 38.wav
SS FBS Snare 39.wav
SS FBS Snare 4.wav
SS FBS Snare 40.wav
SS FBS Snare 41.wav
SS FBS Snare 42.wav
SS FBS Snare 43.wav
SS FBS Snare 44.wav
SS FBS Snare 45.wav
SS FBS Snare 46.wav
SS FBS Snare 47.wav
SS FBS Snare 48.wav
SS FBS Snare 49.wav
SS FBS Snare 5.wav
SS FBS Snare 50.wav
SS FBS Snare 51.wav
SS FBS Snare 52.wav
SS FBS Snare 53.wav
SS FBS Snare 54.wav
SS FBS Snare 55.wav
SS FBS Snare 56.wav
SS FBS Snare 57.wav
SS FBS Snare 58.wav
SS FBS Snare 59.wav
SS FBS Snare 6.wav
SS FBS Snare 60.wav
SS FBS Snare 61.wav
SS FBS Snare 62.wav
SS FBS Snare 63.wav
SS FBS Snare 64.wav
SS FBS Snare 65.wav
SS FBS Snare 66.wav
SS FBS Snare 67.wav
SS FBS Snare 68.wav
SS FBS Snare 69.wav
SS FBS Snare 7.wav
SS FBS Snare 70.wav
SS FBS Snare 71.wav
SS FBS Snare 72.wav
SS FBS Snare 73.wav
SS FBS Snare 8.wav
SS FBS Snare 9.wav
./Bonus/Future Bass Sequences:
SS FBS Sequences
Setup Guide.pdf
./Bonus/Future Bass Sequences/SS FBS Sequences:
SS FBS SEQ_1.shp
SS FBS SEQ_10.shp
SS FBS SEQ_11.shp
SS FBS SEQ_12.shp
SS FBS SEQ_13.shp
SS FBS SEQ_14.shp
SS FBS SEQ_15.shp
SS FBS SEQ_16.shp
SS FBS SEQ_17.shp
SS FBS SEQ_18.shp
SS FBS SEQ_19.shp
SS FBS SEQ_2.shp
SS FBS SEQ_20.shp
SS FBS SEQ_21.shp
SS FBS SEQ_22.shp
SS FBS SEQ_23.shp
SS FBS SEQ_24.shp
SS FBS SEQ_25.shp
SS FBS SEQ_26.shp
SS FBS SEQ_27.shp
SS FBS SEQ_28.shp
SS FBS SEQ_29.shp
SS FBS SEQ_3.shp
SS FBS SEQ_30.shp
SS FBS SEQ_31.shp
SS FBS SEQ_32.shp
SS FBS SEQ_33.shp
SS FBS SEQ_34.shp
SS FBS SEQ_35.shp
SS FBS SEQ_4.shp
SS FBS SEQ_5.shp
SS FBS SEQ_6.shp
SS FBS SEQ_7.shp
SS FBS SEQ_8.shp
SS FBS SEQ_9.shp
./Bonus/NI Massive Presets:
BA Absolute.nmsv
BA Brick.nmsv
BA Daze.nmsv
BA Dyro.nmsv
BA Electric Shock.nmsv
BA Gladiator.nmsv
BA Growler.nmsv
BA Heat.nmsv
BA Jupiter.nmsv
BA Powerhouse.nmsv
BA Robo.nmsv
BA Set It Off.nmsv
LD Altitude.nmsv
LD Axiom.nmsv
LD Banger.nmsv
LD Blindside.nmsv
LD Caffeine.nmsv
LD Cerulean.nmsv
LD DirtyRazor.nmsv
LD Dreamscape.nmsv
LD Elevated.nmsv
LD Fever.nmsv
LD Flustered.nmsv
LD Future.nmsv
LD Futurism.nmsv
LD Gimme.nmsv
LD Gravity.nmsv
LD Infinity.nmsv
LD Movin.nmsv
LD Pulse.nmsv
LD Slide.nmsv
LD Tribute.nmsv
LD Voltage.nmsv
PL Colors.nmsv
PL Maze.nmsv
PL Nami.nmsv
PL Optica.nmsv
PL Oxygen.nmsv
PL Primetime.nmsv
PL Prog.nmsv
PL Pulsar.nmsv
PL Reap.nmsv
PL Savage.nmsv
PL Snake.nmsv
PL Sugar.nmsv
PL Synergy.nmsv
PL Timezone.nmsv
PL Touch.nmsv
PL Toxicated.nmsv
PL Vox.nmsv
PL Xylophone.nmsv
SY Artisan.nmsv
SY Blaze.nmsv
SY Edge.nmsv
SY Enveloper.nmsv
SY Escape.nmsv
SY Evolution.nmsv
SY Hook.nmsv
SY Hourglass.nmsv
SY Immerse.nmsv
SY Inspired.nmsv
SY Legacy.nmsv
SY Majestic.nmsv
SY Mercury.nmsv
SY Nebula.nmsv
SY Sex.nmsv
SY Speedy.nmsv
SY Supersaw.nmsv
SY Symphobia.nmsv
SY Universe.nmsv
Adventure 150 BPM
Eclipse 150 BPM
Firebird 145 BPM
Supernova 150 BPM
Thriller 150 BPM
Utopia 150 BPM
./MIDI & WAV/Adventure 150 BPM:
Drums MIDI
Melodic MIDI
./MIDI & WAV/Adventure 150 BPM/Drums MIDI:
Bell (Drop) MIDI.mid
Clap (Drop) MIDI.mid
Closed Hat (Drop) MIDI.mid
Kick (Build) MIDI.mid
Kick (Drop) MIDI.mid
Open Hat (Drop) MIDI.mid
Orchestral Toms (Break) MIDI.mid
Orchestral Toms (Build) MIDI.mid
Percussion (Break) MIDI.mid
Snare (Build) MIDI.mid
Snare (Drop) MIDI.mid
Tambourine (Build) MIDI.mid
Toms (Break) MIDI.mid
Toms (Build) MIDI.mid
Trap Snare (Build) MIDI.mid
Trap Snare (Drop) MIDI.mid
./MIDI & WAV/Adventure 150 BPM/Melodic MIDI:
BA Revolution MIDI.mid
LD Shooting Starz MIDI.mid
PL Fireflies MIDI.mid
SY Adventure (Build) MIDI.mid
SY Adventure MIDI.mid
SY Drifting MIDI.mid
SY Galaxies MIDI.mid
./MIDI & WAV/Adventure 150 BPM/WAV:
BA Revolution.wav
LD Shooting Starz.wav
PL Fireflies.wav
SY Adventure (Build).wav
SY Adventure.wav
SY Drifting.wav
SY Galaxies.wav
./MIDI & WAV/Eclipse 150 BPM:
Drums MIDI
Melodic MIDI
./MIDI & WAV/Eclipse 150 BPM/Drums MIDI:
Clap (Drop) MIDI.mid
Closed Hat (Drop) MIDI.mid
Crash (Drop) MIDI.mid
Kick (Drop) MIDI.mid
Open Hat (Drop) MIDI.mid
Percussion (Drop) MIDI.mid
Shaker (Drop) MIDI.mid
Snare (Drop) MIDI.mid
Tambourine (Drop) MIDI.mid
Toms (Drop) MIDI.mid
Trap Snare (Drop) MIDI.mid
./MIDI & WAV/Eclipse 150 BPM/Melodic MIDI:
BA Voyage MIDI.mid
PL Bonzai MIDI.mid
PL Luna MIDI.mid
SY Eclipse MIDI.mid
./MIDI & WAV/Eclipse 150 BPM/WAV:
BA Voyage.wav
PL Bonzai.wav
PL Luna.wav
SY Eclipse.wav
./MIDI & WAV/Firebird 145 BPM:
Drums MIDI
Melodic MIDI
./MIDI & WAV/Firebird 145 BPM/Drums MIDI:
Closed Hat (Drop) MIDI.mid
Crash (Drop) MIDI.mid
Kick (Drop) MIDI.mid
Percussion (Drop) MIDI.mid
Snare (Drop) MIDI.mid
./MIDI & WAV/Firebird 145 BPM/Melodic MIDI:
BA Rebirth.mid
BA Triumph (Macro 4 100%).mid
BA Triumph.mid
LD Cutie (Outro).mid
LD Cutie.mid
LD Firebird.mid
LD Highrise (Outro).mid
LD Highrise.mid
LD Tweet.mid
PL Helios.mid
PL Time.mid
SY Champion.mid
SY Daylight.mid
SY Sunrise (Drop 1).mid
SY Sunrise (Drop 2).mid
SY Sunrise 16T +Bonus (Drop 1).mid
SY Sunrise 16T +Bonus (Drop 2).mid
./MIDI & WAV/Firebird 145 BPM/WAV:
BA Rebirth.wav
BA Triumph (Macro 4 100%).wav
BA Triumph.wav
LD Cutie (Outro).wav
LD Cutie.wav
LD Firebird.wav
LD Highrise (Build).wav
LD Highrise (Drop 1).wav
LD Highrise (Drop 2).wav
LD Highrise (Outro).wav
LD Tweet.wav
PL Helios.wav
PL Time.wav
SY Champion.wav
SY Daylight.wav
SY Sunrise (Drop 1).wav
SY Sunrise (Drop 2).wav
SY Sunrise 16T +Bonus (Drop 1).wav
SY Sunrise 16T +Bonus (Drop 2).wav
./MIDI & WAV/Firebird 145 BPM/WAV/Drums:
Percussion Loop.wav
SSFBSM Closed Hat 05.wav
SSFBSM Kick 01.wav
SSFBSM Snare 32.wav
./MIDI & WAV/Supernova 150 BPM:
Drums MIDI
Melodic MIDI
./MIDI & WAV/Supernova 150 BPM/Drums MIDI:
Bell (Drop) MIDI.mid
Clap (Drop) MIDI.mid
Closed Hat (Drop) MIDI.mid
Kick (Drop) MIDI.mid
Shaker (Drop) MIDI.mid
Snare (Drop) MIDI.mid
Tambourine (Drop) MIDI.mid
Toms (Drop) MIDI.mid
Trap Snare (Drop) MIDI.mid
./MIDI & WAV/Supernova 150 BPM/Melodic MIDI:
BA Courage MIDI.mid
PL Flutter MIDI.mid
SY Supernova MIDI.mid
./MIDI & WAV/Supernova 150 BPM/WAV:
BA Courage.wav
PL Flutter.wav
SY Supernova.wav
./MIDI & WAV/Thriller 150 BPM:
Drums MIDI
Melodic MIDI
./MIDI & WAV/Thriller 150 BPM/Drums MIDI:
Clap (Drop) MIDI.mid
Closed Hat (Drop) MIDI.mid
Crash (Drop) MIDI.mid
Kick (Drop) MIDI.mid
Percussion (Drop) MIDI.mid
Shaker (Drop) MIDI.mid
Snap (Drop) MIDI.mid
Snare (Drop) MIDI.mid
Toms (Drop) MIDI.mid
Trap Snare (Drop) MIDI.mid
./MIDI & WAV/Thriller 150 BPM/Melodic MIDI:
BA Signature MIDI.mid
SY Thriller MIDI.mid
./MIDI & WAV/Thriller 150 BPM/WAV:
BA Signature.wav
SY Thriller.wav
Vox 1.wav
Vox 2.wav
./MIDI & WAV/Utopia 150 BPM:
Drums MIDI
Melodic MIDI
./MIDI & WAV/Utopia 150 BPM/Drums MIDI:
Clap (Drop) MIDI.mid
Kick (Drop) MIDI.mid
Snare (Drop) MIDI.mid
Toms (Build) MIDI.mid
Toms (Drop) MIDI.mid
Trap Snare (Drop) MIDI.mid
./MIDI & WAV/Utopia 150 BPM/Melodic MIDI:
BA Destiny MIDI.mid
LD Utopia MIDI.mid
SY Reverie 16 +Bonus MIDI.mid
SY Reverie MIDI.mid
./MIDI & WAV/Utopia 150 BPM/WAV:
BA Destiny.wav
LD Utopia.wav
SY Reverie 16 +Bonus.wav
SY Reverie.wav
./Xfer Serum Presets:
./Xfer Serum Presets/Basses:
BA Addict.fxp
BA Affinity.fxp
BA Apollo.fxp
BA Arena.fxp
BA Artisan.fxp
BA Brainstorm.fxp
BA Burning.fxp
BA Chasing.fxp
BA Colorblind.fxp
BA Courage.fxp
BA Craft.fxp
BA Crossfire.fxp
BA Currents.fxp
BA Daft.fxp
BA Destiny.fxp
BA Far.fxp
BA Flavour.fxp
BA Galactic.fxp
BA Hunter.fxp
BA Illusion.fxp
BA Juna.fxp
BA Liberty.fxp
BA Lift.fxp
BA Magnetic.fxp
BA Memoria.fxp
BA Miracle.fxp
BA Nebula.fxp
BA Phantom.fxp
BA Reach.fxp
BA Reaction.fxp
BA Rebirth.fxp
BA Renegade.fxp
BA Revolution.fxp
BA Rewind.fxp
BA Rush.fxp
BA Signature.fxp
BA Solid.fxp
BA Symphony.fxp
BA Tank.fxp
BA Timezone.fxp
BA Tomahawk.fxp
BA Triumph.fxp
BA Ultimatum.fxp
BA Valor.fxp
BA Voyage.fxp
BA Wildfire.fxp
./Xfer Serum Presets/Leads:
LD Afterlife.fxp
LD Alive.fxp
LD Arise.fxp
LD Arrow.fxp
LD Avenger.fxp
LD Blackhole.fxp
LD Bliss.fxp
LD Burn.fxp
LD Cerulean.fxp
LD Chameleon.fxp
LD Chariot.fxp
LD Circuit.fxp
LD Climb.fxp
LD Clockwork.fxp
LD Cloud.fxp
LD Coast.fxp
LD Colors.fxp
LD Crimson.fxp
LD Crush.fxp
LD Cutie.fxp
LD Dive.fxp
LD Drive.fxp
LD Dust.fxp
LD Echoes.fxp
LD Essence.fxp
LD Everlast.fxp
LD Falcon.fxp
LD Fire.fxp
LD Firebird.fxp
LD Flame.fxp
LD Flip.fxp
LD Flow.fxp
LD Fusion.fxp
LD Gain.fxp
LD Hellcat.fxp
LD Hero.fxp
LD High.fxp
LD Highrise.fxp
LD Hourglass.fxp
LD Hurricane.fxp
LD Intermission.fxp
LD Journey.fxp
LD Kaleidoscope.fxp
LD Light.fxp
LD Limelight.fxp
LD Limitless.fxp
LD Luna.fxp
LD Madness.fxp
LD Memories.fxp
LD Midnight.fxp
LD Modern.fxp
LD Neon.fxp
LD Next Level.fxp
LD Nova.fxp
LD Phantom.fxp
LD Phased.fxp
LD Playtime.fxp
LD Powers.fxp
LD Restart.fxp
LD Rise.fxp
LD Secrets.fxp
LD Shooting Starz.fxp
LD Sight.fxp
LD Sign.fxp
LD Skies.fxp
LD Slide.fxp
LD Stack.fxp
LD Step.fxp
LD Surf.fxp
LD Sweep.fxp
LD Tasty.fxp
LD Tide.fxp
LD Tides.fxp
LD Timeless.fxp
LD Together.fxp
LD Tomorrow.fxp
LD Treat.fxp
LD Tweet.fxp
LD Utopia.fxp
LD Velvet.fxp
LD Walls.fxp
LD Wanderlust.fxp
LD Wildfire.fxp
./Xfer Serum Presets/Plucks:
PL Addicted.fxp
PL Arigato.fxp
PL Arrow.fxp
PL Aurora.fxp
PL Babe.fxp
PL Blackjack.fxp
PL Blast.fxp
PL Blaze.fxp
PL Bonzai.fxp
PL Burn.fxp
PL Chasing.fxp
PL Closer.fxp
PL Comb.fxp
PL Compass.fxp
PL Daft.fxp
PL Discover.fxp
PL Distance.fxp
PL Dive.fxp
PL Dreamscape.fxp
PL Evolve.fxp
PL Fading.fxp
PL Fever.fxp
PL Fireflies.fxp
PL Flavour.fxp
PL Float.fxp
PL Flow.fxp
PL Flutter.fxp
PL Freedom.fxp
PL Glaze.fxp
PL Heat.fxp
PL Helios.fxp
PL Hybrid.fxp
PL Hydro.fxp
PL Image.fxp
PL Imagine.fxp
PL Infinite.fxp
PL Innocent.fxp
PL Juice.fxp
PL Jupiter.fxp
PL Legends.fxp
PL Light.fxp
PL Lost Time.fxp
PL Lotus.fxp
PL Luna.fxp
PL Melomatic.fxp
PL Mercury.fxp
PL Miracle.fxp
PL Molecules.fxp
PL Neverland.fxp
PL Notorious.fxp
PL Orbit.fxp
PL Pluto.fxp
PL Ratchet.fxp
PL Revive.fxp
PL Ride.fxp
PL Roses.fxp
PL Searching.fxp
PL Seaside.fxp
PL Sex.fxp
PL Shelter.fxp
PL Sirius.fxp
PL Sleepwalker.fxp
PL Sonata.fxp
PL Spectrum.fxp
PL Stage.fxp
PL Stars.fxp
PL Starship.fxp
PL Stellar.fxp
PL Subtact.fxp
PL Surface.fxp
PL Time.fxp
PL Tomodachi.fxp
PL Vision.fxp
./Xfer Serum Presets/Sequences:
SEQ Apollo.fxp
SEQ Blindside.fxp
SEQ Breeze.fxp
SEQ Clover.fxp
SEQ Coast.fxp
SEQ Crossfire.fxp
SEQ Drift.fxp
SEQ Edge.fxp
SEQ Elevated.fxp
SEQ Empire.fxp
SEQ Epiphany.fxp
SEQ Feel It.fxp
SEQ Further.fxp
SEQ Genesis.fxp
SEQ Hero.fxp
SEQ Indigo.fxp
SEQ Intoxicated.fxp
SEQ Juna.fxp
SEQ Jupiter.fxp
SEQ Lighthouse.fxp
SEQ Lionheart.fxp
SEQ Liquid.fxp
SEQ Mystery.fxp
SEQ Rebound.fxp
SEQ Restore.fxp
SEQ Runaway.fxp
SEQ Souvenir.fxp
SEQ Strive.fxp
SEQ Surfaces.fxp
SEQ Touch.fxp
SEQ Toxicated.fxp
SEQ Universe.fxp
./Xfer Serum Presets/Synths:
SY Adventure.fxp
SY Aesthetic.fxp
SY Alcoholic.fxp
SY Ambition.fxp
SY Atlantis.fxp
SY Awe.fxp
SY Blackout.fxp
SY Bliss.fxp
SY Careless.fxp
SY Champion.fxp
SY Connect.fxp
SY Cruising.fxp
SY Daylight.fxp
SY Dream.fxp
SY Drifting.fxp
SY Eargasm.fxp
SY Eclipse.fxp
SY Fading.fxp
SY Falling.fxp
SY Fireflies.fxp
SY For You.fxp
SY Galaxies.fxp
SY Gold.fxp
SY Halo.fxp
SY Haze.fxp
SY Hunter.fxp
SY Hyper.fxp
SY Ibiza.fxp
SY Invisible.fxp
SY Ivory.fxp
SY Joyride.fxp
SY Latch.fxp
SY Legend.fxp
SY Lift.fxp
SY Liquid.fxp
SY Lost Souls.fxp
SY Meaning.fxp
SY Memory.fxp
SY Mercury.fxp
SY Moonshine.fxp
SY Nomad.fxp
SY North.fxp
SY Owls.fxp
SY Primetime.fxp
SY Prodigy.fxp
SY Pulse.fxp
SY Reverie 16 +Bonus.fxp
SY Reverie.fxp
SY Sight.fxp
SY Signal.fxp
SY Signature.fxp
SY Skies.fxp
SY Snake.fxp
SY Solace.fxp
SY Spiral.fxp
SY Stack.fxp
SY Sunrise 16T +Bonus.fxp
SY Sunrise.fxp
SY Supernova.fxp
SY Switch.fxp
SY Theory.fxp
SY Thriller.fxp
SY Valor.fxp
SY Vanish.fxp
SY Vibe.fxp
SY Waves.fxp
SY Wild.fxp
SY Wonder.fxp
Minimum version Xfer Serum 1.113 and NI Massive 1.3 or higher is required.
Number of sounds 370

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