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Porter llenium

Surge Sounds – Porter llenium is a phenomenal collection packed with ethereal and soulful sounds. We are always striving to provide unique and modern presets that will enhance your creativity.

This pack puts innovative sound design in your hands, giving you the opportunity to take your productions to the next level. The concept behind this collection was inspired by Bass Music innovators like Porter Robinson & Illenium. We set out to unlock the secrets of how they create their unique sound.

This soundbank provides 180 ethereal presets for Xfer Serum and 120 soulful presets for NI Massive, all which were expertly crafted to surpass the current creative boundaries.

As a bonus we are including ‘Millennium Guitars’ which provides 30 phenomenal guitar presets with custom Xfer Serum wavetables created from recordings of a Les Paul, Stratocaster & Telecaster guitars through multiple guitar amps. As far as we know this hasn’t been done before.

We are confident this release will get your creative juices flowing and will be a game changer to your future productions!


180 Xfer Serum Presets

30 Synths

34 Leads

21 Basses

21 Plucks

24 Pads

16 Keys

4 Guitars

Bonus Pack - Millennium Guitars

30 Guitar Serum Presets

64 Xfer Serum Custom Wavetables

4 Macros on every preset


120 NI Massive Presets

32 Synths

27 Leads

26 Plucks

25 Basses

6 Pads

2 FXs

2 Keys

1 Piano

8 Macros on every preset


5 Construction Kits

176 Stems

62 MIDIs


Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm

Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm

Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm

Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm

Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm


Total Number Of Files: 665

2.7 GBs

Premium File Contents
Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm
Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm
Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm
Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm
Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm
./Kits/Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm:
Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm Mix.wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm/Massive:
BA Drill.nmsv
BA Snappy.nmsv
BA Yeti.nmsv
LD Aviator.nmsv
SY Resistor.nmsv
./Kits/Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm/Midi:
BA Drill.mid
BA Saucy.mid
BA Snappy.mid
BA Yeti.mid
LD Aviator.mid
LD Lollipop.mid
LD Portal.mid
LD Voltage.mid
PD Neptune.mid
PD Spiritual.mid
PL Apmbox.mid
PL Sponge.mid
SY Lollipop.mid
SY Resistor.mid
SY Waves.mid
./Kits/Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm/Serum:
BA Saucy.fxp
LD Lollipop.fxp
LD Portal.fxp
LD Voltage.fxp
PD Spiritual.fxp
PL Apmbox.fxp
PL Sponge.fxp
SY Lollipop.fxp
SY Waves.fxp
./Kits/Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm/Wavs:
./Kits/Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm/Wavs/Drums:
DR Crash.wav
DR Fills.wav
DR Hats (Drop).wav
DR Kick.wav
DR Lofi (Build).wav
DR Loop.wav
DR Roll (Build).wav
DR Snare (Build).wav
DR Snare (Drop).wav
DR Stomp (Build).wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm/Wavs/FXs:
FX Noises.wav
FX Tonal.wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm/Wavs/Melody:
BA Drill (Drop).wav
BA Saucy (Drop).wav
BA Snappy.wav
BA Yeti (Break).wav
LD Aviator (Drop).wav
LD Lollipop (Break & Build).wav
LD Portal (Break).wav
LD Voltage (Build).wav
PD Neptune (Break & Build).wav
PD Spiritual (Build).wav
PL Apmbox (Break).wav
PL Sponge (Break & Build).wav
SY Lollipop (Drop).wav
SY Resistor (Drop).wav
SY Waves (Drop).wav
VOX Abyss.wav
./Kits/Kit 1 Cm 140 Bpm/Wavs/Melody/DRY:
BA Drill (Drop) Dry.wav
BA Saucy (Drop) Dry.wav
BA Snappy (Build) Dry.wav
BA Yeti (Break) Dry.wav
LD Aviator (Drop) Dry.wav
LD Lollipop (Break & Build) Dry.wav
LD Portal (Break) Dry.wav
PL Apmbox (Break) Dry.wav
SY Lollipop (Drop) Dry.wav
SY Resistor (Drop) Dry.wav
SY Waves (Drop) Dry.wav
VOX Abyss Dry.wav
./Kits/Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm:
Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm Mix.wav
./Kits/Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm/Massive:
BA Glam.nmsv
KY Haiti.nmsv
KY Trackpad.nmsv
LD Butcher.nmsv
PD Charm.nmsv
PD Delight.nmsv
PD Hunch.nmsv
PN Elpiano.nmsv
SY Clarion.nmsv
./Kits/Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm/Midi:
BA Fatsin.mid
BA Glam.mid
KY Haiti 1.mid
KY Haiti 2.mid
KY Trackpad.mid
LD Beads.mid
LD Butcher.mid
LD Fife.mid
PD Charm.mid
PD Delight.mid
PD Hunch.mid
PN Elpiano.mid
SY Clarion.mid
SY Theme.mid
./Kits/Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm/Serum:
BA Fatsin.fxp
LD Beads.fxp
LD Fife.fxp
SY Theme.fxp
./Kits/Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm/Wavs:
./Kits/Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm/Wavs/Drums:
DR Crash (Build).wav
DR Fx (Build & Drop).wav
DR Kick (Build & Drop).wav
DR Loop.wav
DR Ride (Drop).wav
DR Roll (Build).wav
DR Snare (Drop).wav
DR Tom (Drop).wav
DR Wisper (Break & Build).wav
./Kits/Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm/Wavs/FXs:
FX Acid (Build).wav
FX Impacts.wav
FX White (Drop).wav
./Kits/Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm/Wavs/Melody:
BA Fatsin (Drop).wav
BA Glam (Build).wav
KY Haiti.wav
KY Trackpad (Break & Build).wav
LD Beads (Drop).wav
LD Butcher (Build).wav
LD Fife (Drop).wav
PD Charm (Build).wav
PD Delight (Build).wav
PD Hunch (Build).wav
PN Elpiano (Break & Build).wav
SY Clarion (Drop).wav
SY Theme (Drop).wav
VOX Cuts.wav
VOX Revs.wav
./Kits/Kit 2 G#m 140 Bpm/Wavs/Melody/DRY:
BA Fatsin (Drop) Dry.wav
BA Glam (Build) Dry.wav
KY Haiti (Break) Dry.wav
KY Haiti (Drop) Dry.wav
LD Beads (Drop) Dry.wav
LD Butcher (Build) Dry.wav
LD Fife (Drop) Dry.wav
PD Charm (Build) Dry.wav
PD Hunch (Build) Dry.wav
PN Elpiano (Break & Build) Dry.wav
SY Clarion (Drop) Dry.wav
SY Theme (Drop) Dry.wav
VOX Cuts Dry.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm:
Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm Mix.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm/Massive:
LD Insideout.nmsv
SY Joystick.nmsv
./Kits/Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm/Midi:
BA Chipper.mid
BA Deeper.mid
GTR Crispy.mid
GTR Orange.mid
LD Insideout.mid
PD Verity.mid
PN Prog.mid
SY Joystick.mid
SY Organic.mid
SY Symphony.mid
./Kits/Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm/Serum:
BA Chipper.fxp
BA Deeper.fxp
GTR Crispy.fxp
GTR Orange.fxp
PD Verity.fxp
SY Organic.fxp
SY Symphony.fxp
./Kits/Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm/Wavs:
./Kits/Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm/Wavs/Drums:
DR Crash (Drop).wav
DR Foley (Drop).wav
DR Fx.wav
DR Kick (Drop).wav
DR Loop.wav
DR Perc (Drop).wav
DR Roll (Build).wav
DR Shaker (Drop).wav
DR Snare (Build).wav
DR Snare (Drop).wav
./Kits/Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm/Wavs/FXs:
FX Falls.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm/Wavs/Melody:
BA Chipper (Break & Build).wav
BA Deeper (Drop).wav
GTR Crispy (Drop).wav
GTR Orange (Break & Build).wav
LD Insideout.wav
PD Verity (Break & Build).wav
PN Prog (Build).wav
SY Joystick (Build & Drop).wav
SY Organic (Drop).wav
SY Symphony (Drop).wav
VOX Iknowu.wav
./Kits/Kit 3 C#m 174 Bpm/Wavs/Melody/DRY:
BA Chipper (Break & Build) Dry.wav
BA Deeper (Drop) Dry.wav
GTR Crispy (Drop) Dry.wav
GTR Orange (Break & Build) Dry.wav
LD Insideout Dry.wav
PD Verity (Break & Build) Dry.wav
SY Joystick (Build & Drop) Dry.wav
SY Organic (Drop) Dry.wav
SY Symphony (Drop) Dry.wav
VOX Iknowu Dry.wav
./Kits/Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm:
Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm Mix.wav
./Kits/Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm/Massive:
FX Blast.nmsv
./Kits/Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm/Midi:
BA Shaft.mid
BA Tunnel.mid
FX Blast.mid
GTR Continuum.mid
GTR Velours.mid
LD Cushion.mid
LD Fraser.mid
LD Sawer.mid
PD Galaxy.mid
PN Extension.mid
SY Grace.mid
SY Houston.mid
./Kits/Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm/Serum:
BA Shaft.fxp
BA Tunnel.fxp
GTR Continuum.fxp
GTR Velours.fxp
LD Fraser.fxp
LD Sawer.fxp
PD Galaxy.fxp
SY Grace.fxp
SY Houston.fxp
./Kits/Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm/Wavs:
./Kits/Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm/Wavs/Drums:
DR Glitch (Build & Drop).wav
DR Hats (Build & Drop).wav
DR Kick (Build & Drop).wav
DR Loop.wav
DR Oneshots.wav
DR Roll (Build).wav
DR Snare (Drop).wav
DR Stick (Build).wav
./Kits/Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm/Wavs/FXs:
FX Blast.wav
FX Hits.wav
./Kits/Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm/Wavs/Melody:
BA Shaft (Drop).wav
BA Tunnel (Build).wav
GTR Continuum (Build).wav
GTR Velours (Break & Build).wav
LD Cushion (Build).wav
LD Fraser.wav
LD Sawer (Drop).wav
PD Galaxy (Break & Build).wav
PN Extension.wav
SY Grace (Drop).wav
SY Houston (Drop).wav
VOX Getalit.wav
./Kits/Kit 4 A#m 134 Bpm/Wavs/Melody/DRY:
BA Shaft (Drop) Dry.wav
BA Tunnel (Build) Dry.wav
GTR Continuum (Build) Dry.wav
GTR Velours (Break & Build) Dry.wav
LD Fraser Dry.wav
LD Sawer (Drop) Dry.wav
PD Galaxy (Break & Build) Dry.wav
SY Grace (Drop) Dry.wav
SY Houston (Drop) Dry.wav
./Kits/Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm:
Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm Mix.wav
./Kits/Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm/Massive:
BA Bazooka.nmsv
BA Glacier.nmsv
PD Belief.nmsv
./Kits/Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm/Midi:
BA Bazooka.mid
BA Glacier.mid
LD Hardway.mid
LD Hawaii.mid
LD Hornet.mid
LD Voxbox.mid
PD Belief.mid
PN Issuance.mid
SY Amphigory.mid
SY Constant.mid
SY Hoard.mid
./Kits/Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm/Serum:
LD Hardway.fxp
LD Hawaii.fxp
LD Hornet.fxp
LD Voxbox.fxp
SY Amphigory.fxp
SY Constant.fxp
SY Hoard.fxp
./Kits/Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm/Wavs:
./Kits/Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm/Wavs/Drums:
DR Crash.wav
DR Hats (Drop).wav
DR Kick.wav
DR Loop.wav
DR Perc (Drop).wav
DR Ride (Drop).wav
DR Roll (Build).wav
DR Snare.wav
./Kits/Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm/Wavs/FXs:
FX Retro.wav
./Kits/Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm/Wavs/Melody:
BA Bazooka (Drop).wav
BA Glacier.wav
LD Hardway (Break & Build).wav
LD Hawaii (Break & Build).wav
LD Hornet (Drop).wav
LD Voxbox (Build).wav
PD Belief (Break & Build).wav
PN Issuance (Break & Build).wav
SY Amphigory (Build).wav
SY Constant (Drop).wav
SY Hoard (Drop).wav
VOX Cuts (Break & Build).wav
VOX Story.wav
./Kits/Kit 5 Fm 92 Bpm/Wavs/Melody/DRY:
BA Bazooka (Drop) Dry.wav
BA Glacier Dry.wav
LD Hardway (Break & Build) Dry.wav
LD Hawaii (Break & Build) Dry.wav
LD Hornet (Drop) Dry.wav
LD Voxbox (Build) Dry.wav
PD Belief (Break & Build) Dry.wav
SY Amphigory (Build) Dry.wav
SY Constant (Drop) Dry.wav
SY Hoard (Drop) Dry.wav
VOX Story Dry.wav
NI Massive
Xfer Serum
./Presets/NI Massive:
./Presets/NI Massive/Basses:
BA Ablaze.nmsv
BA Adrenaline.nmsv
BA Afterlife.nmsv
BA Aura.nmsv
BA Avatar.nmsv
BA Awaken.nmsv
BA Bazooka.nmsv
BA Canyon.nmsv
BA Compass.nmsv
BA Crossfire.nmsv
BA Drill.nmsv
BA Element.nmsv
BA Gemini.nmsv
BA Glacier.nmsv
BA Glam.nmsv
BA Halo.nmsv
BA Landscape.nmsv
BA Matches.nmsv
BA Rebound.nmsv
BA Revive.nmsv
BA Snappy.nmsv
BA Superb.nmsv
BA Triumph.nmsv
BA Wild.nmsv
BA Yeti.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive/FXs:
FX Acid.nmsv
FX Blast.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive/Keys:
KY Haiti.nmsv
KY Trackpad.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive/Leads:
LD Alliance.nmsv
LD Artisan.nmsv
LD Ashes.nmsv
LD Aviator.nmsv
LD Butcher.nmsv
LD Charge.nmsv
LD Coasting.nmsv
LD Echoes.nmsv
LD Escalate.nmsv
LD Flavors.nmsv
LD For You.nmsv
LD Horizon.nmsv
LD Inferno.nmsv
LD Insideout.nmsv
LD Leap.nmsv
LD Mist.nmsv
LD Motion.nmsv
LD Overload.nmsv
LD Paradise.nmsv
LD Pluto.nmsv
LD Rainbow.nmsv
LD Restore.nmsv
LD Shelter.nmsv
LD Tomorrow.nmsv
LD Universe.nmsv
LD Youth.nmsv
LD Zero.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive/Pads:
PD Belief.nmsv
PD Charm.nmsv
PD Delight.nmsv
PD Hunch.nmsv
PD Infinity.nmsv
PD Sun.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive/Piano:
PN Elpiano.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive/Plucks:
PL Aurora.nmsv
PL Bliss.nmsv
PL Cruising.nmsv
PL Daylight.nmsv
PL Dive.nmsv
PL Drive.nmsv
PL Essence.nmsv
PL Forever.nmsv
PL Further.nmsv
PL Imagine.nmsv
PL Inspired.nmsv
PL Liberty.nmsv
PL Memory.nmsv
PL Neverland.nmsv
PL North.nmsv
PL Orion.nmsv
PL Prestige.nmsv
PL Purpose.nmsv
PL Reborn.nmsv
PL Rise.nmsv
PL Runaway.nmsv
PL Scarlet.nmsv
PL Step.nmsv
PL Timeless.nmsv
PL Timezone.nmsv
PL Voyage.nmsv
./Presets/NI Massive/Synths:
SY Alive.nmsv
SY Arise.nmsv
SY Blossom.nmsv
SY Clarion.nmsv
SY Cloud Surfing.nmsv
SY Coast.nmsv
SY Daydream.nmsv
SY Destiny.nmsv
SY Evolve.nmsv
SY Fireball.nmsv
SY Fireflight.nmsv
SY Fortune.nmsv
SY Immerse.nmsv
SY Incinerate.nmsv
SY Infuse.nmsv
SY Joystick.nmsv
SY Leaf.nmsv
SY Luna.nmsv
SY Moment.nmsv
SY Over.nmsv
SY Release.nmsv
SY Resistor.nmsv
SY Searching.nmsv
SY Skyfall.nmsv
SY Stellar.nmsv
SY Strive.nmsv
SY Synergy.nmsv
SY Technicolor.nmsv
SY Valor.nmsv
SY Vibe.nmsv
SY Zodiac.nmsv
./Presets/Xfer Serum:
Surge Sounds - Millennium Guitars
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Presets:
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Presets/Basses:
BA Apollo.fxp
BA Beauty.fxp
BA Breeze.fxp
BA Chipper.fxp
BA Craft.fxp
BA Deeper.fxp
BA Destination.fxp
BA Fatsin.fxp
BA Flame.fxp
BA Hourglass.fxp
BA Legacy.fxp
BA Memoria.fxp
BA Primetime.fxp
BA Saucy.fxp
BA Shaft.fxp
BA Soar.fxp
BA Solace.fxp
BA Souls.fxp
BA Timer.fxp
BA Tunnel.fxp
BA Wildcard.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Presets/Guitars:
GTR Continuum.fxp
GTR Crispy.fxp
GTR Orange.fxp
GTR Velours.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Presets/Keys:
KY Ancients.fxp
KY Blossom.fxp
KY Cove.fxp
KY Deep.fxp
KY Diamond.fxp
KY Energy.fxp
KY Far.fxp
KY Illusion.fxp
KY Imagine.fxp
KY Instinct.fxp
KY Interstellar.fxp
KY Meteora.fxp
KY Nami.fxp
KY Neverland.fxp
KY Together.fxp
KY Traveller.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Presets/Leads:
LD Arise.fxp
LD Aural.fxp
LD Beads.fxp
LD Blackhole.fxp
LD Breathe.fxp
LD Chosen.fxp
LD Colors.fxp
LD Dreamscape.fxp
LD Eclipse.fxp
LD Essence.fxp
LD Fife.fxp
LD Fraser.fxp
LD Hardway.fxp
LD Hawaii.fxp
LD Hornet.fxp
LD Juna.fxp
LD Jupiter.fxp
LD Lighthouse.fxp
LD Lollipop.fxp
LD Lost.fxp
LD Lucid.fxp
LD Majestic.fxp
LD Miracle.fxp
LD Mystery.fxp
LD North.fxp
LD Portal.fxp
LD Prodigy.fxp
LD Rain.fxp
LD Saivors.fxp
LD Sawer.fxp
LD Sunrise.fxp
LD Treat.fxp
LD Voltage.fxp
LD Voxbox.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Presets/Pads:
PD Absolute.fxp
PD Aether.fxp
PD Chapter.fxp
PD Classic.fxp
PD Closer.fxp
PD Dawn.fxp
PD Drift.fxp
PD Earth.fxp
PD Float.fxp
PD Galaxy.fxp
PD Majesty.fxp
PD Origin.fxp
PD Outset.fxp
PD Realize.fxp
PD Rebound.fxp
PD Roses.fxp
PD Shimmer.fxp
PD Sky.fxp
PD Sphere.fxp
PD Spiritual.fxp
PD Stargazer.fxp
PD Valor.fxp
PD Verity.fxp
PD Vision.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Presets/Plucks:
PL Above.fxp
PL Apmbox.fxp
PL Arena.fxp
PL Climb.fxp
PL Cloud.fxp
PL Daybreak.fxp
PL Destiny.fxp
PL Dynasty.fxp
PL Evergreen.fxp
PL Freedom.fxp
PL Fusion.fxp
PL Genesis.fxp
PL Grasp It.fxp
PL High.fxp
PL Journey.fxp
PL Nebula.fxp
PL Rapture.fxp
PL Sponge.fxp
PL Stars.fxp
PL Supernova.fxp
PL Surreal.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Presets/Synths:
SY Ages.fxp
SY Altitude.fxp
SY Amnesia.fxp
SY Amphigory.fxp
SY Ascend.fxp
SY Atlantis.fxp
SY Constant.fxp
SY Epiphany.fxp
SY Falcon.fxp
SY Feels.fxp
SY Grace.fxp
SY Heights.fxp
SY Hoard.fxp
SY Houston.fxp
SY Infinity.fxp
SY Joyride.fxp
SY Lighter.fxp
SY Liquid.fxp
SY Lollipop.fxp
SY Monument.fxp
SY Moonshine.fxp
SY Organic.fxp
SY Spectrum.fxp
SY Starship.fxp
SY Symphony.fxp
SY Theme.fxp
SY Time.fxp
SY Voyage.fxp
SY Waves.fxp
SY Wild.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Surge Sounds - Millennium Guitars:
Surge Sounds - Millennium Guitars (Artwork).jpg
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Surge Sounds - Millennium Guitars/Acoustic:
GTR Acoustic - Low.fxp
GTR Acoustic Bright - Low.fxp
GTR Acoustic Bright.fxp
GTR Acoustic Dark - Low.fxp
GTR Acoustic.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Surge Sounds - Millennium Guitars/Clean:
GTR Les Paul 65 Deluxe Clean - Low.fxp
GTR Les Paul 65 Deluxe Clean.fxp
GTR Les Paul Strat Mute Stereo.fxp
GTR Les Paul Vox Clean - High.fxp
GTR Les Paul Vox Clean - Low.fxp
GTR Les Paul Vox Clean.fxp
GTR Strat 65 Deluxe Clean - High.fxp
GTR Strat 65 Deluxe Clean - Low.fxp
GTR Strat 65 Deluxe Clean.fxp
GTR Strat Vox Clean - Low.fxp
GTR Strat Vox Clean.fxp
GTR Tele 65 Deluxe Clean - High.fxp
GTR Tele 65 Deluxe Clean - Low.fxp
GTR Tele 65 Deluxe Clean.fxp
GTR Tele Les Paul Mute Stereo.fxp
GTR Tele Vox Clean - High.fxp
GTR Tele Vox Clean - Low.fxp
GTR Tele Vox Clean.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Surge Sounds - Millennium Guitars/Distortion:
GTR Les Paul Distortion - High Gain.fxp
GTR Les Paul Distortion - Marshall.fxp
GTR Tele Distortion - High Gain.fxp
GTR Tele Distortion - Marshall.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Surge Sounds - Millennium Guitars/Overdrive:
GTR Strat Les Paul Vox Overdrive.fxp
GTR Strat Tele Vox Overdrive.fxp
GTR Tele Les Paul Vox Overdrive.fxp
./Presets/Xfer Serum/Wavetables:
Acoustic Bright Low.wav
Acoustic Bright Mid.wav
Acoustic Bright Mute Low.wav
Acoustic Bright Mute Mid.wav
Acoustic Dark Low.wav
Acoustic Dark Mute Low.wav
Acoustic Low.wav
Acoustic Mid.wav
Acoustic Mute Low.wav
Acoustic Mute Mid.wav
BA Saucy.wav
LD Fife A.wav
LD Fife B.wav
LD Hornet.wav
LD Sawer.wav
Les Paul 65 Deluxe Clean Low.wav
Les Paul 65 Deluxe Clean Mid.wav
Les Paul 65 Deluxe Clean Mute Low.wav
Les Paul 65 Deluxe Clean Mute Mid.wav
Les Paul High Gain Distortion High.wav
Les Paul High Gain Distortion Mid.wav
Les Paul High Gain Distortion Mute High.wav
Les Paul Marshall JCM Distortion Mid.wav
Les Paul Marshall Overdrive Mid.wav
Les Paul Vox Clean High.wav
Les Paul Vox Clean Low.wav
Les Paul Vox Clean Mid.wav
Les Paul Vox Clean Mute High.wav
Les Paul Vox Clean Mute Low.wav
Les Paul Vox Clean Mute Mid.wav
Les Paul Vox Overdrive Mid.wav
PD Spiritual A.wav
PD Spiritual B.wav
SY Houston.wav
SY Organic A.wav
SY Organic B.wav
SY Theme.wav
Strat 65 Deluxe Clean High.wav
Strat 65 Deluxe Clean Low.wav
Strat 65 Deluxe Clean Mid.wav
Strat 65 Deluxe Clean Mute High.wav
Strat 65 Deluxe Clean Mute Low.wav
Strat 65 Deluxe Clean Mute Mid.wav
Strat Vox Clean Low.wav
Strat Vox Clean Mid.wav
Strat Vox Clean Mute Low.wav
Strat Vox Clean Mute Mid.wav
Strat Vox Overdrive Mid.wav
Tele 65 Deluxe Clean High.wav
Tele 65 Deluxe Clean Low.wav
Tele 65 Deluxe Clean Mid.wav
Tele 65 Deluxe Clean Mute High.wav
Tele 65 Deluxe Clean Mute Low.wav
Tele 65 Deluxe Clean Mute Mid.wav
Tele High Gain Distortion Mid.wav
Tele Marshall JCM Distortion Mid.wav
Tele Marshall Overdrive Mid.wav
Tele Vox Clean High.wav
Tele Vox Clean Low.wav
Tele Vox Clean Mid.wav
Tele Vox Clean Mute High.wav
Tele Vox Clean Mute Low.wav
Tele Vox Clean Mute Mid.wav
Tele Vox Overdrive Mid.wav
Minimum version Xfer Serum 1.214 and NI Massive 1.3 or higher is required.
Number of sounds 300

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