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Indie Future Bass

Surge Sounds is back with months of creating this dive deeper into soulful and futuristic presets for Xfer Serum & NI Massive.

We are always pushing to provide unique and high quality sounds to you that will push all the current creative boundaries.

Indie Future Bass is packed with mind blowing sounds that are not just melodic and innovative, yet unique and creative.

You will also discover 5 expertly crafted construction kits and 200+ high quality bonus samples.

Influenced by innovative artists like Flume, Louis The Child, Cashmere Cat and many others, every preset was designed to create a cutting edge Future Bass genre bender.

This modern pack consists of 150 unique presets for Xfer Serum and 150 creative presets for NI Massive. Each preset was prepared with all available macros with the intension to draw out innovative and extraordinary ideas.

In addition it has 5 complete construction kits with all relevant WAVs, MIDIs and presets. All prepared for you to produce your own mind blowing tunes and release them on your favorite label.

If you are looking for the ultimate Indie Future Bass pack to enhance your creativity giving you release after release, this is the perfect collection for you!

Pack Contents:

300 Total Presets

150 Xfer Serum Presets
33 Synths
32 Leads
32 Basses
29 Plucks
17 Pads
7 Keys

150 NI Massive Presets
33 Synths
31 Leads
31 Plucks
29 Basses
18 Keys
8 Pads

5 Construction Kits
43 MIDIs
140 WAVs
1.8+ Gbs

244 Drum Samples
45 Kicks
61 Snares
63 Claps
38 Open Hats
37 Closed Hats

100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files: 742

Premium File Contents
Am 150 Bpm
Em 145 Bpm
Fm 147 Bpm
Fm 160 Bpm
Gm 134 Bpm
./Kits/Am 150 Bpm:
Am 150 Bpm.wav
./Kits/Am 150 Bpm/Midi:
BA Subrock Build.mid
BA Subrock Drop.mid
LD Origami.mid
PD Memoria.mid
SY Afterlife Drop.mid
SY Universe Drop.mid
./Kits/Am 150 Bpm/Presets:
BA Subrock.nmsv
LD Origami.fxp
PD Memoria.nmsv
SY Afterlife.fxp
SY Universe.fxp
./Kits/Am 150 Bpm/Wavs:
./Kits/Am 150 Bpm/Wavs/Drums:
Drum Loop.wav
Hats Drop.wav
Hi Perc.wav
Kick Drop.wav
Roll Build.wav
Snare Drop.wav
./Kits/Am 150 Bpm/Wavs/Melody:
ARP Build.wav
BA Subrock DRY.wav
BA Subrock.wav
FX Brown Noise.wav
LD Origami.wav
PD Memoria DRY.wav
PD Memoria.wav
SY Afterlife DRY Drop.wav
SY Afterlife Drop.wav
SY Universe DRY Drop.wav
SY Universe Drop.wav
Vox Chops DRY.wav
Vox Chops.wav
Vox Lead DRY.wav
Vox Lead.wav
./Kits/Em 145 Bpm:
Em 145 Bpm.wav
./Kits/Em 145 Bpm/Midi:
BA Subby.mid
BA Voyage.mid
E Piano.mid
LD Answer.mid
LD Fireflies.mid
PD Tide.mid
PD Waves.mid
PL Halo.mid
PL Jupiter.mid
SY Moonrise.mid
./Kits/Em 145 Bpm/Presets:
BA Subby.nmsv
BA Voyage.fxp
LD Answer.fxp
LD Fireflies.fxp
PD Tide.fxp
PD Waves.fxp
PL Halo.nmsv
PL Jupiter.nmsv
SY Moonrise.fxp
./Kits/Em 145 Bpm/Wavs:
./Kits/Em 145 Bpm/Wavs/Drums:
Drum Loop.wav
Fills Drop.wav
Glitch Perc.wav
Rev Noises.wav
Snare Roll.wav
./Kits/Em 145 Bpm/Wavs/Melody:
ARP Aqua Build.wav
BA Subby DRY.wav
BA Subby.wav
BA Voyage DRY Drop.wav
BA Voyage Drop.wav
E Piano.wav
LD Answer.wav
LD Fireflies DRY.wav
LD Fireflies.wav
PD Tide DRY Drop.wav
PD Tide Drop.wav
PD Waves Build.wav
PL Halo Build.wav
PL Halo DRY Build.wav
PL Jupiter Build.wav
SY Moonrise DRY Drop.wav
SY Moonrise Drop.wav
Vox Crowd Drop.wav
Vox FX.wav
White Noise Build.wav
./Kits/Fm 147 Bpm:
Fm 147 Bpm.wav
./Kits/Fm 147 Bpm/Midi:
BA Burn Build.mid
BA Pulse Build.mid
BA Pulse Drop.mid
LD Rise Vox.mid
PD Daze Build.mid
PL Bells Build.mid
PL Enigma Build.mid
SY Drift Drop.mid
SY Halo Drop.mid
./Kits/Fm 147 Bpm/Presets:
BA Burn.nmsv
BA Pulse.fxp
LD Rise Vox.fxp
PD Daze.fxp
PL Bells.nmsv
PL Enigma.fxp
SY Drift.fxp
SY Halo.fxp
./Kits/Fm 147 Bpm/Wavs:
./Kits/Fm 147 Bpm/Wavs/Drums:
Drum Loop.wav
Snare Roll.wav
./Kits/Fm 147 Bpm/Wavs/Melody:
ARP Build.wav
BA Burn Build DRY.wav
BA Burn Build.wav
BA Pulse Drop DRY.wav
BA Pulse Drop.wav
FX Sweep.wav
LD Rise Vox DRY.wav
LD Rise Vox.wav
PD Daze DRY.wav
PD Daze.wav
PL Bells DRY.wav
PL Bells.wav
PL Enigma.wav
SY Drift Drop DRY.wav
SY Drift Drop.wav
SY Halo Drop DRY.wav
SY Halo Drop.wav
Vox Chops DRY.wav
Vox Chops.wav
White Noise.wav
./Kits/Fm 160 Bpm:
Fm 160 Bpm.wav
./Kits/Fm 160 Bpm/Midi:
BA Smooth.mid
LD Alive.mid
PD Illusion High.mid
PD Illusion Low.mid
PL Meaning.mid
SY Brass.mid
SY Copter.mid
SY Joyride.mid
SY Strings.mid
SY Vision.mid
./Kits/Fm 160 Bpm/Presets:
BA Smooth.fxp
LD Alive.fxp
PD Illusion High.fxp
PD Illusion Low.fxp
PL Meaning.nmsv
SY Brass.fxp
SY Copter.fxp
SY Joyride 2.fxp
SY Joyride.fxp
SY Strings.fxp
SY Vision.nmsv
./Kits/Fm 160 Bpm/Wavs:
./Kits/Fm 160 Bpm/Wavs/Drums:
Clap Build.wav
Drum Loop.wav
Hats Drop.wav
Intro Drums Build.wav
Perc Fills.wav
Shaker Drop.wav
./Kits/Fm 160 Bpm/Wavs/Melody:
BA Smooth DRY.wav
BA Smooth.wav
LD Alive Atmos DRY Drop.wav
LD Alive Atmos Drop.wav
LD Alive DRY Drop.wav
LD Alive Drop.wav
PD Illusion Build.wav
PL Meaning.wav
SY Brass Drop.wav
SY Copter Build.wav
SY Joyride DRY.wav
SY Joyride.wav
SY Strings Build.wav
SY Strings DRY Build.wav
SY Vision.wav
Vox Chops.wav
White Noise.wav
./Kits/Gm 134 Bpm:
Gm 134 Bpm.wav
./Kits/Gm 134 Bpm/Midi:
BA Feedback.mid
BA Rapture.mid
BA Stage.mid
LD Rebirth.mid
PD Infinity.mid
PL Mercury.mid
SY Toxicated.mid
./Kits/Gm 134 Bpm/Presets:
BA Feedback.fxp
BA Rapture.fxp
BA Stage.nmsv
LD Rebirth.fxp
PD Infinity.fxp
PL Mercury.nmsv
SY Toxicated.fxp
./Kits/Gm 134 Bpm/Wavs:
./Kits/Gm 134 Bpm/Wavs/Drums:
Clap Roll.wav
Drum Loop.wav
Kicks Drop.wav
./Kits/Gm 134 Bpm/Wavs/Melody:
ARP 1.wav
ARP 2.wav
BA Feedback DRY Drop.wav
BA Feedback Drop.wav
BA Rapture DRY Drop.wav
BA Rapture Drop.wav
BA Stage Build.wav
LD Rebirth DRY.wav
LD Rebirth.wav
PD Infinity Build.wav
PD Infinity DRY Build.wav
PL Mercury Build.wav
PL Mercury DRY Build.wav
SY Toxicated DRY Drop.wav
SY Toxicated Drop.wav
Vox Chops DRY.wav
Vox Chops.wav
White Noise.wav
NI Massive Presets
Xfer Serum Presets
Xfer Serum Tables
./Presets/NI Massive Presets:
./Presets/NI Massive Presets/Basses:
BA Aesthetic.nmsv
BA Blackhole.nmsv
BA Breathe.nmsv
BA Burn.nmsv
BA Careless.nmsv
BA Craft.nmsv
BA Currents.nmsv
BA Dive.nmsv
BA Escape.nmsv
BA Evolve.nmsv
BA Falcon.nmsv
BA Fire.nmsv
BA Heat.nmsv
BA Highrise.nmsv
BA Illusion.nmsv
BA Limelight.nmsv
BA Mist.nmsv
BA Modular.nmsv
BA Moon.nmsv
BA Pulse.nmsv
BA Rebirth.nmsv
BA Restart.nmsv
BA Reverie.nmsv
BA Ride.nmsv
BA Stage.nmsv
BA Subby.nmsv
BA Subrock.nmsv
BA Triumph.nmsv
BA Velvet.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive Presets/Keys:
KY Ancients.nmsv
KY Cerulean.nmsv
KY Exhale.nmsv
KY Fire.nmsv
KY For You.nmsv
KY Juna.nmsv
KY Memory.nmsv
KY Moment.nmsv
KY Nostalgia.nmsv
KY Oldschool.nmsv
KY Oxygen.nmsv
KY Prodigy.nmsv
KY Reverie.nmsv
KY Seaside.nmsv
KY Soul.nmsv
KY Sweet Rain.nmsv
KY Time.nmsv
KY Tomodachi.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive Presets/Leads:
LD Amnesia.nmsv
LD Arrow.nmsv
LD Blurr.nmsv
LD Champion.nmsv
LD Chance.nmsv
LD Discover.nmsv
LD Escalate.nmsv
LD Exhale.nmsv
LD Feedback.nmsv
LD Feel It.nmsv
LD Gladiator.nmsv
LD Halo.nmsv
LD High.nmsv
LD Innocent.nmsv
LD Latch.nmsv
LD Lovesick.nmsv
LD Magnet.nmsv
LD Mercury.nmsv
LD Omni.nmsv
LD Paradise.nmsv
LD Phantom.nmsv
LD Reborn.nmsv
LD Sign.nmsv
LD Signature.nmsv
LD Skyline.nmsv
LD Spiral.nmsv
LD Stage.nmsv
LD Step.nmsv
LD Synergy.nmsv
LD Theory.nmsv
LD Treat.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive Presets/Pads:
PD Cloud.nmsv
PD Currents.nmsv
PD Fading.nmsv
PD Flame.nmsv
PD Galaxies.nmsv
PD Memoria.nmsv
PD Roses.nmsv
PD Signal.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive Presets/Plucks:
PL Arena.nmsv
PL Arrow.nmsv
PL Bells.nmsv
PL Daydream.nmsv
PL Destiny.nmsv
PL Dream.nmsv
PL Everyday.nmsv
PL Exhale.nmsv
PL Halo.nmsv
PL Hydro.nmsv
PL Journey.nmsv
PL Juna.nmsv
PL Jupiter.nmsv
PL Lovesick.nmsv
PL Magnet.nmsv
PL Meaning.nmsv
PL Mercury.nmsv
PL Molecules.nmsv
PL Nebula.nmsv
PL Nomad.nmsv
PL Orion.nmsv
PL Pluto.nmsv
PL Powers.nmsv
PL Pulse.nmsv
PL Sign.nmsv
PL Skies.nmsv
PL Stage.nmsv
PL Sunset.nmsv
PL Technicolor.nmsv
PL Time.nmsv
PL Tunnel.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive Presets/Synths:
SY Adventure.nmsv
SY Aesthetic.nmsv
SY Altitude.nmsv
SY Artisan.nmsv
SY Climb.nmsv
SY Coast.nmsv
SY Crimson.nmsv
SY Flavors.nmsv
SY Float.nmsv
SY High.nmsv
SY Hourglass.nmsv
SY Hybrid.nmsv
SY Memories.nmsv
SY North.nmsv
SY Nova.nmsv
SY Prestige.nmsv
SY Prime.nmsv
SY Renegade.nmsv
SY Revive.nmsv
SY Revolution.nmsv
SY Ride.nmsv
SY Rise.nmsv
SY Searching.nmsv
SY Skyline.nmsv
SY Solace.nmsv
SY Soul.nmsv
SY Synergy.nmsv
SY Technicolor.nmsv
SY Thriller.nmsv
SY Timeless.nmsv
SY Tomorrow.nmsv
SY Treat.nmsv
SY Vision.nmsv
./Presets/Xfer Serum Presets:
./Presets/Xfer Serum Presets/Basses:
BA Aurora.fxp
BA Blaze.fxp
BA Boss.fxp
BA Chance.fxp
BA Circuit.fxp
BA Daybreak.fxp
BA Daze.fxp
BA Discover.fxp
BA Elevated.fxp
BA Feedback.fxp
BA Fire.fxp
BA Hourglass.fxp
BA Jupiter.fxp
BA Mad.fxp
BA Moog.fxp
BA Nomad.fxp
BA Pandorum.fxp
BA Primetime.fxp
BA Pulse.fxp
BA Rapture.fxp
BA Rattlesnake.fxp
BA Restore.fxp
BA Rush.fxp
BA Signature.fxp
BA Smooth.fxp
BA Step.fxp
BA Symphobia.fxp
BA Take.fxp
BA Tubler.fxp
BA Voyage.fxp
BA Walls.fxp
BA Wildfire.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum Presets/Keys:
KY Castaway.fxp
KY Distance.fxp
KY Indie Strum.fxp
KY Synergy.fxp
KY Tap Dance.fxp
KY Trails.fxp
KY Wah Wah.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum Presets/Leads:
LD Alive.fxp
LD Answer.fxp
LD Arigato.fxp
LD Arise.fxp
LD Atlantis.fxp
LD Blast.fxp
LD Coast.fxp
LD Colors.fxp
LD Cruise.fxp
LD Daybreak.fxp
LD Daze.fxp
LD Fireflies.fxp
LD Flavour.fxp
LD Genesis.fxp
LD Gold.fxp
LD Joyride.fxp
LD Jupiter.fxp
LD Lofi Trumpet.fxp
LD Lost Time.fxp
LD Meteora.fxp
LD Mint.fxp
LD Origami.fxp
LD Prodigy.fxp
LD Rapture.fxp
LD Rebirth.fxp
LD Restart.fxp
LD Revolution.fxp
LD Rise Vox.fxp
LD Spectrum.fxp
LD Timezone.fxp
LD Touch.fxp
LD Wanderlust.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum Presets/Pads:
PD Axiom.fxp
PD Daze.fxp
PD Evolve.fxp
PD Illusion High.fxp
PD Illusion Low.fxp
PD Infinity.fxp
PD Liquid.fxp
PD Lucid.fxp
PD Memories.fxp
PD Moment.fxp
PD Mystery.fxp
PD Orion.fxp
PD Prestige.fxp
PD Revolution.fxp
PD Tide.fxp
PD Tomorrow.fxp
PD Waves.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum Presets/Plucks:
PL Blackjack.fxp
PL Coast.fxp
PL Currents.fxp
PL Enigma.fxp
PL Exhale.fxp
PL Fire.fxp
PL Flame.fxp
PL Ghost.fxp
PL Gravity.fxp
PL Helios.fxp
PL Hero.fxp
PL Hook.fxp
PL Hourglass.fxp
PL Memories.fxp
PL Memory.fxp
PL Omni.fxp
PL Orion.fxp
PL Owls.fxp
PL Purple.fxp
PL Rattle.fxp
PL Simple Pluck.fxp
PL Solid Pluck.fxp
PL Sonar.fxp
PL Sonata.fxp
PL Spectrum.fxp
PL Sweet Rain.fxp
PL Textures.fxp
PL Vocalizer.fxp
PL Wild.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum Presets/Synths:
SY Afterlife.fxp
SY Ambition.fxp
SY Awe.fxp
SY Brass.fxp
SY Castaway.fxp
SY Copter.fxp
SY Crossfire.fxp
SY Daylight.fxp
SY Discover.fxp
SY Drift.fxp
SY Flame.fxp
SY Flutter.fxp
SY Halo.fxp
SY Joyride 2.fxp
SY Joyride.fxp
SY Latch.fxp
SY Legacy.fxp
SY Lift.fxp
SY Light.fxp
SY Liquid.fxp
SY Memoria.fxp
SY Mercury.fxp
SY Moonrise.fxp
SY Oldschool.fxp
SY Overdose.fxp
SY Power Vibra.fxp
SY Strings.fxp
SY Textures.fxp
SY Time.fxp
SY Toxicated.fxp
SY Universe.fxp
SY Vocalizer.fxp
SY Zero.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum Tables:
BA Rapture.wav
LD Rise Vox A.wav
LD Rise Vox B.wav
PD Illusion Low A.wav
PD Illusion Low B.wav
PD Illusion.wav
PD Infinity A.wav
PD Infinity B.wav
PD Waves A.wav
PD Waves B.wav
SY Joyride.wav
SY Moonrise.wav
SY Strings.wav
Closed Hats
Open Hats
SS IFB Clap 1.wav
SS IFB Clap 10.wav
SS IFB Clap 11.wav
SS IFB Clap 12.wav
SS IFB Clap 13.wav
SS IFB Clap 14.wav
SS IFB Clap 15.wav
SS IFB Clap 16.wav
SS IFB Clap 17.wav
SS IFB Clap 18.wav
SS IFB Clap 19.wav
SS IFB Clap 2.wav
SS IFB Clap 20.wav
SS IFB Clap 21.wav
SS IFB Clap 22.wav
SS IFB Clap 23.wav
SS IFB Clap 24.wav
SS IFB Clap 25.wav
SS IFB Clap 26.wav
SS IFB Clap 27.wav
SS IFB Clap 28.wav
SS IFB Clap 29.wav
SS IFB Clap 3.wav
SS IFB Clap 30.wav
SS IFB Clap 31.wav
SS IFB Clap 32.wav
SS IFB Clap 33.wav
SS IFB Clap 34.wav
SS IFB Clap 35.wav
SS IFB Clap 36.wav
SS IFB Clap 37.wav
SS IFB Clap 38.wav
SS IFB Clap 39.wav
SS IFB Clap 4.wav
SS IFB Clap 40.wav
SS IFB Clap 41.wav
SS IFB Clap 42.wav
SS IFB Clap 43.wav
SS IFB Clap 44.wav
SS IFB Clap 45.wav
SS IFB Clap 46.wav
SS IFB Clap 47.wav
SS IFB Clap 48.wav
SS IFB Clap 49.wav
SS IFB Clap 5.wav
SS IFB Clap 50.wav
SS IFB Clap 51.wav
SS IFB Clap 52.wav
SS IFB Clap 53.wav
SS IFB Clap 54.wav
SS IFB Clap 55.wav
SS IFB Clap 56.wav
SS IFB Clap 57.wav
SS IFB Clap 58.wav
SS IFB Clap 59.wav
SS IFB Clap 6.wav
SS IFB Clap 60.wav
SS IFB Clap 61.wav
SS IFB Clap 62.wav
SS IFB Clap 63.wav
SS IFB Clap 7.wav
SS IFB Clap 8.wav
SS IFB Clap 9.wav
./Samples/Closed Hats:
SS IFB Closed Hat 1.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 10.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 11.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 12.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 13.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 14.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 15.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 16.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 17.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 18.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 19.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 2.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 20.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 21.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 22.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 23.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 24.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 25.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 26.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 27.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 28.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 29.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 3.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 30.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 31.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 32.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 33.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 34.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 35.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 36.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 37.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 4.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 5.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 6.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 7.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 8.wav
SS IFB Closed Hat 9.wav
SS IFB Kick 1.wav
SS IFB Kick 10.wav
SS IFB Kick 11.wav
SS IFB Kick 12.wav
SS IFB Kick 13.wav
SS IFB Kick 14.wav
SS IFB Kick 15.wav
SS IFB Kick 16.wav
SS IFB Kick 17.wav
SS IFB Kick 18.wav
SS IFB Kick 19.wav
SS IFB Kick 2.wav
SS IFB Kick 20.wav
SS IFB Kick 21.wav
SS IFB Kick 22.wav
SS IFB Kick 23.wav
SS IFB Kick 24.wav
SS IFB Kick 25.wav
SS IFB Kick 26.wav
SS IFB Kick 27.wav
SS IFB Kick 28.wav
SS IFB Kick 29.wav
SS IFB Kick 3.wav
SS IFB Kick 30.wav
SS IFB Kick 31.wav
SS IFB Kick 32.wav
SS IFB Kick 33.wav
SS IFB Kick 34.wav
SS IFB Kick 35.wav
SS IFB Kick 36.wav
SS IFB Kick 37.wav
SS IFB Kick 38.wav
SS IFB Kick 39.wav
SS IFB Kick 4.wav
SS IFB Kick 40.wav
SS IFB Kick 41.wav
SS IFB Kick 42.wav
SS IFB Kick 43.wav
SS IFB Kick 44.wav
SS IFB Kick 45.wav
SS IFB Kick 5.wav
SS IFB Kick 6.wav
SS IFB Kick 7.wav
SS IFB Kick 8.wav
SS IFB Kick 9.wav
./Samples/Open Hats:
SS IFB Open Hat 1.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 10.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 11.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 12.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 13.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 14.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 15.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 16.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 17.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 18.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 19.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 2.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 20.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 21.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 22.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 23.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 24.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 25.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 26.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 27.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 28.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 29.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 3.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 30.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 31.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 32.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 33.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 34.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 35.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 36.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 37.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 38.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 4.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 5.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 6.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 7.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 8.wav
SS IFB Open Hat 9.wav
SS IFB Snare 1.wav
SS IFB Snare 10.wav
SS IFB Snare 11.wav
SS IFB Snare 12.wav
SS IFB Snare 13.wav
SS IFB Snare 14.wav
SS IFB Snare 15.wav
SS IFB Snare 16.wav
SS IFB Snare 17.wav
SS IFB Snare 18.wav
SS IFB Snare 19.wav
SS IFB Snare 2.wav
SS IFB Snare 20.wav
SS IFB Snare 21.wav
SS IFB Snare 22.wav
SS IFB Snare 23.wav
SS IFB Snare 24.wav
SS IFB Snare 25.wav
SS IFB Snare 26.wav
SS IFB Snare 27.wav
SS IFB Snare 28.wav
SS IFB Snare 29.wav
SS IFB Snare 3.wav
SS IFB Snare 30.wav
SS IFB Snare 31.wav
SS IFB Snare 32.wav
SS IFB Snare 33.wav
SS IFB Snare 34.wav
SS IFB Snare 35.wav
SS IFB Snare 36.wav
SS IFB Snare 37.wav
SS IFB Snare 38.wav
SS IFB Snare 39.wav
SS IFB Snare 4.wav
SS IFB Snare 40.wav
SS IFB Snare 41.wav
SS IFB Snare 42.wav
SS IFB Snare 43.wav
SS IFB Snare 44.wav
SS IFB Snare 45.wav
SS IFB Snare 46.wav
SS IFB Snare 47.wav
SS IFB Snare 48.wav
SS IFB Snare 49.wav
SS IFB Snare 5.wav
SS IFB Snare 50.wav
SS IFB Snare 51.wav
SS IFB Snare 52.wav
SS IFB Snare 53.wav
SS IFB Snare 54.wav
SS IFB Snare 55.wav
SS IFB Snare 56.wav
SS IFB Snare 57.wav
SS IFB Snare 58.wav
SS IFB Snare 59.wav
SS IFB Snare 6.wav
SS IFB Snare 60.wav
SS IFB Snare 61.wav
SS IFB Snare 7.wav
SS IFB Snare 8.wav
SS IFB Snare 9.wav
Minimum version Latest version of Xfer Serum and Massive 1.3 or higher is required.
Number of sounds 300

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