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MAJ Lazer .:: FREE Demo Available ::.

Check out this video to hear the presets in action.

Surge Sounds - MAJ LAZER is a groundbreaking sound bank packed with authentic sounds inspired by Major Lazer, Jack U, and Diplo.

The team behind Surge Sounds is always striving to provide top notch and cutting edge presets that will push the current creative boundaries.

Inside this groundbreaking collection is a complete arsenal of 128 presets, 64 Xfer Serum and 64 NI Massive presets, crafted with the most current sound design techniques. A sound bank that you just cannot wait to start producing with!

On every preset there are 4 macros for Xfer Serum and 8 macros for NI Massive at your finger tips, giving you creative control to mix them up.

We included 212 high quality drum samples as a bonus. 50 Snares, 50 Claps, 40 Kicks, 37 Closed Hats and 35 Open Hats all professionally processed and ready to drop straight into your project.

If you are looking for the ultimate Major Lazer sound bank to spark your creativity giving you tune after tune, this is the pack for you!


.:: 64 Xfer Serum Presets ::.
22 Leads
13 Plucks
10 Synths
10 Basses
5 Pads
4 Keys
4 Macros on every preset

.:: 64 NI Massive Presets ::.
19 Leads
15 Plucks
12 Basses
7 Synths
7 Keys
3 Pads
1 Donk
8 Macros on every preset

.:: Bonus items ::.
212 Drum Samples
50 Snares
50 Claps
40 Kicks
37 Closed Hats
35 Open Hats
100% Royalty-Free
Xfer Serum 1.113 and NI Massive 1.3 or higher is required.

.:: Presets in this demo ::.
PL Caribbean, SY Fire, BA Juice, SY DatVibe, LD Believer, SY Meteora, BA Reap, BA Conquer, LD Boom Vox, SY Baywatch, BA Booty, BA Dollar, KY Playhouse, PL Bottles, LD Cold Water, KY Lifeline, BA Soul, LD Light It Up, KY Candle Wick, PL Blaze, BA Rock, DK Gimme

Premium File Contents
./Bonus Drums:
Closed Hats
Open Hats
./Bonus Drums/Claps:
SSMLSM Clap 01.wav
SSMLSM Clap 02.wav
SSMLSM Clap 03.wav
SSMLSM Clap 04.wav
SSMLSM Clap 05.wav
SSMLSM Clap 06.wav
SSMLSM Clap 07.wav
SSMLSM Clap 08.wav
SSMLSM Clap 09.wav
SSMLSM Clap 10.wav
SSMLSM Clap 11.wav
SSMLSM Clap 12.wav
SSMLSM Clap 13.wav
SSMLSM Clap 14.wav
SSMLSM Clap 15.wav
SSMLSM Clap 16.wav
SSMLSM Clap 17.wav
SSMLSM Clap 18.wav
SSMLSM Clap 19.wav
SSMLSM Clap 20.wav
SSMLSM Clap 21.wav
SSMLSM Clap 22.wav
SSMLSM Clap 23.wav
SSMLSM Clap 24.wav
SSMLSM Clap 25.wav
SSMLSM Clap 26.wav
SSMLSM Clap 27.wav
SSMLSM Clap 28.wav
SSMLSM Clap 29.wav
SSMLSM Clap 30.wav
SSMLSM Clap 31.wav
SSMLSM Clap 32.wav
SSMLSM Clap 33.wav
SSMLSM Clap 34.wav
SSMLSM Clap 35.wav
SSMLSM Clap 36.wav
SSMLSM Clap 37.wav
SSMLSM Clap 38.wav
SSMLSM Clap 39.wav
SSMLSM Clap 40.wav
SSMLSM Clap 41.wav
SSMLSM Clap 42.wav
SSMLSM Clap 43.wav
SSMLSM Clap 44.wav
SSMLSM Clap 45.wav
SSMLSM Clap 46.wav
SSMLSM Clap 47.wav
SSMLSM Clap 48.wav
SSMLSM Clap 49.wav
SSMLSM Clap 50.wav
./Bonus Drums/Closed Hats:
SSMLSM Closed Hat 01.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 02.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 03.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 04.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 05.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 06.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 07.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 08.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 09.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 10.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 11.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 12.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 13.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 14.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 15.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 16.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 17.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 18.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 19.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 20.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 21.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 22.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 23.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 24.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 25.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 26.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 27.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 28.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 29.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 30.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 31.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 32.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 33.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 34.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 35.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 36.wav
SSMLSM Closed Hat 37.wav
./Bonus Drums/Kicks:
SSMLSM Kick 01.wav
SSMLSM Kick 02.wav
SSMLSM Kick 03.wav
SSMLSM Kick 04.wav
SSMLSM Kick 05.wav
SSMLSM Kick 06.wav
SSMLSM Kick 07.wav
SSMLSM Kick 08.wav
SSMLSM Kick 09.wav
SSMLSM Kick 10.wav
SSMLSM Kick 11.wav
SSMLSM Kick 12.wav
SSMLSM Kick 13.wav
SSMLSM Kick 14.wav
SSMLSM Kick 15.wav
SSMLSM Kick 16.wav
SSMLSM Kick 17.wav
SSMLSM Kick 18.wav
SSMLSM Kick 19.wav
SSMLSM Kick 20.wav
SSMLSM Kick 21.wav
SSMLSM Kick 22.wav
SSMLSM Kick 23.wav
SSMLSM Kick 24.wav
SSMLSM Kick 25.wav
SSMLSM Kick 26.wav
SSMLSM Kick 27.wav
SSMLSM Kick 28.wav
SSMLSM Kick 29.wav
SSMLSM Kick 30.wav
SSMLSM Kick 31.wav
SSMLSM Kick 32.wav
SSMLSM Kick 33.wav
SSMLSM Kick 34.wav
SSMLSM Kick 35.wav
SSMLSM Kick 36.wav
SSMLSM Kick 37.wav
SSMLSM Kick 38.wav
SSMLSM Kick 39.wav
SSMLSM Kick 40.wav
./Bonus Drums/Open Hats:
SSMLSM Open Hat 01.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 02.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 03.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 04.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 05.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 06.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 07.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 08.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 09.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 10.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 11.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 12.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 13.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 14.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 15.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 16.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 17.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 18.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 19.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 20.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 21.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 22.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 23.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 24.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 25.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 26.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 27.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 28.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 29.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 30.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 31.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 32.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 33.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 34.wav
SSMLSM Open Hat 35.wav
./Bonus Drums/Snares:
SSMLSM Snare 01.wav
SSMLSM Snare 02.wav
SSMLSM Snare 03.wav
SSMLSM Snare 04.wav
SSMLSM Snare 05.wav
SSMLSM Snare 06.wav
SSMLSM Snare 07.wav
SSMLSM Snare 08.wav
SSMLSM Snare 09.wav
SSMLSM Snare 10.wav
SSMLSM Snare 11.wav
SSMLSM Snare 12.wav
SSMLSM Snare 13.wav
SSMLSM Snare 14.wav
SSMLSM Snare 15.wav
SSMLSM Snare 16.wav
SSMLSM Snare 17.wav
SSMLSM Snare 18.wav
SSMLSM Snare 19.wav
SSMLSM Snare 20.wav
SSMLSM Snare 21.wav
SSMLSM Snare 22.wav
SSMLSM Snare 23.wav
SSMLSM Snare 24.wav
SSMLSM Snare 25.wav
SSMLSM Snare 26.wav
SSMLSM Snare 27.wav
SSMLSM Snare 28.wav
SSMLSM Snare 29.wav
SSMLSM Snare 30.wav
SSMLSM Snare 31.wav
SSMLSM Snare 32.wav
SSMLSM Snare 33.wav
SSMLSM Snare 34.wav
SSMLSM Snare 35.wav
SSMLSM Snare 36.wav
SSMLSM Snare 37.wav
SSMLSM Snare 38.wav
SSMLSM Snare 39.wav
SSMLSM Snare 40.wav
SSMLSM Snare 41.wav
SSMLSM Snare 42.wav
SSMLSM Snare 43.wav
SSMLSM Snare 44.wav
SSMLSM Snare 45.wav
SSMLSM Snare 46.wav
SSMLSM Snare 47.wav
SSMLSM Snare 48.wav
SSMLSM Snare 49.wav
SSMLSM Snare 50.wav
NI Massive
Xfer Serum
./Presets/NI Massive:
BA Blackout.nmsv
BA Caffeine.nmsv
BA Conquer.nmsv
BA Discover.nmsv
BA Freak.nmsv
BA Juice.nmsv
BA Juna.nmsv
BA Moment.nmsv
BA Rock.nmsv
BA Rotor.nmsv
BA Soul.nmsv
BA Sugar.nmsv
DK Gimme.nmsv
KY Candle Wick.nmsv
KY Evolution.nmsv
KY Lifeline.nmsv
KY Playhouse.nmsv
KY Smooth.nmsv
KY Stage.nmsv
KY Toxicated.nmsv
LD Amnesia.nmsv
LD Blackout.nmsv
LD Boom Vox.nmsv
LD Brick.nmsv
LD Comb.nmsv
LD Crossfire.nmsv
LD Daydream.nmsv
LD Elevated.nmsv
LD Freak.nmsv
LD Get Down.nmsv
LD Kinetic.nmsv
LD Movin.nmsv
LD Nomad.nmsv
LD Overload.nmsv
LD Push.nmsv
LD Rapture.nmsv
LD Ratchet.nmsv
LD Take Off.nmsv
LD Velvet.nmsv
PD Dreamscape.nmsv
PD Limelight.nmsv
PD Symphobia.nmsv
PL Blaze.nmsv
PL Bottles.nmsv
PL Caribbean.nmsv
PL Inspired.nmsv
PL Madness.nmsv
PL Pandorum.nmsv
PL Primetime.nmsv
PL Reaction.nmsv
PL Reborn.nmsv
PL Searching.nmsv
PL Skyline.nmsv
PL Spiral.nmsv
PL Stage.nmsv
PL Touch.nmsv
PL Toxicated.nmsv
SY DatVibe.nmsv
SY Flip.nmsv
SY Immerse.nmsv
SY Latch.nmsv
SY Lost Souls.nmsv
SY Reap.nmsv
SY Youth.nmsv
./Presets/Xfer Serum:
BA Avenger.fxp
BA Booty.fxp
BA Control.fxp
BA Daft.fxp
BA Dollar.fxp
BA Melomatic.fxp
BA Paradise.fxp
BA Punch.fxp
BA Pusher.fxp
BA Reap.fxp
KY Craze.fxp
KY Crossfire.fxp
KY Falcon.fxp
KY Kinetic.fxp
LD Alcoholic.fxp
LD Believer.fxp
LD Castaway.fxp
LD Cold Water.fxp
LD Craze.fxp
LD Discover.fxp
LD Diverted.fxp
LD Drift.fxp
LD Latch.fxp
LD Light It Up.fxp
LD Mercury.fxp
LD Moonrise.fxp
LD Oxygen.fxp
LD Powers.fxp
LD Prodigy.fxp
LD Rebirth.fxp
LD Reborn.fxp
LD Solace.fxp
LD Surfaces.fxp
LD Survival.fxp
LD Take Off.fxp
LD Youth.fxp
PD Coast.fxp
PD Dreamscape.fxp
PD Optica.fxp
PD Orion.fxp
PD Restart.fxp
PL Colors.fxp
PL Everyday.fxp
PL Feedback.fxp
PL Magnet.fxp
PL Movin.fxp
PL Mystery.fxp
PL Notorious.fxp
PL Phased.fxp
PL Renegade.fxp
PL Spectrum.fxp
PL Stage.fxp
PL Tremor.fxp
PL Velvet.fxp
SY Baywatch.fxp
SY Cobra.fxp
SY Daylight.fxp
SY Dized.fxp
SY Fire.fxp
SY Meteora.fxp
SY Metropolis.fxp
SY Omni.fxp
SY Striped Moon.fxp
SY Treat.fxp
Minimum version NI Massive 1.3, Xfer Serum 1.113
Number of sounds 128
Demo Download

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