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Patchmaker is proud to introduce the fourth instalment in Major Lazerz series, bringing expertly crafted presets for your favourite soft synthesizers.

"Major Lazerz vol.4" gives you a new flavour of future pop genre.Fill up your sonic spectrum with beautiful basses, gorgeous synths, epic leads, and take your tracks to the next level!

These varied and flexible sounds can to fit not only in puture pop but also in other genres like: trap, dubstep, hard dance, hip-hop and many more.

This set is inspired by magnificent tracks from DJ Snake, Major Lazer, Skrillex, Valentino Khan and some of the hottest EDM styles on the charts! 

You will have all the material to create breathtaking and mind blowing tracks.You can use them to add creativity to your musical productions.

In detail expect to find over 70 files : 35 NI Massive patches and 35 Xfer Serum presets.Also some presets that were used in the demo.

Every preset has all macros (4 macros for Serum and 8 macros for Massive),so you will be able to tweak them at your own preference and and get better results.



Serum Patch list:


13 Lead presets

7 Syn presets

7 Pluck presets

6 Bass presets

2 Pad presets


(4 macros on every preset)


NOTE: You will need Serum version 1.213 or higher to be able to use these presets.



Massive Patch list:


2 SEQ presets

16 Lead  presets

5 Syn presets

3 Pluck presets

7 Bass presets

2 SFX presets


(8 macros on every preset)


NOTE: You will need Massive version 1.5 or higher to be able to use these presets.


*NOTE: The preview contains drum sounds and sound effects for illustrative purposes only


Premium File Contents
BASS 2k12.nmsv
BASS Agents.nmsv
BASS Eraser.nmsv
BASS Mars Attack.nmsv
BASS Modern Skrill Ex.nmsv
BASS Monsta.nmsv
BASS Soil.nmsv
LEAD Acoustic.nmsv
LEAD Carousel.nmsv
LEAD Disco Ball.nmsv
LEAD Electric Flute.nmsv
LEAD Fountain.nmsv
LEAD Line.nmsv
LEAD Lucky 777.nmsv
LEAD Lush.nmsv
LEAD Marshmallow.nmsv
LEAD Masquerade.nmsv
LEAD New Day.nmsv
LEAD Pride.nmsv
LEAD Raw Materials.nmsv
LEAD Safe.nmsv
LEAD Tone.nmsv
LEAD True Evil.nmsv
PLUCK Fantasy World.nmsv
PLUCK Oko.nmsv
PLUCK Slow And Steady.nmsv
SEQ Fade.nmsv
SEQ Pew Pew.nmsv
SFX Bass Attack.nmsv
SFX Lazer Alert.nmsv
SYN Desert Tower.nmsv
SYN Drill Trap.nmsv
SYN Electro Cello.nmsv
SYN Origins.nmsv
SYN Trio.nmsv
SFX Bass Attack Demo.nmsv
BASS Countryside.fxp
BASS Input.fxp
BASS Reboot.fxp
BASS So Good.fxp
BASS Vacuum.fxp
LEAD Blessings.fxp
LEAD Born 2 Rage.fxp
LEAD Cia Mara.fxp
LEAD Exile.fxp
LEAD Glitcher.fxp
LEAD Gold Era.fxp
LEAD Halcyon.fxp
LEAD Mia Cara.fxp
LEAD Observer.fxp
LEAD Particula.fxp
LEAD Rice Field.fxp
LEAD Sidekick.fxp
LEAD Voice Chat.fxp
PAD Delight.fxp
PAD Failure.fxp
PLUCK Abyss Piano.fxp
PLUCK Fire.fxp
PLUCK Ion.fxp
PLUCK Joy.fxp
PLUCK Malena.fxp
PLUCK Sensation.fxp
PLUCK Slow Talk.fxp
SYN Before The Drop.fxp
SYN Deepness.fxp
SYN Glowing Ocean.fxp
SYN Mainstream.fxp
SYN Memories.fxp
SYN Skyward.fxp
SYN Snake Power.fxp
BASS Countryside Demo.fxp
LEAD Blessings Demo.fxp
LEAD Gold Era Demo.fxp
PLUCK Fire Demo.fxp
PLUCK Ion Demo.fxp
SYN Before The Drop Demo.fxp
SYN Skyward Demo.fxp
Minimum version Serum version 1.213+; Massive version 1.5+
Number of sounds 70

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